He’s Very LONEL-E

Spoiler Alert! WALL-E’s a Cylon.

I saw the movie last night. Not my favorite Pixar product, but certainly worth the money.  I thought it was odd for Pixar to include video of REAL humans (assuming Fred Willard isn’t a cartoon of some kind) along with the CG ones. That kind of broke the illusion for me. You know, the illusion that I was actually witnessing a distopian future earth populated by exactly one miniature trash compactor with tank treads and binocular eyes.

I guess they decided to ditch the side story where Johnny 5 knocks up WALL-E‘s mom then spilts, leaving her to raise 200,000 identical robot kids alone.

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  1. A couple more easter eggs, since we're sharing (possible mild spoilers):

    The Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story appears in every Pixar film; here, it gets its engine scanned by EVE.

    The code A113 is an animation-industry in-joke; it's the animation classroom at Cal Arts, where many Disney and Pixar animators got their start.

  2. Nope. He's one of the only two human male voices you hear. I read an article that said he WILL be in every pixar movie because he's good luck.

  3. Two Easter eggs that I caught in Wall-E.

    First, the use of a magnifying lens to make a small screen much larger was used in "Brazil", which makes sense since part of the original Brazil score was used in the trailers.

    Second, when EVE pulls out WALL-E's circuit board, it's connected with a flat ribbon cable with rainbow colors (every wire a different color). These cables were almost always seen and used to connect disk drives to Apple II computers.

  4. They did that same, use-real-humans thing in Happy Feet and I thought people had learned their lesson. Putting real things in fake things makes the fake things look faker. I think that's a stated law of animation.

  5. Heading out to see it momentarily.
    First episode of the second part of BSG season 4: they find a unimaginably large junkyard that houses a small robot, who turns out to be the final cylon.

  6. I loved WALL-E. I think I'm gonna say that it's my favorite Pixar movie. I really enjoyed Monster's Inc, but I think WALL-E tops it. The story is great, the meaning is true, and the way they worked with limited voices and expressions was amazing. I really felt for the little guy. I'm definitely buying whatever super special edition they come up with on DVD.

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