TCAF 2011 Fancy Sketches Part 1

Still decompressing from my trip to Toronto for TCAF 2011. If you missed part 1 of my TCAF sketches you can see it HERE [even if you didn’t miss it, I updated the coloring and added the alt-text so go check it out again]. Canada was kind to me, and I expect a return trip is inevitable. Wednesday and Thursday I’ll be posting photo comics from the trip.

Very special thanks to my friend Paul Westover, who is the artist for the comic Woody After Hours. You may remember Paul from THIS very beardly HE guest comic. He was kind enough to drive me from Buffalo to Canada and back, thus making the trip possible. It turns out flying directly from Texas to Canada costs $100,000. Even with the exchange rate, that’s still a lot of money. Paul and I watched the season finale of Fringe at his place, so even though I am not getting to it right away, rest assured that it will be covered in the comic (holy crapgasm was it amazing).

The Doctor Is In T-Shirt

“The Doctor Is In” shirt based off the “You’re The Last of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic is here!

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  1. That Rigel absolutely made my day. Thank you so much…I miss Farscape immensely, though my heart currently is mourning for SGU.

    • I too dearly miss Farscape. And he's totally a Space Fraggle. Ha ha! There is a part of me that wishes that Rigel make an appearance just once at Wondercon. I mean, I love Virginia Hey, but she is there EVERY YEAR. 🙂

  2. I see Nathan Fillion on the previous page and the Doctor(s) now, and I just had an epiphany :

    Nathan Fillion as the Doctor.

    Just merge Mal (space-traveling adventurer, badass, protects his crew no matter what) and Castle (childlish, always excited about the worst things, but smart) and BAM ! A-grade Doctor material.

    Now someone must draw this. With some joke about the Tardis being his phallus.

  3. I would have an explosive orgasm if the TARDIS ever had warp nacelles. Though, not as hard as I did when I watched Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart. *swoons*

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