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HijiNKS ENSUE finally has a proper About/Characters page, and an Archive page that links to and explains the different types of comics I’ve made over the years. I’ve also updated the Support page.


My Patreon hit $750, so starting in April (the first month Patrons will be charged) HijiNKS ENSUE will have an official Monday/Wednesday/Friday update schedule and THEN it went past $1000 so every month I will do TWO HijiNKS Hangouts, where me and my awesome cartoonist/creator/maker/professional awesome person friends will hang out with you live via Google+, answer questions, tell stories, draw dicks, etc. It will be a lot like my ComfyCon Panel.

At $1500, you will be forcing me to do FOUR HE comics a week, and I am OK with that.

SEATTLE FANCY BASTARDS! Emerald City Comicon is in 2ish weeks! 

David and I will be at booth #1412 [MAP] right next to Cyanide & Happiness! I will have the leftover DDDT prints, other prints, books, shirts and sketches.

I’ll be doing TWO PANELS: 

“The Cyanide and Happiness Group Sketch Jam Panel” / Friday, March 28, 6:10pm, Hall B, (Rooms 608-609)
“The Experiment: Making a Living Doing What you Love” / Saturday, March 29, 6:00pm, ROOM 3AB.

More panel info HERE

HijiNKS ENSUE Woody After HoursAlso, make sure to follow the 6 comic guest arch Joel (“Comic Joel,” that is) will is doing over at Woody After Hours starting HERE.




COMMENTERS: Did you ever meet someone as a kid, or hear someone speak as a teen, or interact with a particular person in any way that made you say, “THAT. That is what I want to be.” Hearing Niel deGrasse Tyson talk on Cosmos (seriously, watch this show with your kids) about his encounter with Carl Sagan at 17, and how it shaped not only WHAT he wanted to become, but THE KIND OF PERSON he wanted to be really got me thinking about this.

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  1. Freshman year of college, Fall 2008, I joined the Concert Choir at Mississippi State University. Over the course of the year I experienced not only one of the best ensembles I have ever had the privilege to be a part of, but I worked under one of the best directors I have ever had the honor to know. That man and that choir completely changed the trajectory of my life; by the end of the year I had changed my major to music. I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and how I wanted to do it. Now, five long years later (sixth year of college), I'm about to graduate and will hopefully be teaching within another year.

  2. Ummm when I was 17 I saw Full Metal Jacket… that kept me from joining the military.. cuz Iwould have killed gunny sgt hartman waay sooner.

  3. hmm not really i pretty much have known i wanted to do somthing creative my entire life i spent more time in craft stores as a kid then toy stores

  4. I watched a lot of documentaries about Walt Disney and Chuck Jones growing up. Then stuff about Stan Lee and a bunch of other comic artists. It's my dream to someday become the next Rob Liefeld… That's why I do strip comics… no feet.

  5. I had an anti-rolemodel in my early 20's. I sold cosmetics in a department store and she was in her mid-40's and every terrible stereotype about a cosmetics sales girl you could imagine. Take Ana Faris' character in that Seth Rogan mall cop movie no one remembers, multiply it by 1000 and add 20 years.

    She was the type of woman who was offended by the Black Eyed Peas because "Let's Get Retarded" was offensive to her autistic son, firmly believed that you could not get genital herpes if you had oral herpes, and on more than one occasion was caught giving oral sex to one of her numerous boyfriends on her lunch break.

    • I'm offended by the Black Eyed Peas also, but because they are terrible terrible "musicians." I was more offended by the fact that she referred to her autistic son as retarded.

      • Hmmm, was it her referring to her son as retarded, or her referring to other people referring to her son as retarded?

        As to taking offense at a song which was basically "let's get so inebriated that we cannot be distinguished from the mentally handicapped," well, there's a reason "let's get it started" is the only version you hear anymore.

  6. No she referred to him as that quite often. I believe her son lived with his father for several good reasons. One of them being she was emotionally incompetent and totally incapable of understanding how to raise a child with any kind of developmental disorder.

  7. My government teacher, debate coach, and all around hero in high school was an ex-Navy SEAL turned teacher. I joined the Army, and then used my GI bill to become a teacher, largely because of him.

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