No Disassemble Visitation Rights

I posted a remark in the previous comic about Johnny 5 walking out on WALL-E and his mom. Almost immediately I wanted to see this SciFi/Lifetime movie play out. So there you go.I imagine it was tough for Jonathan 5 after “Short Circuit 2.” There were rumors of a 3rd installment, “Short Circuit 3: Rise of The Machines,” but eventually  Steve Gutenberg stopped returning his calls. He crashed on Fisher Stevens’ couch for a while but things didn’t work out. One dead end job after another and… well, you see what his life is like now.

Even though Cheryl’s moved on with her life, she carries the scars of their tumultuous relationship with her. Literally. After giving birth to a 16″ steel cube with tank feet and a plasma cutter she’s pretty much ruined… in the lady business.

I would like to see a “VH1 Behind the…” series about 80’s kitsch movie icons.

  • The Gremlins: Hunted Nearly to Extinction
  • Sloth: The Carnival Years
  • Teen Wolf: Cocaine, Coitus, Crabs and Cocaine
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  1. Awesome! I wanted to see the continuation of the last comic… and now I have!
    You can definately see the paternal influence on young Wall-E… It's all in the eyes…

  2. E! True Hollywood Stories: Johnny 5
    Watch his rise to fame, and his downward spiral through a failed career, family troubles, and drug abuse.
    Check your local listings.

  3. Oh man, Cheryl's poses and expressions are awesome, as are the backgrounds. But…

    After giving birth to a 16″ steel cube with tank feet and a plasma cuttter she’s pretty much ruined… in the lady business.

    As someone who has had far too many medical devices poked into her womb lately, may I just say: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUAAAAAAHUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  4. I'm guessing "Brian" is a specific reference? The closest I can come up with on the fly is "Robert" –or else that terrible robot girl on that syndicated show from the 80's. Maybe a lesbian affair?

  5. Love the Marty Crane chair. Wall-E is looking distinctly sad in the last panel. I think he starts a musical career after the move to Chi and becomes the new tween emo hero. Zac Efron, beware!

  6. Is Johnny 5 wearing an ascot in that picture? We all know what that means…he's got his AC/DC wired up in reverse. He likes to upload through his downlink port. That would explain why he's estranged from his family.

  7. Joel, I stumbled upon this comic yesterday. I read about three and then had to start at the begining.


    Work productivity hit an all time low as I've been reading. Thank you for giving me a reason to keep living.

    Also, I have no idea how I will use this in my day to day life but SHARK-SPLODE! is my favorite word. I've been trying to steer all my conversations towards sharks and explosions. But so far, no dice.
    Also the 700 Hobo names was hysterical, great link.

    Anyway. Keep on keepin' on.

  8. "My dad was hardly around, but when he was, it was like he wasn't even there. He and his weird Italian Doctor friend used to sit around for hours, throwing weird-colored pills at each other…

  9. If you do a follow on to this follow on, it must include Johnny 5 with his old laser cannon in his mouth. Just as he's about to pull the trigger, Wall-E busts in and blows dad's head off with his uni-brow blaster for being such a crappy dad. And then I don't know where it goes from there…see, this is why YOU write the comics, not me.

  10. I don't know you can be sure Cheryl is kaput in the lady area, they can be pretty resilient, and the plasma cutter was probably an upgrade?

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