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[digg-reddit-me]Does anyone else look at the contents of their DVR with a sense of shirked responsibility and obligation? Oh, that’s just me? I’m horrible.

I watched the pilot for ABC’s “V” last night and overall I was impressed. I LOVED seeing Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin back on TV, and Juliette from “Lost” (Elizabeth Mitchell) definitely held her own and my interest. The pilot cover a lot more of the “V” mythos than I thought it would or could in 1 hour. I would have expected at least a 2 hr installment before we got the “big reveal.”

If you saw the pilot you know the V’s are trying to convince the people of Earth that they’ve never encountered other intelligent life before. If that’s the case, then why do all of their city-sized ships have 40 mile while LCD screen public address systems covering their entire undersides? Seems that that would only be useful for addressing entire planets or select pay per view events.
Oh, and they just need to come right out and say that Obama is a “V.”


Serious Question: You know what is an awesome thing to buy for yourself or others or pets?
Answer: MY BOOK!

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  1. I have the same problem, except I have old episodes of Being Human from BBC America (which I hear SciFi is remaking next year… anyway). About V, I liked it, and creepy Inara was definitely creepy. And we already knew Tudyk does creepy well.

  2. I liked V. good pilot. I was all yay! at seeing Inara and Wash again. and Tom and all the people from other tv shows.
    Even though the V keeps making me think """…for vendetta"

    • U got 1 of those too? Mine's more of a stack, but same problem. Bugger me if I can find free time (not work, school, TV, reading blogs & webcomics) to watch 'em nowadays.

  3. There's a comparison I want to make between Tudyk's two characters on the aforementioned sci-fi shows, but I don't want to get spoilery.

    On the whole, though, I felt kind of "okay" about the show…until the shit storm that was the last 20 minutes. That got me hooked.

    • I believe I know what comparison you're referring to and I secretly hope that Whedon will incorporate it into Dollhouse for Alpha to create a perfect trifecta.

      And don't worry Joel, we all have shows we watch purely out of some sense of twisted obligation. It's part of the cross that all us geeks have to bear in a world of poorly-executed sci-fi. Prime example: Smallville (I lose alittle bit of myself every time I watch that “show”).

  4. My DVR has stuff I haven't watched, stuff my brother hasn't watched and stuff I have no idea why it's there (sister or brother did it).

    Missed V last night but it's free on iTunes! I'm gonna download the pilot once I am on my own computer.

  5. I can't speak for "V" as I haven't watched the premier yet but Flash Forward is actually exceeding my expectations. Reminds me of Lost in lots of good ways only they are actually moving the story along at a pretty brisk pace.

  6. My DVR has loads of episodes of Independent Lens from PBS that I haven't watched yet. Meanwhile I make sure to watch Stargate Universe and Modern Family every week like clockwork.

    I watched V, and I was a little underwhelmed. I thought some of the actors were decent, but most were horrible. I really hope a bunch of the bad ones get killed off soon.

  7. Overall I liked V. The acting was good and it kept me interested, Alan Tudyk and Morena Baccarin were great. There were some plot holes that bugged me but nothing glaring.

  8. I get a super-creepy vibe from this new V & that's a good thing. Because I still live w/ my folks (for the time being) my DVR's are full of CSI's, L&O's, various other crime shows, & Mad Men. I don't watch Lost or FlashForward, so I don't have the problem of missing them. I try to watch my genre faves (Heroes, Supernatural (make a comic of that, JoeL!), Smallville, various cartoons, whatever FOX didn't cancel yet) when they come on, because that's what their host networks pay attention to!
    btw, did u know there's a Batman movie marathon today on AMC?

  9. bittorrent is my dvr! (srsly, anybody want a tshirt with this? I have an EPS ready for print and all)

    I for one hated the V pilot. It really should have been 2hrs, everything went too fast, also, the acting was so incredibly toned down the word “lame” comes to mind. I never believed anything any character did, said or looked like, they even failed at showing how awesome and incredible the alien technology is. The kid’s fat friend saying “whooa duuude look antigravity! and a hot chick! she comes over!” is just plain wrong.
    (SPOILERs->) I didn’t even think the not-yet-engaged guy’s behaviour was quite odd (which later seemed logical, being a lizard and all, he totally would stay cool when a jet crashes down in front of him, right?), I just thought he was a rubbish actor, worst part being the “maaan, don’t call me again! we shouldn’t do this anymore, you know how many people died last time!”-scene, where we still thought he might be the terrorist juliet & alpha hunt, and he stands in some lobby, happily chatting about how many people he killed at his last presumed killing spree/evil experiment.

    Well, but I also hated the FlashForward-pilot (and I still hate the main character, and the very surreal lesbian scenes, with kisses that just shout ally “omfg girls kiss watch that show man” mcbeal, also when she talks to her lover, her act becomes incredibly bad/so overly smooth that one thinks she might actually be very disgusted and just doing some undercover work in “the scene”) but now I can stand to watch it (for the sake of the bigger plot)

  10. Just say the word, and I'll mail you disc after disc of all the shows you mentioned in that comic about your "show nuts" during the "winter strike" and you were the grasshopper or something. I will send you Veronica Mars. I will send you Spaced and Pushing Daisies.

  11. I haven't looked at my DVR in ages…I think it was overrun with my roommates and their fancy-pantsuit Law and Order, but I haven't seen it recently.

  12. V: am I the only one here that remembers they did this show already? How can they possibly compete with Marc Singer as the widower-dad/hero and Michael Ironside with hair? Oh yeah, they could film muppets. This could prove to be the best sci-fi series ever, but I won't tune in because of the bad memories from the original.

  13. Obama was the first thing that came to mind, free health care and Glad someone it trying to show what he is like. Has come to take over the world. I love FlashForward and think V will be a good series, but I do watch what is on my DVR, it may take several weeks depending on if I am back watching Buffy, Roswell or Veronica Mars….again. Wonder how many times you can play a DVD?LOL

  14. That comic was a window into my life. I have 3 episodes of FlashForward on there that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to watch. Especially now that V is on, and I freaking love it. Great show.

  15. It's definitely not just you. When I first told my friends that convinced me to buy a TiVo about this feeling, they laughed evilly and said "now you know our pain!"

  16. Holy iCrap that came out of an apple. You are selling the laptop that made ALL the comics?
    You should include something like a folder or a thumb drive packed full of sketches and vault shit if the highest bidder is a reader of HE.

  17. For the most part of the V premier, I actually found myself relating it to Flash Forward, since that debuted not too long ago, and they're very similar. I think I like the characters and story in Flash Forward better, but I'm still giving V a chance.

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