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Oh, Steve. You had me at “we are not currently developing a tablet.”

Seems like the new Apple iPad would be fun to travel with. Can’t see much use for it around the house when it really isn’t much smaller than my laptop, but I haven’t laid hands on it yet (which is typically when an Apple product grabs hold of your soul and doesn’t let go). I imagine the UI is crazy fun to play with and developers are going to have a blast coming up with new ways to utilize it. The entry level price point of $499 is also quite tasty, considering the first iPod cost that much.

I can’t wait to see how they adapt this thing for kids and the classroom. My 2 yr old already loves iPhone games, and computers. She is more confused by mice and keyboards because she expects every device to be multitouch.

The area I’m MOST interested in is seeing if they open up the iBookstore or whatever to independent publishers. I’d love to put the HE Books in ePud format and sell them through Apple’s distribution-hole.

What did you think? Fun toy or tech-revolution on par with the iPod?

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  1. I'm anxious to see how it affects the comic industry. (I'm a consumer whore, so I'll still pick up my floppies every week and shell out for discounted trades and hardcovers.)

    I don't plan on picking up one of these bad boys until at LEAST the second generation.

    • I know this isnt THE device to revolutionize print media (magazines comics etc) but it is a start. I would love to put out collections just for this with different content and built in audio commentary.

      • I think it is. Even in the short term, it has the possibility to force Diamond to change their practices, and more people could find indy books and publishers. Furthermore, if they retain the $1 price tag from comics on the iPhone, it makes any book more appealing. A digital collection is also a nice alternative to longboxes and shelves.

  2. I haven't checked this out at all, because I don't need/want another Apple gizmo. Except that I do. I always imagine that Apple laces their touch screens with ecstacy, or something. It must be why I feel such unending joy whenever I'm around them.

  3. Multitasking would be nice, as would flash. I would also like to see it have a stylus or something so you can write/draw on it….

    • a stylus would make it useful to me on a whole other level but I expect they will leave that to a third party. I imagine it would have to be powered.

      Multitasking probably wont be in this hardware rev. I assume Apple is just weighting for the rest of the world to forget about flash so it can say "i told you so."

  4. Considering I'm not impressed with the iPhone, I'm not sure why I should be impressed with this. If it was full-blown OS X, maybe (I know that won't happen, ARM vs. x86), but an embiggened iPhone? meh.

  5. Underspecd and overpriced, I think apple missed the mark with this one. I just don't see the market for it, too large to be easily portable and it doesn't have half the features of a $300 netbook.

    No camera, video output, flash, or multitasking. Really Apple? this is your netbook killer?

    • its not a netbook killer at all. they really arent competing in that market. its not an anything killer, because ePaper readers are a different animal as well. Their plan is not for this item to take over the world, but for it to start a 5-10 year product line that will end with something as ubiquitous as the iPod.

      • How are they not competing? Both are situated between smartphones and laptops and will serve similar functions. I can understand starting modestly and slowly building up the product line but it's really just a supersized iTouch. Lacking so many standard netbook features I can't see the market for it.

      • Sure if you buy the optional adapter on top of the already exorbitant price. There is also a camera kit. There is no excuse for these things not being built in/included.

        • I love how quickly you changed your statement. From 'it has no video out' to 'well, but I have to pay for it!'. As for the 'there's no reason not to include it, hmmm what about form factor, price, which standard to go with, the additional circuitry (and increased heat dissipation), additional end user cost etc etc. Hell, my partners $500 Asus EeePC doesn't have video out, or an SD card reader and flash on it is too slow for playing games. So much for your netbook arguments.

  6. Neither. It’s an oversized iPod Touch that won’t fit in my pocket. Nothing more. And not nearly as functional as a netbook should be. This is neither remarkable or revolutionary.

  7. Duder, through a range of accessories, iPad can output to TVs, projectors and displays. And with the new HTML 5 standards, who even needs Flash.

    As a freelance journalist who often travels by bus, train and sometimes plane, I can't wait to use this little device. Especially the iWork suite.

    • Apple has abandoned flash the same way they abandoned floppy drives. We all thought it was too soon but end the end they were right. Flash will fade and apple will gloat. In the meantime its very frustrating for users.

    • YouTube's HTML 5 implementation was….OK, at best. If the biggest video site in the world can barely get it working, it's gonna be a while before the rest of the world does.

    • Yes but for the price those things should have been included/built in. The iPad lacks so many features that consumers have come to expect in a netbook size/class device that it's been virtually crippled into uselessness. I really like the concept but the execution falls far short of the mark.

  8. omgomgomgomgwantwantwant!

    I am an iPod touch junkie. I love the idea of an embiggened iPod touch. I bet it would make a fantastic sketch pad. I want one with Brushes installed to magically appear on my desk right this second….okay, still waiting….still waiting…damn. Didn't work.

    For folks who want a stylus – there is the POGO, which works with the iPhone/iPod touch. I bet it would work with the iPad.

    I do have one objection to this marvel of technology, though – the name. It makes me think it should come with wings and a commercial featuring a woman in white pants sitting Indian style on various white chairs.

  9. Wait, so it's a giant iPhone that can't make calls? (Oh wait, the iPhone can't make calls either).

    So it's a small iPhone shaped laptop without a (real) keyboard that can't run multiple apps at the same time, still doesn't have a battery that the user can change AND costs more than a lightweight laptop that can do all these things and more???

    Sign me up! Oh wait, no.

    I'm pretty sure Apple could make an Automated Junk Kicking Machine (iKickJunk) and people would lap it up.

  10. I withhold my enthusiasm on Apple products until the second generation is released. Generally the people that rush out and buy the first release on the first day live to regret it.

