JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 Fancy Photo Comic Part 2

Get up on that wall! “Winter Is Coming” shirts are here!!! [based on this comic]

This JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 photo comic wraps up our adventu… what? Oh, it only brings us to the end of day 2 of the cruise? Well, shit. I guess I have to do more of these. Turns out they really pack in the fun times on that boat.

This one features David and Maggie, Rob (Mr. Finediner if you’re nasty), my lovely wife, Wil, Anne, Stepto & Rochelle, Ryan & Claudette, The Army Of Steptos, DAMMIT LIZ!, and Molly & her Ukulele Melee.

Yes, I know that with Mogwai it’s getting them wet that makes them multiply and feeding after midnight that turns them into Gremlins. Let’s just assume the Stepto’s physiology is somewhat different than that of a small, animatronic puppet.

Molly Lewis put on her “Molly Gras” performance on the Lido Deck of the boat right after the first formal night. It was windy and the sound system was being tricky. As chance would have it, I’d managed to bring exactly the cables and other misc. gear in my ukulele bag that Molly needed to make her show work. We were still short one cable and someone from the audience of gathered fancy dressers just happened to have it on their fancy person. The show went off without a hitch and was one of the many highlights of the week. The DIYN (DO IT YOURSELF, NERDS) nature of the show made it all the more special. Do you have people? Do you have a place? Do you have something enjoyable to show them? BAM! You gots yourself a show. You can watch the whole thing in the video below.

COMMENTERS: What’s the best DIYN production you’ve ever seen or been a part of? Sometimes all you need is 4 or 5 people, a makeshift stage and a little good will.

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    • He just is. Do you have a problem with it? Maybe it would be awkward not to hover hand. That might be a completely random stranger who doesn't know who Wil Wheaton is.

      • Anyway you put it, hover hands are still hover hands and as such should be beneath a man of Will Wheaton appearance, if nothing else. Though I suspect they're fully intended for comic effect 😛 I have a hard time seeing Wheaton having self-esteem issues in that crowd!

          • Boom. I knew there would be a legitimate reason. Because WIlW is a nice guy who didn't want to hurt his friend.

            Besides, anyone who DIDN'T know who WIl Wheaton deserves to have their cabin forcibly taken from them and given to me.

  1. Asking for cables and electronics on a boat fully of tech savy geeks is like asking for a dagger around a bunch of Rennies or SCAdians,… within seconds you will be deafened by the noise of a pile of said item falling at your feet [and in the case of Rennies and SCAdians deafened by the call of "clear" as they pull the daggers free from their sheaths and you are hemmed by many many shining blades

  2. Sorry, I don't mean to be a jerk, or anything, cause I love your strip and think you guys are hilarious (and I know you're excited about your nerd cruise)! But these photo-strips are lame. I don't know these people, I wasn't there, and I just don't really care. Give me a real strip, make cracks about Joss Whedon and Dr Who and JJ Abrams! That's where your genius resides!

    • You seem to be making two false assumptions: A) That I asked you whether or not I should be making these photo comics and B) That you are my boss.

      You said "I don't mean to be a jerk…" but for some reason you went right ahead and did it any way. I like to make different things and some of those these will appeal more to you than others. The key is to enjoy the free entertainment you like and sit quietly and wait through the stuff you don't. Every time someone tells me something I've worked hard on is "lame" and that I should focus my efforts on the one type of creative output that they like, I feel a little less like creating anything at all. Comments like this are an unwelcome downer. No matter how you preface it, or with what intentions you may have started with, your comment WAS an insult and you ARE being a jerk.

      The only reason I am not just deleting this is so that anyone else with similar tendencies can learn from your mistakes.

  3. Right after I read a Regretsy entry on a dirty Wesley Crusher fanfic. I think I just need to stay away from the internet today. I'd rather make panties than get a Wheaton overload…

  4. I've always been a fan of A Very Potter Musical as far as DIYN projects go. That and The Spidey Project, another great nerdy musical romp. Both can be found on youtube.

  5. I'm second in command (or "Mistress of Gaffer's Tape, as my staff call me) of the technical services department at a local science fiction convention, which pretty much runs entirely on DIYN ingenuity and cable ties. And beer.

  6. Hey I watched that whole video.

    Molly Lewis was adorable and charming, and THEN SHE COVERED TMBG and now I want to have her babies. 🙂

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