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Personally I really do not care to see Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but I would love to see Catwoman done well on the big screen. Bruce needs to have a steady “normal” girlfriend who he is trying use to keep himself grounded in the real world, then BAM! Selina Kyle comes along and dickflips his world six ways from Sunday. I love how that particular Batman trope shows the duality of Bruce/Batman. How they are really two different people, which is something we haven’t seen in the Nolan films yet. He’s getting there, but you don’t have true Batman until he’s completely batnipples insane. All of this was perfectly explored in Batman: The Animated Series (which we all know is the best portrayal of Batman in any media).

COMMENTERS: What do you think of the villain choices? What about the actors? Any other characters or stories you would have preferred to see explored? This is probably Bale’s last Batman film. Where should the franchise go from here?

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    1. Tom Hardy is a sexy mother fucker and I am ridiculously pleased to see him in another Nolan movie.

      However, Catwoman has always been done so camp-tastically, that I worry over how it will translate to Nolan Batman. Anne is fabulous, but the CAMP has me worried.

      • Just wait. Bane is artificially massive, so they'll CGI alter him to look like Hulk. Or at least a Fallout Super Mutant with pants.

        • I doubt they will use cgi to enhance Bane’s size. Historically Nolan is averse to using excess cgi. His first two batman movies had very little. It was mainly used to erase cameras from multi camera shots (like when Bruce Wayne crashes the Lamborghini). The hospital explosion in TDK was mainly all real except for added glass shards (they had to remove the windows in order to blow up the building safely).

    2. Catwoman could be very good if done seriously. Not sure about Hathaway, but Nolan usually gets some great performances out of his actors (Ledger)

      And Tom Hardy will rock as Bane. I doubt they'll go with the Wrestler from Hell's Roid Room look.

      I should imagine Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow will be back as well for a cameo- he's kind of Nolan's Bat-Lucky Charm…

    3. Where should the franchise go from here? How about someplace less growly? I must be the only nerd in the world who couldn't stand Bale's Batman, couldn't even tolerate him enough to give Dark Knight a sympathy thumbs up because of a beloved drug hoover's demise.

      Seriously, Keaton and Nicholson, all is forgiven.

      • Bale's Batman does indeed suck balls. He only ever has one expression on his face. Heath was ok in Dark Knight but it was the worst version of Joker I've ever seen. Nicholson did a good job as the Joker in comparison, but I blame the writers for such crap characters.

      • As an Aussie nerd, you just insulted me in two ways referring to Ledger like that.

        His death was accidental after working his balls off to make the most memorable Batman villain on screen since NICHOLSON.
        (TOP THAT.)

        So for insulting the guy for working himself to death, FUCK YOU.

        • You can't top Nicholson onscreen, and indeed, Ledger didn't. He sure topped him in the area of narcotic use, though.

          • Id say this is pretty uncalled for. Ledger wasnt some junkie that OD'd. He was as @certifiable said, pushing himself to his limits to make (what I agree is) an amazing performance and he had an adverse reaction to a combination of prescription drugs. To paint him as a stupid drugged out loser who partied himself to death isnt fair.

        • You might not like what was said, but a response like this will get you banned. No personal attacks or "fuck you's" on this site please. Argue, debate, whatever, but remain civil. Thanks.

          • "remain civil"? "REMAIN CIVIL"? Captain Douche pants "raindog469" not only insulted Nolan, Bale and the current Batman franchise, which is awesome, he has the TEMERITY, to sling those sorts of insults around about Heath Ledger? Why the heck doesn't HE get banned. That is SICK. I've just stumbled across this fantastic comic and have read every single one in the last month or so, including most of the comments and such, and whilst on many occasions I have disagreed with what has been said, in my mind it has been of the "witty banter" type of disagreement. Whilst @tdev is simply wrong for thinking that Heath's Joker wasn't anything short of the greatest live action depiction of the character EVER, he IS entitled to his opinion. "raindog469" however deserves all manner of ill will projected upon him for that kind of TROLLING BS. Seriously the internet can bring out the worst in people. If you EVER said anything like that to my face "raindog" I would kick the living shit out of you. You think you're tough? Big man laughing about someone's death? Someone's son, Someones lover, someone's FATHER. I don't give a fuck if I get "banned".

