Listen All Y’all It’s A Sabotage

“Excellent work LaserTit. Megatron will be pleased. Now we can harness the Large Hadron Collider for Energon production… we should really work on getting you a new name.”

hijinks-ensue-godspeed-you-fancy-bastard-book-300x300The most recent drama at the LHC has to do with a bird’s bagel bomb causing certain components to overheat. LAME! Get to smashing the shit out of some particles and sucking us all into a mother effin’ black hole already! Things are so bad that some of the LHC crew thinks they are being sabotaged from the future. I bet it’s that evil chick from Quantum Leap whose job it was to re-wrong all the righted-wrongs that Same Becket righted in the first place. If it isn’t her then we need to question Dr. Emmett Brown. He knows more than he’s letting on. Plus he’s a cowboy with a time-train.

Is a thing I am on. I post all kinds of crap including book sketches as I do them, and secret inside jokes that only YOU and I will get.


I hope to see some of you FB’s out there on Saturday. I will have books (with free sketches), shirts, buttons, stickers, partial hugs and awkward looks!

And a week from tomorrow I will be at The Dallas Webcomics Expo (11/14). I’m really excited for both of these events and I hope to see you there live and in person. Cons are a big part of The Experiment going forward, so please come out and show your support.

I’ve been getting a few emails and twitters about book shipment status. The deal is this: I still have about 120 UFE’s and regular AE’s from the preorders to sketch and ship. The reason it’s taking so long is that I had over 300 sketches to do and I’m not doing “quick recycled 30 sec sketches.” I am essentially doing custom illustrations for every book. I want it to be personal and memorable (and worth the extra $15). Thank you for being patient and for understanding. Once these preorders are all shipped, all orders will be going out weekly (non-sketched books are going out when they are ordered already).

Speaking of books and what you should do about them: HOW ABOUT BUYING ONE!?