Man It’s So Loud In Here

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This is me at the end of every comic convention, but especially at the end of SDCC. There’s nothing like being in a VIP room (that you somehow got into because you know a guy who know’s a girl who worked on that one show with that other girl…), with an open bar, packed to the rafters with celebrities both legitimate, internet and otherwise and wanting NOTHING more than to hug your family and crawl into your own bed. The best party is almost ALWAYS on the last night and the last night is almost ALWAYS when you’ve lost all enthusiasm for partying.

This is certainly a charmed problem to have, but my goal is to share some honest truths about my weird life while also being somewhat entertaining. Hence my relating the mostly entirely true story of trying to convince my friends to leave the VIP Mythbusters party (in which Guillermo Del Toro and the Korean dude from LOST were in attendance… so was Skrillex, but that’s a different story all together.) and catch an Uber back to our hotel so we get could a good night’s sleep before our flight home the next morning. Home is where the heart is, and home is where the butt goes. Put that butt at your home. It goes there. It wants to be there. Put it there.

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  1. Keep it going with the updates, but don't lose sleep if you fall behind. Each week is a new opportunity to try again! And remember: Hussie has been on gigapause hiatus since like…umm the 80's I think?


    • I remember seeing him on Angel after having been a huge fan of Lost (I was late to the Angel party) and being absolutely gobsmacked that his real accent is very middle American.

    • Oh no way, really?! I remember him from "Crusade"! Man, I miss Crusade. Fuck Warner Bros, those assholes. That was the best show.

      Man, Joel, some day you really do need to sit down and watch Babylon 5. Just the first 4 seasons; the 5th you can leave if you want. 😉 But you really should; I think you'd really like it. Plus hey, whole new sources of inspiration! 😀

      Oh hey, just wanted to mention that I think the con photo comics are awesome and I really look forward to them after each con, so hey, if you felt the urge, don't hold back. 😀 Seriously, though, no pressure.

  2. For some crazy reason I thought this comic might be about the SyFy Sharknado party that I saw on Wil Wheaton's show.
    The awkwardness was even more awkward with the "not really celebrities" I had in mind.

    • The SyFy Sharknado party was an actual giant Hollywood party with a red carpet and cameras and all that jazz. The Adam Incognito party had a side that was opened to the public and a side that was VIP only. Both were packed to the gills, but there were some actual "cool" famous people on our side. It was a good time, but far too loud and OONTZ OONTZ for my taste.

  3. No yeah, I decided over the course of the last year's conventions to party less hard there; that it was ok if I missed an interesting panel here and there, and shell out the time and money to actually sleep. I kept ending up cold and tired and hungry and headachey and depressed; not much fun that way.

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