If Loving You is Wrong…

Dear Readers, Here is my St. Valentine’s Day present to you:

A Valentine’s card of today’s comic you print out, inscribe with proclamations of love and give to your sweet heart. Just don’t give this to your twin sibling. They might get the wrong idea.


(1.5mb – Print this out landscape style on 8.5 x 11 paper and fold it over to complete the romantic magic)

UPDATE: There’s a better version HERE. The margins are a bit off on the original.

You can also partake in one of these lovely desktop backgrounds, presented in both sqaurely and rectangulish formats: [removed since updated versions are in The Vault]

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  1. Judging from all the administrator deleted threads, I smell the Sith Lord Administrator is out deleting them all likely because this supposed valentines card PROMOTES incest maybe?

    No matter, this is sick. The administrator/artist has some serious social issues.

  2. Clearly, it was Leia's "sexy" English accent from her first few scenes that got Luke hot and bothered. But which was the one to say, "Don't…stop…don't…stop……don't stop"??

  3. Nah, sick would be Luke using his Lightsabre as a strap-on and having it coming out the back of Leia. Still, this is the perfect card for my mixed messages Valentine's Day! Thanks!

  4. Luke: But I *have* no sister.
    Obi-Wan: Hmm. To protect you both from the Emperor, you were hidden from your father when you were born. The Emperor knew, as I did, if Anakin were to have any offspring, they would be a threat to him. That is the reason why your sister remained safely anonymous.
    Luke: Leia! Leia is my sister.


  5. Wow, so wrong. Han Solo, any day. He was frozen in carbonite! So much hotter.

    Ugh, when will this day end? It's like pink and red and hearts threw up all over the place.

  6. Seriously, you must have a huge following that no one knows about because I've been sent this at least six times with "Dood, ded u seez this?" or the equivalent attached.

    …not that I didn't send it out, too…

  7. Not that I meant to imply that you weren't popular or anything I just…you know, by saying "no one knows about" I'm just…talking about the silent majority. You know, like Nixon. You know.

  8. I don't find this sick at all. I love Luke and Leia, their connection is far stronger and deeper than physical connection. Also, that is the point of the card, the card is supposed to be about "forbidden love". It can't get anymore forbidden than twins making out. You could also make one of Padme and Anakin (their parents) and have the same message as their love was forbidden in SW as well.

    Anyway, I love the card. You are a great artist.

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