Listen All Y’all It’s A Sabotage

“Excellent work LaserTit. Megatron will be pleased. Now we can harness the Large Hadron Collider for Energon production… we should really work on getting you a new name.”

hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300The most recent drama at the LHC has to do with a bird’s bagel bomb causing certain components to overheat. LAME! Get to smashing the shit out of some particles and sucking us all into a mother effin’ black hole already! Things are so bad that some of the LHC crew thinks they are being sabotaged from the future. I bet it’s that evil chick from Quantum Leap whose job it was to re-wrong all the righted-wrongs that Same Becket righted in the first place. If it isn’t her then we need to question Dr. Emmett Brown. He knows more than he’s letting on. Plus he’s a cowboy with a time-train.

Is a thing I am on. I post all kinds of crap including book sketches as I do them, and secret inside jokes that only YOU and I will get.


I hope to see some of you FB’s out there on Saturday. I will have books (with free sketches), shirts, buttons, stickers, partial hugs and awkward looks!

And a week from tomorrow I will be at The Dallas Webcomics Expo (11/14). I’m really excited for both of these events and I hope to see you there live and in person. Cons are a big part of The Experiment going forward, so please come out and show your support.

I’ve been getting a few emails and twitters about book shipment status. The deal is this: I still have about 120 UFE’s and regular AE’s from the preorders to sketch and ship. The reason it’s taking so long is that I had over 300 sketches to do and I’m not doing “quick recycled 30 sec sketches.” I am essentially doing custom illustrations for every book. I want it to be personal and memorable (and worth the extra $15). Thank you for being patient and for understanding. Once these preorders are all shipped, all orders will be going out weekly (non-sketched books are going out when they are ordered already).

Speaking of books and what you should do about them: HOW ABOUT BUYING ONE!?

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  1. Sabotage from the future? I say this sounds like a job for the Doctor! With all the zipping around time & space he does in the TARDIS, he must know how the LHC is supposed to work. Or maybe he does and HE's sabotaging it himself for the good of the universe?

    • The LHC is actually run by a group of aliens disguised as scientists who want to turn the entire Earth into a black hole so they can harvest antimatter energy from it or something. Thus the Doctor (and companion, of course) must stop this nefariously evil alien plot for the good of man(and Time Lord)kind.

      • David "Walky" Walkerton is the character. David Willis is the artist/creator.
        Willis wears the glasses, Walky may or may not have the super powers. It's a whole Clark Kent/Superman deal. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever actually seen them both in the same place at the same time……

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