  11. i wonder if apple will make it in the same price range as other tablets or hike up the price because there logo is on it

  12. I think Apple got some things right with this, and some things wrong. What I've been wanting for the last three or so years, and am still waiting for, is a personal communications device that takes the place of my laptop AND phone, but is light and touchscreen. The iPhone is almost it, but I want a bigger screen. It can't quite take the place of my MacBook…almost, but not quite.

    Give me an iPhone the size of the iPad, with a webcam built in (like on my MacBook), with a USB port for transferring info (and/or hooking up any peripherals), and with bluetooth capability for phone calls (would kindof have to have this to make calls on a mega-sized device), and that's what would fufill all my needs.

    If I had that, it would be everything: my laptop, phone, gaming system, entertainment device, music/video player…everything. It needs to be able to multitask, be speedy switching between apps, and have a decent-sized solid-state hard drive.

    THAT I would fall in love with, and I would happily pay up to $1000 for.

    • I'd like to use this to thank Joel for not regurgitating this "played-out-10-minutes-after-the-name-announce" joke into the comic. Comedy poison.

  13. I don’t see this one getting that much mainstream attention. Fundamentally, it’s geared at the “second laptop” audience. The type of people who have a small computer just for farting around on the internet or showing off youtube videos. Right now, those people are using a NetBook, or a regular laptop when they have business on the go. Or their desktop at home. In some cases, they don’t have a desktop, or in my case, a regular laptop.

    I use my Netbook for entertainment mostly, and Apple’s discounted 3G plan (30 compared to 60) is attractive. So here’s my qualms with the device:

    – The lack of multitasking is a concern. Can I have IM and music and web browsing open? Will it alert me when I have a new e-mail or tweet?
    – No USB or SD ports. I have a 160GB iPod classic full of all of my music, that I plug into my netbook and have access to my entire music library. I can not transfer all of this music to any size of the iPad, and that’s a huge dealbreaker
    – No Flash in the browser. This completely hobbles it as a web browsing device. I read the thing comparing it to floppies, but when Apple ditched those, it was a “well, it’s nice for legacy support…” to have a floppy at the time. Right now, Flash is EVERYWHERE and HTML 5 is years away from prime time. Making a device that’s unusable for a lot of web content for the next couple of years seems really…shit, I don’t have a fancy word, but it sucks ass.

    Once I got over the glitz, I realized it was close, but not quite there. Maybe next time, Steve Jaerbz!

    • I think what Apple is trying to do is to FORCE the faster adoption of HTML 5. If they can get enough market penetration with devices that don't support Flash, consumers will demand functionality, and Flash will disappear.

  14. well, I hope this toy pushes the old makers of real talbet computers (lenovo & dell, nobody cares about the others) to lower their prices, sweeten the design & portability. (My X61 only goes 4hrs, but keeps one warm in winter).

  15. It will be interesting to see what the $499 price point will be once it hits Australia. I doubt very much that our carriers will be so generous as whatever deal Apple have worked out with whoever is doing the data for them in the states.

  16. What this product has to do with peripheral artery disease I've no clue.

    As for naked Josh, I can only say Holy Dennis Frantz, Batman.

    Lastly, I'm with all the "wait for gen 2 or even 3" people. To paraphrase Max Bialystock, he who adopts early is poor.

  17. I think people will soon discover what Sony and Amazon already know — that a backlit screen isn't so great for reading eBooks.

    I was actually half-hoping it would turn out that Qi — that full-color, high-speed E-Ink screen that some startup claimed to have developed but is currently in "vaporware" status — was ready, and the reason we hadn't heard from them in a while was that they had a secret exclusive deal with Apple. Oh well.

    I don't see the point in it, but I didn't see the point in netbooks either. What they have is definitely better than a netbook, and I can see people who don't want to own a laptop being interested, especially once the apps start pouring in. I just want to know how you're supposed to get your files on and off of it.

  18. Ok, 2 questions on the iPad: WHAT DOES IT DO AND WHY SHOULD I GIVE A DAMN/ 500 BONES/ AN ARM & A LEG TO GET IT?
    Also, now that I have seen Josh naked, I envy the blind. My Eyes, THEY BURN!

  19. So Joel… what sort of liquid serenity were you enjoying whilst Josh cavorted skyclad? I'd venture a strong assumption at some sort of herbal steeped goodness–green tea with jasmine, mayhap?

  20. Touchable things: I dont like them. I would use it to draw or something, but i'll stick to my Keyboard, Mouse and XP box.

  21. I think it's a waste of time. No multitasking is crap, you can listen to music and read on a kindle/nook at the same time, why can't you do both on an iPad? The name is atrocious. The fact that you have to buy adapters just to have a USB port or video is shit. No HDMI is dumb. The thing is basically an oversized iPod touch. My money will be better spent on a nook. At least trying to read on eink doesn't give me a throbbing headache after an hour or so, I can't say the same for LCDs. As for tablets, even the JooJoo is more attractive than this pile.

  22. I love the iPad.

    My wife is legally blind and had been her whole life. She’s had to work that much harder at school and at work and at home. We bought her an ipad last summer and it has greatly improved the quality of her life. The cost was comparable to other vison aids for reading and internet viewing, but the funtionality is amazaing. She can read for the first time in her life without getting a head ache. She no longer had to haul around huge large type books that still were hard to read depending upon the lighting and how far into the spine the text would go. She can also make all text white on a black background. I’ve kinda been whatever about the hype around apple. the touch was neat and i still use my touch a lot, but the freekin’ ipad was a game changer for my home. I’m thinking of getting one for me too now so i can free up some room on my book shelf. 13 hardcover WoT books take up a lot of space.

    but yeah Dance of joy and iPad all are FTW

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