            • Alright man, this is your final warning. I've noticed the tone of all of your recent comments is pretty aggressive and angry. I can't tolerate that on my site regardless of the subject matter or how righteous your indignation is. Take that for what it's worth. Keep up the attitude and you wont be able to comment here any more.

              • Ok Joel but hear me out. I'm a dick! I'm a reckless, arrogant, stupid dick. Sorry, but you Joel are a pussy. And raindog469 is an asshole. Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes: assholes that just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way. But the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, WITH SOME BALLS. The problem with dicks is: they fuck too much or fuck when it isn't appropriate – and it takes a pussy to show them that. But sometimes, pussies can be so full of shit that they become assholes themselves… because pussies are an inch and half away from ass holes. I don't know much about this crazy, crazy world, but I do know this: If you don't let me fuck this asshole, we're going to have our dicks and pussies all covered in shit!

    4. Bruce and Batman aren't different people, they're one person, 2 faces. Like how the people on reality shows aren't actually like that, but that insanity is a part of them. There's a better discussion of it here:

      Whether or not Bane works depends on what they do with him. If he's basically Mr Hyde, it'll suck. But there have been some very good Banes over the years, and Gail Simone is writing Bane now, so they'll likely go to her version for the basics. Which is excellent.

      Also, RainDog? The growl is canon. Him learning a growly voice to scare criminals is a standard part of the comics. I've never understood the complaints about it.

      • somebody has a degree in Batmanology. Yes, the gravel voice is canon but I believe the complaints refer to the fact that at time you cant even understand what Bale is saying. He only does it in the Dark Knight and only at certain points.

        • Personally, my complaints about the growl stem completely from the amount of time it was used OUTSIDE of Batman. That got very irritating.

          Community used Batman voice, and right now I can't think of other specific references but I know there are many. Probably blocked them out of my mind.
          It's OK in Batman. It's f@#king annoying out of Batman.

    5. I always enjoyed how Batman was like some kid that never grew up (he has the coolest toys), and running into Catwoman is like puberty's punch in the gut. She represents the freedom that his quest for justice doesn't allow.

      As for Bane? I'd like to see him as an honest-to-God criminal luchadore who shoots up steroids at his home, and has an adrenaline pump, not some technobabble juice. Ninja versus luchadore.

    6. Tom Hardy and Anne Hathaway are both decent enough choices. I'm a little skeptical on the villian choices. I have to say though that Nolan hasn't steered us wrong yet. I'm sure he's thought of great ways to incorporate these two in his adaptations and still make it believable and not too…..for lack of a better word "comic bookey"

      • I always liked Catwoman as a stealth burglar rather than a nutjob in spandex. She has more nuance for one and it makes for an interesting character when she can't blame her actions on the "I'm crazy" defense.

      • Yes, but her performance looks better through 90's colored goggles. Her catwoman wouldnt fit with a more modern esthetic.

    7. I'm not too keen on Bane, still traumatised with everything reminding me of Batman & Robin. (Poison Ivy would fit into Nolanverse rather nicely, methinks) I don't really know that much about him, but being described as a 90's Liefeldesque villain I can't help but cringe..

      However I trust Christ Nolan and Tom Hardy in everything. And if you don't think Eames (he's always Handsome Bob for me) has got what it takes to be a complete monster, check out Bronson.

      As for Catwoman, Pfeiffer's take was my childhood idol. Maybe Hathaway has a hidden action girl side we are yet to see? Just bring on the news of whether JGL is still on board.

      And for the next, less serious reincarnation a live action NPH's Music Meister, please!

