No Disassemble Visitation Rights

I posted a remark in the previous comic about Johnny 5 walking out on WALL-E and his mom. Almost immediately I wanted to see this SciFi/Lifetime movie play out. So there you go.I imagine it was tough for Jonathan 5 after “Short Circuit 2.” There were rumors of a 3rd installment, “Short Circuit 3: Rise of The Machines,” but eventually¬† Steve Gutenberg stopped returning his calls. He crashed on Fisher Stevens’ couch for a while but things didn’t work out. One dead end job after another and… well, you see what his life is like now.

Even though Cheryl’s moved on with her life, she carries the scars of their tumultuous relationship with her. Literally. After giving birth to a 16″ steel cube with tank feet and a plasma cutter she’s pretty much ruined… in the lady business.

I would like to see a “VH1 Behind the…” series about 80’s kitsch movie icons.

  • The Gremlins: Hunted Nearly to Extinction
  • Sloth: The Carnival Years
  • Teen Wolf: Cocaine, Coitus, Crabs and Cocaine