It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s An Incredibly Handsome Plane

Whatever crime Josh was being accused of, I’m certain that my testimony only served to strengthen his case. I obviously proved myself a credible witness of sound mind and sound theories about who should play the next Superman [hint: It’s Jon Hamm].

Oh yeah. A little poison space potato told me THE FREAKIN’ EWOK STARE SHIRTS [based on THIS comic] are  IN THE STORE!

Ewok Stare Shirt
More info about the shirt HERE.

Speaking of shirts, the shirt I mentioned in the comic is one I designed for the Sklarbro Country Podcast and yes, Jon Hamm did actually get caught wearing one by the paparazzi. Yep. Boner times all around. If you are a sports and comedy fan I would give SBC a listen. Hell, I don’t even understand sportsballing and I really enjoy it.

Speaking of Podcasts I enjoy and Jon Hamm and Superman and whether or not Hamm is interested in being Superhamm, all of those things are addressed in THIS EPISODE of Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo feating Jon “Kal Hamm El” Hamm.

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  1. Not to pee on your geek boner…(sic.) but isn't Hamm possibly too old? Especially if Warner's want to go the franchise route?

    • Oh, I dont know… uhh, is the Grand Canyon too old to be awe inspiring and amazing? I THINK NOT! HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM HAMM!

  2. I think SNL taught us that he can play silly, which is exactly what you need in a Clark Kent; awkward comic relief with a good dose of sexual prowess lying just underneath the surface.

    • Ive heard him on 10 or so podcasts and he is hilarious every time. Holds his own with some of the best working american comedians.

  3. I get a "girl boner" every time Don Draper beds another broad.

    Not sure that sex appeal is going to work for Clark Kent. Even when he's silly on 30Rock he's still totally hot.
    You can't tone down that hotness with just a pair of glasses.

  4. No! I was picturing the Nerd Judge in all her awesomeness.

    I like how in the first panel her response is just: "Noted."

        • Hrmm.. It's red, not pink. It didnt change with the new site its always been the same. And it was never blue. Confusing.

          • the <a> links are red, but when you highlight text by clicking and dragging (say to copy/paste body text), the rectangle drawn around it is a pink/peach color. at least in google chrome.

            • ahhh, i see. Yeah I have no idea how that happened. Seemed like it was a Chrome only problem. Is that a color I control in the CSS?

              • as in, there must have been a board meeting at Google Chrome HQ about the browser's GUI, where they were like "So now to picking a highlight color for body text… any suggestions?" "Salmon?" "I like the way you think, Wilson. Done."

  5. So Joel, I have every bit of confidence in Chris Nolan working on the next "Superman" flick, but what about Zack Snyder directing it? I thought you had some grudge/vendetta against him for how his "Watchmen" turned out.

    • I think that was Eli. I hadnt read the GN before the movie so I had nothing invested in it. I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. Zack is AOK in my book.

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