      • Well, if your only experience with Bane was the Batman & Robin movie, you're probably going to be in for a pleasant surprised. Whereas Batman & Robin saw fit to make him an inarticulate moron (because, as we all know, tough guys aren't allowed to have brains), the Bane of the comics was damned clever–you'll probably have seen numerous references to him breaking Batman's back, a feat he accomplished by carefully planning and wearing Bats down beforehand.

    8. Bane's last appearance outside comic was as a catatonic vegetable in Batman Beyond if they play up the strong as fuck/drug addict/genius thing he had gong on in Knightfall it could work

      but i agreey @actuallynph as Music Miester live action would be awesome

      • And IF this is Nolan's last Batman then keep the Knightfall thing going on and Bane should break Batman's back – closes off Nolan's run and gives a clean slate to whoever takes over.

    9. DC have done with Bane what they have done with Doomsday. Create this potentially great show stopper character, then decide to shit all over the character. Every incarnation of Bane after he broke Batman's back has made him crappier. Sad to say not even Batman: The Animated Series did anything good with him.

      • Agreed, I remember how stuned I was when Bane manged Batman like that, it was a real eye opener for my and as a young comic reader.

      • Gail Simone handles him beautifully. He's a regular in Secret Six which is a book about taking shit-covered villains and making them great.

    10. If they keep Bane to his original comic incarnation – that of a sort of Anti-Batman, a driven genius with a grudge, a plan, and the muscles to back them up – then, yes, it could be interesting.

      If they go with the other representations of Bane in the media – that of a subgenius luchadore – then, yes, it'll be a disappoinment.

      Also, Anne Hathaway in a catsuit? As Rusty Venture would say, Mee–YOW.

      • The Rusty met her at a party. Witty banter was exchanged. She was totally into The Rusty! But The Rusty could not seal the deal. Only because he was tired. That is the ONLY reason!

    11. Hey if they really wanted to tramp it up they could do the Batman vs Dracula storyline. I mean vampires are still totally hot right now.

    12. It'll be interesting to see if the two villains actually team up or if Catwoman will do her usual "play both sides against each other using my cat-sexy" schtick. One would think she would garner a reputation as an unreliable ally, but I guess certain other assests tend to cloud mens' minds.

    13. Am I the only person gunshy about the idea of using 2 villains in a Batman movie?
      Historically that proves to be the undoing of the franchises. (You can blame scripts and actors all you like… most of those movies had 2 villains. Or more.)
      Joker gets his own movie… which is awesome. But then somehow all the other villains are thrown into a hat and drawn out in pairs. Why? Do we not think the other villains could be cool alone?
      Harvey Dent worked, because they were setting up his story and not actually using him AS a villain yet.

    14. From what I've heard, Nolan keeps referring to her as "Selena Kyle", not Catwoman. Which could be interesting, have all this background crime or information going on and Bruce and her off having…normal people adventures.

      Meanwhile, Tom Hardy as Bane is INSPIRED. The highborn, unplaceable "European" accent he's capable of doing, using Nolan's direction to keep Bane as an Anti-Batman, someone who can take on Batman on every level? Sign me up.

      Bane in Batman the Animated Series, in the episode "Bane", shows how a smart hitman can work, one who plots how to beat him by watching him fight others.
      Bane in The Batman(A *HIGHLY* underrated series) in the episode "Traction" shows what happens when Batman falls because of an enemy that can beat him fully.

    15. I truly enjoyed Michelle Pfeiffer, but I think Anne will be able to mirror the Bruce Wayne/Batman dichotomy with her own Selina Kyle/Catwoman dichotomy. After all, almost everything Anne has done up to this point revolves around an awkward teen finding her stride . . . her sexy sexy stride.

