[actually posted on 4/16/14] I’m still playing catch up on a week’s worth of comics. I’ll be posting a second new comic later today, so check back!

This comic is based on the time Kiddo got her first Choose Your Own Adventure book. It’s actually called The Secret Of The Ninja, and she was ENTHRALLED with the concept of reading a book over and over again with different outcomes. She’d have her face buried in the book for a few minutes, then pop up and ask, “Should I drink the tea and go into a trance or continue up the mountain?!” These are the hard questions that every parent eventually has to answer. My fatherly instincts told me which path she should take. “TRANCE, TRANCE, TRANCE! That sounds awesome! The mountain will still be there when you come out of it!”


Patreon Patron-ONLY Hangout is tonight [4/16/14] at 9pm central! $10+ Patrons and above can join me on Google Hangout while I draw, answer questions and do other stuff for about an hour, or until we get bored. I will post the link in the Patreon Activity Feed 5-10 minutes before I get started.

The HijiNKS HANGOUT is tomorrow night [4/17/14] at 9pm central. It’s open to all, and will be streaming live on Youtube (I will tweet the link right before we get started). My guests will be David Willis and Angela Melick. Viewers of our ComfyCon panel can expect more of the same. Tweet your discussion topics, questions and drawing challenges to #HijiNKSHangout.

I wrote a blog post about how my Patreon is going and when to expect the rewards I’m working on right now.


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    • I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you. And it's impossible to kill anyone who knows the secret of the mystical ninja wizard. So you see where I'm kinda stuck on this one.

  1. I loved those when I was a kid too, though mine was technically a game, the old Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. I never played them though, just read them. My favorite was The Citadel Of Chaos and City Of Thieves

    • Oh man, I was OBSESSED with those. For a while as a kid, my first stop in any bookshop or library was to check whether they had one that I hadn't read yet. Joel, you need to get your daughter onto them, they are an important nerd gateway drug.

      • Its a good time to get into them, they're being rereleased again. But stay away from Creature Of Havoc, the guy who wrote that should be dragged down to Hague and tried for crimes against humanity.

        • When I saw 'Creature of Havoc' mentioned in your post, my eye twitched involuntarily, even after all these years. My theory is that CoH was written by some kind of human-hating robot.

          • Seriously, even Dark Vein Prophecy with its infamous unwinnable boss fight because the editor was a short sighted asshole was more forgiving. Your character cant even READ or understand human speech at the beginning, its like playing as a superstrong fetus.Also, the Quimmel Bone and Chaos Warriors unwinnable battles.

  2. I completely forgot to mention that my wife tweeted about Kiddo reading her first Choose Your Own Adventure book and they tweeted back at her offering a free book. She picked one called "Adventure On The Amazon" or somesuch.

  3. Aw, Daddy, don't do a three day drunk. You have such an awesome family and they need you lucid and back in one piece.

    • Hey, my daddy drank all the time and he's still alive. Or atleast it looks that way when the wind catches his rocking chair just right

  4. One day soon – if I'm very very lucky – my daughter will do this to me. She's 3 1/2 now and has the makings of a well-tempered nerd. Also a 6' tall blonde bombshell, so the luck part is important.

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