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Then, right as Neville lifts the Sword of Gryffindor above his head, his parents appear to him in an apparition and say, “Neville, it is ussssss. Yourrrr craaaazzzzzy parennnnts. We might be insaaaaaane from toture and locked away in St. Mungoooos, but even we knooooooowwww you aren’t good enough to defeat… well, anythinnnnnng. Put down that sword and look for a nice place to curl up in a ballll and diiiieeeeee. Let Harry and Hermione take care of the harrrrrrd stuuuuuuuff. Also, why are we talking like ghooooossssts? We’re perfectly aliiiiive, if not totally insaaaaaane.”

COMMENTERS: How excited are you for Deathly Hallows Pt. II? Oh, you aren’t excited? You don’t like Harry Potter? Or you like the books, but not the movies? You should probably go away so we can have our fun.

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      • Not everyone who reads the comic is well-versed in Potterdom—at least, not me. I guess it wouldn't be terribly surprising if I'm actually the only one 😉

        (It's a sad tale, actually; the books were getting popular and all my friends were getting into them right after I started reading Lovecraft, and the comparison in writing ability was not favorable for the Potter; I was attempting to read them side-by-side and Rowling's prose seemed gratingly awkward and amateurish. It was probably the absolute worst way I could have tried to get into the books, but be that as it may, I was never able to enjoy Rowling's works, and so after I time I stopped trying.)

        • I can't really blame you. I fell in love with the excitement in the stories (which is pretty good) but reading them to my daughter later on, I have realised that the actual writing itself is pretty damn poor. I can enjoy them, but it is diminished.

  1. The more inappropriate Comic Josh is, the more I feel my friends stare at me as if they're hearing my inner monologue.

    Because they pretty much are. Only the second panel would be me looking at Gregory Goyle.

  2. Yeah, it's a little scary when you see photos of Matthew Lewis outside of the Potter films because the guys is actually really good looking. And since he's of age…. yeah, I'm awful.

    In other news, his big scene is sure to be full of win. Can not wait.


    I love Josh's "I'd ______ his ________, if you know what I mean"isms!

    Over and out before everybody goes all CGI dark arts on me.

  4. I haven't really liked the last few movies, but I have gone to every single one of them with my grandfather, so I'm looking forward to that! I'll enjoy it just because I enjoy going to the movies.

  5. I have the same feeling I had when Return of the King came out. I'm full of excited anticipation, but also a twinge of preemptive regret at seeing the series end. It's been a pretty great ride. My only hope is that I am able to avoid turning into an embarrassing puddle of sobbery in the theater like I did in the public park while reading the last book…

  6. Harry Potter and the Incredibly Awkward Dance was so slow that I vowed to not pay any money to see part 2 of it for money. The Deathly Hollows is a very slow book. You could have condensed the whole thing into a single 90 minute movie, and they really should have. Dragging it out into two movies just draws attention to how very little actually happens in that book.

  7. Joel Watson, you are a terrible person. A very funny, terrible person.

    I am… witholding judgement on how awesome/not awesome the last movie will be. I've never been a huge movie fan, but there are some great things at the end of Deathly Hallows that I think will be really fun to see on film (as long as they don't screw them up too badly).

    He cleans up nice, too.

    • Rawr! From OotP onwards I've thought he was growing up nicely, but that pic confirms what a fox he is!

      I am looking forward to being disappointed by a number of things in this film, but enjoying it anyway. As long as they don't screw around with the story too much (I have heard a couple of spoilers about Snape/the final battle etc) it should be okay, but they always have to balls something up. Usually something totally unnecessary.

  8. I just finished reading the Deathly Hallows a couple days ago and then immediately watched part I and have to say I was a bit disappointed by the movie. Maybe it's because the book is full of all kinds of details and call backs to the earlier books that the movie just brushes over

    • Is that not the case with pretty much every movie? I shall never, ever forgive them for what they did to the Prisoner of Azkaban. The book is one of my favorites in the series. The movie is full of plotholes and hand-waving-away of key plot points, especially when it comes to the Marauder's Map. (Also…Lupin = King Einon from Dragonheart? He's all Creepystache McSleezeface… I mean, would you, as a thirteen-year-old, trust this man? Hm?)

      I feel like, to enjoy the films, we just have to pretend they're completely unrelated to the books. The visuals are typically pretty awesome, and there are some fun things in the films that aren't even in the books, mainly the dialogue among our favorite awkward teenage wizards and witches. I can appreciate that for what it is. And I will still, of course, as I have done every time, shell out my $10 to see Part II in theatres.

  9. I think they do a pretty good job. Could be better, could be worse. Like Narnia. Are they still making those? Did anyone notice/care?

  10. The problem I had with the film of Part 1 was that there were so many call back in that movie (that were in the book) that didn't make a lot of sense in the movie (because what they were calling back to was left out of the movie versions)

    Just like with all the others, the first time I see this movie, I will be too busy being jarred by what's different from the book to really enjoy it until I see it again.

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