    16. In all likelihood i'll most likely enjoy Bane. Especially if he breaks Batman's spine like in the comics(preferably without the recovery)

    17. Hathaway as catwoman is a good choice, Im unsure about the addition of two more villians. Would be a shame for it to end up like Spiderman 3 where they try to shoehorn in as many ready to go villians as they can. They did a very good job on Two Face as far as his devlopment in the series. But so far the series has been excellent so i trust they will make it all work out

    18. Ann Hathaway are you freakin' kidding me?!

      The Nolan-verse was perfectly poised to embrace the reboot version of Selina Kyle as a half Cuban runaway. It would have been nice to actually see a human being of color in one of these movies. If they reach back to her original origin of "near death experience turned me from a mousy wimp into a seductress" I'm going to be pissed. I want to see the woman with enough street cred to navigate the old neighborhood, but I also want the philanthropist with a vicious sense of irony who is poised to run for mayor.

      I want some dignity this time and an outfit with a little more than spank bank.

      • Considering how heavily the Falcone crime family was worked into the plot of the last two movies, Nolan may be going the "Dark Victory" route and making Selina Kyle Carmine's illigitimate daughter.

      • I dont want her to have an "origin" at all. Id rather her just be a cat burglar. Some people just like to get into shape and steal priceless art and such. That would fit with the nolan bat-verse.

        • Doctor Who Easter special "Planet of the Dead", I think it's called. The Lady who just gets a thrill from stealing things.

      • youre the first person Ive ever heard mention that as a villain choice. Interesting idea. I think they could pull it off if he was in one scene, but not as a villain for a whole movie.

      • Oh, man, I've been saying that since Batman Begins. Is there a better villain to fit into Nolan's "real world" batverse? Would anyone be more creepy than a freaking homicidal criminal-mastermind puppet on the hand of a crazy man?

    19. I'm a little antsy about Anne Hathaway being Selina/Catwoman, but hoping she can pull it off. We'll see…

      As far as Bane, he's a brilliant badass — when done right. I dread a second Batman and Robin. I don't think that will happen this time around, but B&R was just so bad, the paranoia sticks.

    20. Bane could be excellent in Nolan's version of Batman. I am really hoping that eventually Nolan tries his hand at The Mad Hatter, as I think he's the creepiest of all Batman villains. I also think Hugo Strange or Black Mask could work in a Nolan-esque movie.

    21. I'm interested to see where this goes. I was a little afraid before this announcement that they'd use one of the sillier villains, like The Penguin or something.

      On IMDB it says that Bale refused to sign on again if Robin was in the next movie, so it's good news to me that there is no Robin. If Robin had been introduced, I doubt it would hold up to this much grit and darkness.

    22. I just hope this batman
      1) manages to stay away from the damn triquel movie cruse
      2) i hope the movies studios keep their hands off of it. By which i mean try to put in a villain that clearly shouldn't be in it, Spider man 3 I'm looking at you.

      Just let Nolan do what he does best and that's tell a great story.

    23. I'm much more excited about Tom Hardy as Bane than I am about the Catwoman news, for reasons that have already been explained by posters above. Tom Hardy is cool, Bane (when capably handled) is a great villain, and Nolan tends to know what he's doing. io9 had a great article explaining the history of Bane right here, for anyone who doesn't know what the big deal is:

    24. The only fear I have is that they will follow the usual progression to destroy a hero franchise. Adding villain after villain into the movie, until you have a lot of villains and no story in 90ish minutes. its part of the reason most super-hero movies fail after the first 2.

    25. I'm still thinking that, given the way TDK left off, Bane is going to set himself up as the new vigilante hero of the people, taking out criminals, backing Batman further and further into a corner, gaining the trust of the police, all while actually taking control of Gotham's underworld behind the scenes.

    26. I'm not so sure about Hathaway as Catwoman. She seems like a great Selina Kyle but my problem with the portrayal of Catwoman is the feline agility and quality that has to be brought to the role and I just don't see it in Anne.
      Catwoman as a choice in general kind of bums me out. She's been done SO many times. I'd really like to see a new female role be explored…Harley Quinn any one? Even a remount of Poison Ivy in the Nolan-verse would be interesting. Talia Al Ghul?

      Hardy is a great choice for Bane, he's got the size and the intelligence to make it work. Obviously Nolan is going for comic-truth in Bane and not the meat puppet we saw in Batman and Robin.

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