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FOX employees are called “Sadness Technicians.”

I guess it’s true that a tiger can’t change its stripes and a FOX can’t change its douchebaggery. Long story short, FOX is not going to air the 13th (and likely last ever) episode of “Dollhouse.” This news made fem-geek and “Dr. Horrible” star Felica Day sad, seeing as how she played a large-ish role in the episode.

FOX clarified that they only agreed to buy 13 episodes of Dollhouse (wait… 13 sounds and awful lot like 13), and they are included Joss Whedon‘s original pilot which they decided to scrap. Apparently Episode 12 caps off the season’s story arch nicely 2009-04-10-lolfoxand Episode 13 was intended as a stand alone episode (remember when they did that at the end of Buffy Season 4? They defeated Adam, the big bad, then had an ep all about dreams) and although 20th Century Fox (not to be confused with FOX) produced the epsiode, FOX (not to be confused with a company that understands or respects its audience) has elected not to purchase it. Episode 13 [plot spoilers here] may or may not be on the eventual DVD/Blu-Ray release of “Dollhouse.”

A confused man once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…uh… can’t get fooled again.” So take those sage words to heart, FOX, you beheomoth of dick-holery. The geeks “uh… can’t be fooled again.” Do me a favor, though. Next time you do decide to create a show aimed at geeks, put it in the worst time slot available, market it poorly, air the episodes out of order then cancel it… leave Joss Whedon out of it.


I know I said I wasn’t really buying in to “Dollhouse,” due to the incredibly slow start. But it has really started to pick up in the last few eps and peak my interest. Part of the reason I was being so hard on it, is that I knew it wasn’t going to last. The less I allow myself to get attached, the easier it will be to watch FOX strangle the show with its own intestines.


Watch the finale of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” tonight. It is also, likely to be the final episode ever. You can catch up on the story HERE.

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  1. The geeks can't be fooled again? Isn't that what we said after the cancellation of every single one of the shows listed on the LOLFOX t-shirt page?

    Well, maybe not Drive.

  2. Something tells my by the time I catch up on the Joss Whedon stuff, and move on to Dollhouse (for some reason, I needed to watch Whedon's shows in order of release), I'm going to have to settle for Dollhouse: The Complete Series on DVD, as opposed to the wonders of watching a show as it airs.

  3. Weee I feel like a star for being the first to break this story to you!
    But I also feel like an imploding darf star knowing that Fox's douchbaggery STILL KNOWS NO END!!

  4. The evil face shadowing is great.

    I think the word you were going for was cleaver. Although it's fun trying to wrap my brain around what kind of horror testiclever would be.

  5. Okay this might be a little barbaric but it might send a clear signal of disgust and anger to FOX.

    Around April the 19th, the ancient Romans use to strap burning torches to the back of foxes. Then the Romans made the foxes run until they were consumed by the flames (Ovid’s Fasti book 4).

    Any chance we could start doing this with FOX executives?

  6. Dammit, not TSCC. Re: Dollhouse, honestly I'm indifferent. I did not like 1-5 and even afterwards it was sub-par for Whedon. The "testicleaving" of Terminator however is a tragedy especially after the 2nd season's continued acceleration towards complete awesomeness.

    FOX obviously operate in some kind of bizarro universe where less Summer Glau is a good thing.

  7. Reminds me of Monsters Inc. – they find out child laughter is a much more potent power source than screams.
    Shameless rip off 😛

  8. I just don't understand how this makes a good business model.
    Sign X contract with talent.
    Create X show to meet contract with talent.
    Sign different X contract with guy who created show for talent.
    Screw show into worthless dust.

    What's next, ask for bailout money because the "new shows" didn't "live up to standards"?

  9. Joel, I smell another recurring character: Evil FOX Executive, or FOX's Vice Prisident of Destroying Geek Enjoyment and General Douchbaggery (not sure I spelled it right)! The Employee Cancellation buttons are deliciously Blofeldian (can I get a spell check here?!).

    How long had FOX had an engine of evil? Do they use it to crap out more reality shows and dent the quality of their more-entrenched shows (or maybe Seth MacFarlane's doing a fine job of that himself)?

    When I heard about T:SCC and Dollhouse going to Friday nights, I had a bad flashback to how Firefly and Dark Angel were so unjustly taken from us! But I gotta say, I find Dollhouse not the most enjoyable thing on TV today. The people who run it: no personality or likeable qualities. The Actives in blank slate mode: creepy and, in Echo's case, boner-killing. The Dollhouse's clients: weirdos! I guess I haven't watched enough Whedon material before to really see the Whedon-ness of this new show.

      • ok ok, maybe DA season 2 wasn't better than the 1st, but the whole show was pretty smart and thought provoking. And it may be personal preference, but I believe Jessica Alba is hotter and a better actress than SMG. But that's just me venting.

        Now, about that call to FOX…what's your evil plan here?

        • Hands down Alba is hotter than SMG, but her acting was ropey in Dark Angel simply because she'd not been doing it that long. Both Alba and SMG had grown into their roles and experience as their careers have progressed, but yes I'd agree that Alba is now a better actress than SMG.

          That being said, SMG was the perfect Buffy – started as a blonde bimbette thrust into this crazy crazy world, grew up through being screwed emotionally, detached from the world and ultimately came through it all and ended up being more or less OK.

          SMG pretty much did the same thing at the same time as her character – Buffy was dim because SMG was a bit dim, Buffy grew into her role as SMG grew into hers, so by the time Buffy was a big girl with big issues, SMG was also a big girl with the chops to portray it.

          My call to FOX is quite simply to pitch the idea of "Beauty and The Beast 2020" – retell the classic love story set in the near future, with the Beast being some kind of genetic experiment gone wrong and confined to a small wing of the lab, with the lowly lab tech who falls for him without truly finding out who or what he is. Then as she falls in love, she becomes resolute in finding out about her employers and what they've done and thus cue plenty of overzealous protective streak from our freak as she gets into trouble…

          Oh hang on, if done properly that might actually work.

          Fuck FOX, I'm calling HBO or Sci-Fi.

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