JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 Fancy Photo Comic Part 3

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this Three Wheaton Moon shirt. You can buy it! Then you can wear it! Only two steps to total geeky happiness? Sign me up!

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The Paul and Storm Podcast with guests ME, David Willis, Rob DenBleyker, Paul F. Tompkins and Joseph Scrimshaw is up now! 

When you’ve been frolicking on a beautiful beach all day, eating $18 sandwiches and drinking $700 Mohitos, you will basically get into any vehicle that pulls up and claims that it will deliver you back to the boat from whence you disembarked. Be a cab, submarine, two tanks glued together or a genuine PARTY BUS. The party bus from Aruba back to the boat was an odd phenomenon. I got on it tired, full, burned beyond recognition and ready to NOT enjoy being on a PARTY BUS. Then the music started. HOLY SHIT THIS IS PARTY BUS EVERYBODY PARTY! It turns out being a regular person that allows themself to have stupid fun every once in a while is a pretty good thing. Needless to say the PARTY BUS was bouncing and David was never retrieved from the ocean. He waits there for our return. Ever vigilant. Ever soggy. I’m not sure how he showed back up in the comic a few panels later, but I’m positive he is still in the water. He is fish-kind now. He has no doubt forgotten our ways and the tongues of men and has taken a fish-bride.

Many of the nerds on board JoCo Cruise Crazy 2 took a “Wifi Temperance Brigade” pledge. That did not stop them from trying their damndest to recreate social media in all it’s horrific glory using large pieces of paper, markers, post-its, shouting, banging on tables, shouting at post-its and staring awkwardly at paper, too shy to write anything. The comic above shows only 4 large note pads in the 24 hout gaming room/ nerd central, but by the end of the week, all 4 walls were lined with a Craigslistian level of event postings, missed connections and lost Munchkin cards notices. There was even an on-board social messaging client, dubbed “TWIT-ARRRR,” set up by the Sea Monkeys that ran from a server on the boat piggy backing the ship’s wifi. It was pretty neat. Here’s hoping next year the nerds responsible will have developed a full app complete with notifications and users complaining about lack of Droid support.

For some heart warming, fatherly insight into that particular Settlers game, check out Wil’s write up here.

For a complete list of “Batman & Batman villain dance moves” with demonstrations, please have been on the cruise with me and David, because that shit is probably never going to happen again and, YES, it was magical.

For more information on the Sweet tooth Yeti in the last two panels, please visit his dessert blog by the same name. For some of his fantastic photos from the cruise (including the best picture anyone has ever taken of my wife and I), please cast your eyes Flickrward.

COMMENTERS: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without Internet or your particular preferred social media poison? Were you richer for the experience or tweaking from withdrawals?

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    • I thought he hit that point when he made a living off of drawing funny comics and selling T-Shirts. But this cruise certainly increases my geek envy toward him

  1. Missed connections at that cruise must have been awesome!
    "Dear hot chick at the buffet table last night. You took the last piece of fried chicken as you took my breathe away. We locked eyes and you smiled, but my jaw just dropped. You left before I was able to say anything. It looked like maybe you thought I was heart broken over losing the chicken but I was simply struck with your beauty. And they brought out more chicken a few minutes after you left so I'm over that loss. But I'll never forgive myself if I don't get to see you again. Room 314. Bring wine."

  2. On dark nights people still claim to hear him out there in the water, lecturing the fish on the differences between generation 1 and generation 2 transformers

  3. Also, exclamations of "I'm a crazy drunk dinosaur!" will now be the standard around my house until my roommates decide that the pros outweigh the cons for murdering me

    • Is it bad that I cringed more at the horrific writing than the idea itself? The author skips between tenses, there's no natural progression to the dialogue, and the characters use linguistic registers that are not in compliance with their pre-established characteristics.

  4. Joel, the past 5 days worth of photo-comics & blog posts were outstandingly hilarious! And your rendition of "Mr. Roboto" the other day was just brilliant! Would this mean your wife might be a character in your strip?

  5. Missed connections at that cruise must have been awesome!

    "Dear hot chick at the buffet table last night, you stole my breath away as you took the last piece of fried chicken. We locked eyes and you smiled, but turned away as my jaw dropped from your beauty. You awkwardly left, I think you thought I was mad about not getting the last piece of chicken. I forgive you for that (they brought out more a few minutes after you left), but I'll never forgive myself if I don't see you again."

  6. Please tell me your “Batman & Batman villain dance moves” included the Watusi.


  7. How… How much booze was consumed at said event? Could you maybe e-mail me some Cask Wine? I'm feeling a tinnnnny bit lonely here, and I haven't seen my hallucinatory friend Mr.Squirrel in a while. Just a little bit, please?

  8. I am about to embark on a two-week journey of over twn hours to visit my Dad.

    He has a computer. He has Internet, even. And it's in the basement and he only turns it on for Skype video chats with the kids. I am not going to be able to use it much. I have a bloody webcam I can log into while I'm gone so I can check up on the DOG, and I am not going to be able to use it.

    I may not survive the experience.

  9. If I was there, I would have replaced some of your post-its with photos of my loved ones who died on Caprica. It would be only fitting on such a cruise.

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