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Last month the HijiNKS ENSUE Patreon went over $1500, which means starting right now there will be 4 new comics a week! Thank you all so much for the support!

Regarding some of the comments on yesterday’s update where I announced the new 4 comics a week situation: Yes, I know that a reliable update schedule has always been my biggest problem. I make funny comics that look nice, but I’ve never been able to make them at the same exact time every day, every week. It’s an obvious character flaw of mine that I stopped making excuses for a while ago. Perhaps it’s the very IDEA that I HAVE TO make something at a certain time that makes it so incredibly difficult for me to do just that. Anyway, that’s my problem, not yours. My hope is the Patreon support will force me into finally getting my mind wrapped around a consistent update schedule. It’s a process, not a switch I can flip. As such, I would kindly ask that you either provide encouragement, or be silent.

When someone is trying to quit smoking, telling them, “Yeah, but you’ve tried to quit before and you always fail and you always make excuses!” is about the shittiest thing you can do. I am working on self-improvement, and I am doing so in a public forum. Shaming or harassing me into making more comics, faster is the best possible way to make sure I have no interest in doing just that. I am a person with few vices, and few psychological or emotional problems. For that I am extremely grateful. I see many friends struggling with addiction, anxiety and chronic depression and STILL consistently outputting more and better work that I do, but I would never trade my situation for theirs. My struggles are minimal compared to theirs and I am privileged to have a brain that doesn’t lie to me. I am a procrastinator and I’m often lazy. I don’t like those things about myself, but as far as flaws go, I will take them over the alternatives. I hope I get better. I WANT to get better. I want HijiNKS ENSUE to still be my job for years to come, and updating regularly and more frequently is the only way I see for that to happen. A kind word, goes a long way. A unkind one goes even farther. 

FANEURYSM comics have been moved to their own archive. You can read the First  a List of them all or the Latest one. Check out the ARCHIVE page to see all the different types of comic on this site.


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  1. Consistent updates, especially 4 times a week, is a tough endeavor. I applaud for making the attempt. If you need a little time to work up a buffer, I'm sure we would all accept that. Maybe they will schedule next year's SDCC to a date that doesn't coincide with an increase in your workload.

  2. I completely understand/sympathize with the deadline/scheduled issues.

    That's why I highly suggest avoiding the "set number of Hijinks and Faneurysm" each week, to fill the 4 weekly update goal. That just seems too restrictive/pressuring to produce that specific combination weekly. I can't speak for you, but for a lot of us, nothing kills creativity faster then feeling like we have to be creative on demand and in a specific way.
    I've said it before and say it again. Your real fans (and any non-douchy people) would be happy with any combination of 4 weekly updates. Be they Hijinks, Faneurysm, LoFijinks, or even "con sketch" type one panel gags.
    I definitely not trying to tell you how to do your job, or say what should work for you, or anything like that. I'm just saying that for me, doing it that way would do a lot to ease the pressure/restriction of the update scheduled, and make it easier to get into the "rhythm" so to speak. (though, I do also totally understand the reluctance to put out anything you feel may not meet your standards. Resulting in producing less output rather then risk lower quality output. I do have that habit)

    Side note: I miss the "con sketches" and "photo comics". I know some people didn't like them (but those people are wrong and should feel bad about their opinions), but I always enjoyed them.

    TLDR: blaa blaa blaa, me babbling, with the intent of being supportive.

  3. Each HE I receive is like a little gift. Whether it's one a week or 4, each one is special and that is what I like about this comic (the only other I read is xkcd). It's not the quantity, it's the quality that makes me giddy when I see a new one has arrived.

    The haters gonna hate my friend, just do what you do, and remember "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

  4. Man, how hard is it to say "Good luck!" instead of "Ha ha, you'll never do it you loser." Seriously. It's not hard. There's even less letters involved.

    I do suffer from major procrastination so I understand where you're coming from. It's really hard to get yourself on a good schedule. So good luck! You can do it!

  5. Here is a proper butterbeer:

    Fill a lowball 1/3 high with ice, add 2 oz butterscotch schnaps, fill with cream soda.
    You'll thank me later.

  6. I've eaten How Dare You Suggest That This Is Cream Cheese. It's also marketed as "Philadelphia Fat Free Cream Cheese". I bought it out of morbid curiosity, to find out how an object could be simultaneously "Fat Free" and "Cream Cheese". It was disgusting, as if someone had attempted to make jello from spoiled milk.

    • Yeah, I refuse to eat yoghurt that has gelatine in it. Or tapioca. It's not needed and simply points to a deep misunderstanding of what constitutes yoghurt: Milk (of whatever percentage one would like), a little sugar, and live bacterial culture. Plus whatever flavours (except aspartame. Seriously, fuck that shit; why should my food taste like I licked an ant trap?). Honestly, it's not hard; one can make it in a jar on the top of the fridge in about a week (which I don't do because I am unbelievably lazy).

      Nothing wrong with jello, mind you, nor tapioca pudding. I just don't want it to pretend it's my yoghurt.

  7. It's nice to see that nothing bad has happened except for a case of procrastination.
    With a lack of comics and hardly any blog lines I thought maybe there was an illness or something.

    I agree with the "having to do something" leading to putting it off. I used to like tinkering with cars until I was trapped in the garage for 10 years.

    [Also, I can't follow the comics' arc on this one. I haven't seen the Potter flicks. Blasphemy?

    Maybe I should get on that…

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