Man It’s So Loud In Here

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This is me at the end of every comic convention, but especially at the end of SDCC. There’s nothing like being in a VIP room (that you somehow got into because you know a guy who know’s a girl who worked on that one show with that other girl…), with an open bar, packed to the rafters with celebrities both legitimate, internet and otherwise and wanting NOTHING more than to hug your family and crawl into your own bed. The best party is almost ALWAYS on the last night and the last night is almost ALWAYS when you’ve lost all enthusiasm for partying.

This is certainly a charmed problem to have, but my goal is to share some honest truths about my weird life while also being somewhat entertaining. Hence my relating the mostly entirely true story of trying to convince my friends to leave the VIP Mythbusters party (in which Guillermo Del Toro and the Korean dude from LOST were in attendance… so was Skrillex, but that’s a different story all together.) and catch an Uber back to our hotel so we get could a good night’s sleep before our flight home the next morning. Home is where the heart is, and home is where the butt goes. Put that butt at your home. It goes there. It wants to be there. Put it there.

TARDIS Necklace from Science & Fiction

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How To Train Your Hellhound

“And why is the exposed skull on fire?” is not a question one should have to ask with regards to a children’s film.

All joking aside, Guillermo del Toro is a great choice to help improve Dreamworks animated features. He was all over How to Train Your Dragon and that was a genuinely enjoyable film. It didn’t quite have the adult/child crossover of a Pixar creation but it was probably Dreamworks‘ most well-rounded offering to date.

Though I do think Dreamworks would do well not to stifle Del Toro were he to throw in a few goat-faced demon spawn in the next Madagascar sequel.

Commenters: How else might Guillermo del Toro bring his singular vision to children’s films? Or how might he adapt current animated movies?