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The newly relaunched HE Store is up and running over at Blind Ferret. Please go check it out and maybe buy a book or a shirt or something. Shirts will begin shipping soon, now that we are all back from Comic-Con.

My friend Amy has referred to the SDCC/w00tstock experience several times as “transformative.” Rather than going into an in depth play by play of all the incredibly amazing things that happened last week, I will just say that I concur with her assessment.

Guest appearances in this comic by: Stepto, Dammit Liz, Storm, Paul, Wil Wheaton, Ryan Wheaton (who has quickly become one of my favorite people, Adam Savage (who is indeed wearing a custom suit of leather Batman armor), Amy Berg, and Kevin Murphy. Unseen in these panels are a dozen other fantastic people who I shared at least one life altering moment with over the course of the week.

One last thought: if you have never been to a w00tstock show, PLEASE do yourself a favor and rectify that situation at the next available opportunity. I can’t stress enough how amazing and… well, transformative w00tstock is for a geek like me. It’s a solid 4 hours of knowing that you belong, that you are with like-minded people and that you are EXACTLY wear you are supposed to be, which for a geek can often be a feeling severely lacking from your day to day existence. I am so grateful to Adam, Wil, Paul, Storm and Liz for putting w00tstock on and for letting me hangout in their clubhouse.


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  1. (Just an aside about geeks and belonging: Jo Walton's book 'Among Others' is my pick for book of the year, and yes I realize the year isn't over yet; this book will not be topped. It's about a teenager in Wales discovering science fiction and how it transforms her life. 'Laceratingly wonderful.')

  2. “I’m showing you my fish.”

    Going from the hilarity of Pat Rothfuss talking about raising guinea pigs for food in college, to sitting there with tears streaming down my face as John Roderick sang “The Commander Thinks Aloud”, to watching Amy Berg shoot Felicia Day and everyone else on or near the stage (including you Joel!) dead, and all the amazing before, between, and after. Freaking priceless. Seriously people, if you can, hie yourselves to a W00tstock. It will change your life in an awesome life-changey way.

  3. Juvenile throat diabetes? Damn.

    And he did say "excessive", that's a pretty relative term there. Like, excessive for Ozzy? Nope.

  4. Beyond Jealous. I would have loved to have been there and seen all that. Damn living in England! Damn it to Hades!

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