Lost In Transportation

[actually posted on 4/16/14] I’m still playing catch up on a week’s worth of comics. This is the second new comic I’ve posted today. You can see the previous one by clicking the back button up in the comic navigation.

100% Convention Truefacts! You can almost always find your way TO the convention in the morning by following the Narutos and find your way HOME (to the hotel) in the evening by following the same, partially undressed/disassembled, significantly more sluggish Narutos. They are nature’s cosplay compasses. They flock… or school.. they do one of those. Anyway, they do it search of food, mates and nesting grounds. If you seek any of those things FOLLOW THE NARUTOS! Do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT follow the adult Pokemons anywhere. ANYWHERE. You do not want to go where they’re going. You do not want to see what they see.


Patreon Patron-ONLY Hangout is tonight [4/16/14] at 9pm central! $10+ Patrons and above can join me on Google Hangout while I draw, answer questions and do other stuff for about an hour, or until we get bored. I will post the link in the Patreon Activity Feed 5-10 minutes before I get started.

The HijiNKS HANGOUT is tomorrow night [4/17/14] at 9pm central. It’s open to all, and will be streaming live on Youtube (I will tweet the link right before we get started). My guests will be David Willis and Angela Melick. Viewers of our ComfyCon panel can expect more of the same. Tweet your discussion topics, questions and drawing challenges to #HijiNKSHangout.

I wrote a blog post about how my Patreon is going and when to expect the rewards I’m working on right now.


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  1. Or you can follow the smell of stale beer, B.O and desperation. That can backfire though, and you end up at a speed dating event instead.

  2. I don't know anything about these Narutos of which you speak, but I know just enough about Pokemon to totally believe what you say about the Pokemon cosplayers. Terrifying! 😀

      • Totally off-topic, but can you let your wife know that her ad that appears on this page (at least, for me) has a typo? Couple letters in "jewelry" got transposed. Sure she'd want to fix it.

        I'd say "great comic, as always!"…but I'm not a convention-goer, so I don't really follow this one too well. But yeah. Awesome site, and some good followers down here in the comments. Thank you for your work.

        • Whoops. She's fixing the ads.

          I dont think you need to be a con-goer to relate. Im not really getting hyper specific or inside baseball, i dont think. Trying to make this story relatable to all, but I might be taking too much for granted.

          • No worries, man. I've loved pretty much every one of your strips so far. Been following since the beginning. And, since my life/career are both a lot more stable now, I suspect I'll be returning the love before long. With tasty monies, I mean. Gotta prop up the ones that make you smile! 🙂

            • Addendum: Knowing that I often mean well about such things but fail to (or forget to) follow through, I marched myself over to the nearest PayPal after posting that and actually donated. Cheers.

              …also, the typo's still in the ad I'm seeing. Just FYI (or FHI, I guess).

  3. "Food, mates, and nesting ground."

    Now I can't stop hearing Morgan Freeman in my head saying. "And then, in May, the running of the Sakuras starts. The Narutos are appropriately jazzed for this event, but as is ever the case for the prolific Narutos, there are seldom enough Sakuras for all. This in turn leads to nerd fighting, which is itself a beautiful, if bizarre, show of pageantry.

    "That Naruto, meanwhile, will be riding his own Hokage tonight. Believe it."

  4. When I went to my first convention back in january I assumed because there were no big names and I don't get out much it wasnt going to be much of a con. 60 dollars of merchandise, 6 narutos, 8 different animes all only subbed in english not dubbed, Shaking Slenderman and Deadpool's hand, Watching Eleanor Lamb in Big Sister regalia do Aladdin Kinect dancing with a glasses wearing Goku, and a group of cosplayers playing what is apparently called "ninja" in front of the building later. I was forced to admit it was the best experience in my twenty seven years on this earth.

    • My method is start off just looking at the merchandise booths and see what you intend to buy then hang out in the viewing rooms then go grab lunch and back to the merchandise rooms by then you should have the courage to ask if they're cosplaying as a big sister or specifically Eleanor Lamb when she puts on the big sister outfit maybe even hop on one of the game systems and play smash bros with complete strangers.

      Or alcohol works as social lubricant too but remember the longer you're around people like you the more you will be able to relate to them. I'm hoping to actually Cosplay to my next convention. A blue button up shirt, dress pants, and an eyepatch to play as The Governor. {gotta start small after all}

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