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OMG you guys, Apple totally wants to go steady with Tim Cook! Brenda told Gina and Gina told Stephanie H. that after study hall, Apple is going to give Tim Cook a million shares of their company valued at nearly 400 million dollars that will be fully vested over the next 10 years! OMG OMG OMG! Couldn’t you just die!? They are going to be SO. FREAKING. CUTE together. Totes.

I know Tim Cook’s sexuality doesn’t really pertain to his new job as AppleLord [All hail AppleLord may his blessings be upon you], but I do think a gay man being in charge of one of the largest tech companies in the world is a good step towards universal acceptance of homosexuals. I don’t expect him to crusade for gay rights or anything. It’s better for humanity as a whole if he just does a great job as a gay man in a high profile position. As dumb as this may sound, if some guy with lingering homophobia has the realization that, “I love Apple. Tim Cook runs Apple. Tim Cook is gay. So… gays aren’t evil?” the world becomes a slightly less hateful place.

All of that tolerance aside, the secret gay cabal that runs the media is coming for us, and they won’t stop until we are enslaved under their fashionable iron boot and they rule the over-side. Be afraid. Be super crazy fancy afraid.


Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Cancellation

This could very well be my last Dollhouse related comic. Revisit the ghost of Dollhouse Comic Past HERE.
hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300I think this comic sums up my feeling towards Dollhouse’s cancellation pretty well. There was definitely a spark of Whedon-Genius there, but it wasn’t enough to earn my devotion. I stand by the belief that Dushku was the ruination of the show. All of the supporting cast outclassed her at every turn and showed what a mediocre actress she is (I’m sorry, Eliza… I think you are pretty and probably a nice person).

I’m sure the show will pull another 180 in it’s final six episodes and only then will I realize my error in judgment, but as of now I don’t mourn the show. I only mourn the show that Joss saw in his head, that we will never see. For surely this was not it.

Saturday Nov. 14th, 11am – 6pm
More info HERE

I will be doing 2 panels during the afternoon. One on webcomic economics/marketing and the other on digital drawing with a Wacom tablet. My buddy Will Terrell will be doing a digital painting tutorial as well. If you have seen his art, you know you don’t want to miss this. I hope to see you all there.

If enough FB’s show up we can have a dinner meetup afterward.

[You know it’s sad that they can’t even say “Dollhouse Sent To ‘The Attic'” since not enough people watched the show to get the reference]

The Darkseid Of The Fox

[HOLIDAY SHPPING DEADLINES!!! I’ll be announcing these soon, but if you want a book (especially an Artist Edition) you should probably ORDER IT like right now]

This origin story may sound familiar, and it may completely contradict the previous origin story for the Evil Fox Executive but hey, whatevs.

So Fox has decided to shelve Dollhouse for November sweeps, and air it 2 eps at a time when it returns in December. Sounds like they are blowing through their already canned episodes and fulfilling a contractual obligation with Mutant Enemy at the same time. A few days ago I would have said, “Meh, go for it. The show just isn’t resonating with its intended audience. The stories range from mildly intriguing to flat out boring (ie “Not Without My Baby” starring Echo Dushku).” Then (just like last season with 1.12″Omega”) they threw a curve ball and showed what was probably the 3rd best episode of the series so far, 2.4 “Belonging”.

I’ve been saying since the beginning that this show sould be Dollhouse: The Adventures of  Victor and Sierra. Last week’s ep was irrefutable proof to this point. Sierra’s origin story was fucking intense. Just brutal. There was character development, depth, drama and suspense coming out the yang. And she and Victor have such fantastic chemistry even in their blank doll states. I wonder how much of this improvement had to do with Jonathan “Space Beard” Frakes being in the director’s chair? Maybe this season can end with Echo being brutally murdered by Alpha then Victor and Sierra can take over for the fictional 3rd season that will only air in my fevered dreams.

There are 3 contests that you can enter to win a copy of Borderlands (PC) or Ghostbusters (360), but you have to ACT QUICKLY.

Thanks to everyone that came to see me in Austin, TX this past weekend. The Ka-Baam! shows were a fantastic experience and I hope to be involved next year as well. You can see the comic book covers I created for the improvisers to… improv off of HERE and HERE. The reader meetup after the Friday night show was a blast as well. It’s weird to think that I have internet-friends in pretty much every major city in America. The book signing at Rogue’s Gallery in Round Rock was fun too. Randy and the staff were extremely nice and we had a some very stimulating geek conversation. If you are in the Austin area, you should give them a look see.

I’ll be posting a ton of pics from the whole weekend on Flickr soon.

Guest Star Galactica

Here’s the 2nd installment of this week’s “Lo FiJiNKS” comics. The preorder for the book is going amazingly well. Much better than I expected. Big thanks to everyone who has preordered so far.

As of this posting there are only about 35 Ultimate Fancy Editions left!


What other scifi vet would you like to see guest star on Dollhouse? I hear there was talk of having Summer Glau on at some point. I would like to see Eddie Olmos emote the hell out of that Dollhouse, personally.

SciFi’s Choice

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Things are a little crazy right now while I am finishing up a long term commission project (which is due in the morning), so in light of a proper post, I give you these links:

Commenters: So what do you think of the decision to kill one promising but low rated SciFi show, only to save another that seemed to be an even longer shot for renewel?