The Doctor Is Win

Alternate Title: “Horrible Fears A Who”

This comic started as a commission for a reader named Justin who I met at Dallas Animefest 2010. His idea was for a “Doctor vs. Doctor” duel with The Good Doctor triumphing over the horrible doctor. I finished the commission [which you can see HERE] and decided to take just the inks from that piece and rework it into a full color comic-type situation. I really had fun making this one and I hope you enjoy it. If so, thank Fancy Bastard Justin for the idea and the title. I also want to mention that I used a photo called “Dark Alleyway” fromΒ James Wong on Deviant Art as the basis for the background.

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COMMENTERS: Given the match up presented above, who would win (no pun intended) and why?

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  1. Is it a bad thing that I would root for Dr. Horrible, despite his being utterly incompetent and thus having no chance?

  2. See, this right here is proof that you've never watched Doctor Who. Because if you had, you wouldn't even need to ask the question. The Doctor's enemies tend to be entire species, because individuals who face off with the Doctor tend to, um…die. Quickly. πŸ™‚

  3. I'm just not sure if the Doctor is protecting DH or overcoming him – It almost looks as if the Doctor is fighting off something to save the sniveling DH…is it just me?

  4. All I know is that whenever you include the Doctor in a comic, hilarity ensues! So you should do it more often. (^_~)

  5. Dr. Horrible relies on gadgets, most of which I think could be easily remotely disabled by the sonic screwdriver. The Doctor would win.

  6. This matchup happened before my very eyes at the 2009 Worldcon (Anticipation in Montreal). Doctor Who, which wins Best Dramatic Presentation (Short Form) almost every year, it seems, was once again Hugo-nominated for multiple episodes. Dr. Horrible, however, had also been nominated. When the MC made the announcement he really played it out: "And the winner is…Doctor…Horrible!" There was a definite ripple of surprise through the convention crowd before the applause began.

    So there you go.

  7. The Doctor would win. He would always win, except he usually stops himself because of his objections to killing. However, that face is definitely his Murder Face.

      • "Sweet, maybe. Passionate, I suppose. But don't ever mistake me for nice." — The Doctor … Thanks, Joel! Brilliant comic!

  8. shame he is not wearing a bow tie. Bow ties are cool. (I may or may not be the guy who jumped on that bandwagon and bought like ten bow ties after hearing that line come from the new Doctor…)

    • Your cartoon of… wait, where's YOUR cartoon? Wheres your thing you put on the internet for free for people to enjoy?

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