JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 Guest Comic By Chris Hallbeck Of Maximumble

JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 Guest Fortnight is over! We are safely docked somewhere in Alabama or Mississippi or one of the other states you are supposed to completely avoid. The passenger unload is going much faster than anticipated since we don’t have any luggage. I mean we HAVE luggage, but after 4 days without power or running water pretty much everything became a de facto toilet. We’ve drunk all the fresh water from our souvenir snow globes and boiled the shells from our souvenir necklaces to make a sort of broth we called Sea Juice. All in all this trip was 100 times better than the time I went to Branson.

If I may be ever so slightly serious for a moment, JoCo Cruise Crazy 3 was once again a transformative experience. I made new friends, strengthened old friendships, frolicked on tropical beaches with some of my favorite people and received world class entertainment every single day and night provided by some of the most wonderful funny people, musicians, and purveyors of talent that I have ever shared a floating mall-hotel with. If you are on the fence about going next year, GET OFF THAT DAMN FENCE! It’s a week of fun that you will never forget or regret. It’s crazy expensive, but what are you going to take with you when you die? Money or memories? (If they find a way to let you take money with you when you die, I will go back and amend this post, because… I mean, c’mon. That would be AWESOME.) I haven’t even gone through my photos yet, but if I do make Fancy Photo Comics of this trip I will post them somewhere besides the front page of the website so that those of you (heartless, joyless wretches) who do not enjoy them will not have to be unnecessarily burdened.

This final Guest Fortnight offering (on the theme of me accidentally getting on the wrong boat) comes from my friend Chris Hallbeck of Maximumble, Minimumble and his flagship comic The Book Of Biff. Chris and I are both parents of young children and seem to share many of the same ideas about raising a functional, exceptional human in a weird internet world and blah blah blah mushy frienship whatever HE MADE THIS SHIRT WHICH I THINK IS VERY FUNNY. Also this mug. Funny. Go buy those things.

As a little tag to Chris’s joke, I thought I would include this photo that I took in a shipboard karaoke booth with Wil Wheaton and John Scalzi. Somehow I knew it would come in handy. [click to embiggen]

Not Johnny's Boat



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  1. The Fancy Photo Comics will be lessened by the loss of David Willis, but hopefully there will be more than enough of Stepto and Rob to make up for it!

  2. I'm sensing a theme with all of these JCCC3 guest posts. Not 100% sure, but there's a funny in my feelings. My feelings are funny. I have funny feelings, is what I'm trying to say.

    Don't laugh at my feelings.

    • It's almost like they all did the same joke. Perhaps they should be collaged together like some Andy Warhol style variation on an image

  3. Wait, are we talking John Scalzi of Old Man's War and The Android's Dream? If so, that is awesome and I'm actually a little jealous. I love his books, that I've read at least.

  4. I'm among those who demand the photo comics.

    Those of us who didn't get to go want to have a nice glimpse at all the awesome that we missed.
    So go on, rub it in and make us laugh, and then cry.

    • I was specifically addressing people who WERE on the fence. Lacking the means to climb that particular fence, I was not addressing you.

      • What about people who haven't realized what the fence entails and are still just in awe of what is on the other side?

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