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Congrats to Amy, Jaime and the cast of crew of Eureka for their fifth season pick up! If you don’t watch Eureka, now is a great time to start. It’s smart, geeky and funny and a new episode airs tonight on Syfy. According to the twitters, an upcoming episode will feature (the return of) Wheaton, Felicia Day and Stan Lee! That’s geekdiculous. If you are reading this comic with any regularity, they are making this show FOR YOU. This is YOUR SHOW. Watch it.

[Note to Amy: I really just have absolutely no idea what an E.P does but it seems like you have fun, love what you do, work extremely hard and wrangle turkeys.]

UPDATE: Amy posted a helpful breakdown of what it means to be a producer, EP, Co-EP, etc. but also added this disclaimer.

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I know I’ve taken more than my fair share of pot shots at Syfy for their frequent (and awful) creature features, but the honest truth is they are also making some of the most geek-centric TV available this side of the good Doctor. They gave us freaking BSG for frak’s fuck. I just have trouble rectifying these two halves of the Sy-ence Fy-ction entity. I realize that cable channels are just corporations and corporations make all kinds of different products (Phillip Morris makes tasty cheeses AND poison-filled cigarettes), but when those hyper-diverse products fly under the same banner it’s a little harder to compartmentalize. For instance, the fact that Kurt from Glee and Glenn Beck’s paychecks are banked by the same Australian media overlord is mind-googling. I would assume the annual Newscorp employee picnic is a particularly tense event.

Anyway, my friend works her ass off to make an awesome show and ride’s a sharktopus to work every day that’s pretty cool. [I am no closer to understanding what her job is]

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  1. I remember reading somewhere (I think it was legit, and supported by SyFy staffers) an explanation of why some of the movies are so terrible when the television series tend to be so awesome. Apparently, according to the article, SyFy uses the low-budget movies as kind of a "training ground" for the actors of their series who want to try writing/directing/producing. They get their time with a bad movie, get their feet wet and shake the noob out of their brains, and then go back to their series and make awesome television. SyFy foots the budget for a $100K movie (or less), then rakes it in with ad revenue and merchandise (DVDs) from the A-game series, many of which have episodes written/produced/directed by their main actors.

    • Wait, have you actually watched Warehouse Thirteen? That show is absolutely terrible in so many different ways.

      • Warehouse Thirteen is my smores for the week. Do I eat the smores even though it's wayyy too sweet and sticky, knowing that once I've taken a few bites the sticky, treat that my teeth are going to hurt if I keep chewing? Sure I do, because it's a tasty treat that isn't meant to be taken serious. Just like Warehouse Thirteen isn't meant to be taken seriously. It's eye candy.

        • I honestly don't think I'd have a problem with it if 1) they actually explained anything beyond "ZOMG we dun gets it, but we haz dis neet majic purply goo stuff dat maeks majic stuffs not be majics eniemorr", and 2) the two main characters didn't act like bickering four-year-olds the entire time. I know it's not the two actors because I've seen them in other shows and they did relatively well; it's the two characters themselves that are just hugenormous pains in the ass.

          There are plenty of other "s'mores" shows out there, though probably not currently on TV, that aren't complete, mindless drivel.

  2. I love the time travel direction for Eureka; I think it gives it a new edge. I also think it's frakkin' awesome that James Callis has joined the cast of Eureka this season. I can't wait to see where this this all leads. It is fantabulous!

    • It's interesting to say the least, but I can't stand it. Don't get me wrong, I love James Callis and I think he's a wonderful addition to the show, but it is absolutely possible for them to travel back in time, again, and fix the whole situation. Remember the last time Henry tried to meddle with time so he could save Kim? He ended up nearly destroying the space-time continuum, and then he went back again, though this time Jack followed him and prevented him from destroying the universe. Again. Then he erased Jack's memories of the alternate timeline, but he never erased his own and destroyed the device used to erase jack's memories, saying "I will never forget." Obviously with this new season they either retconned the whole incident, or they arbitrarily, and entirely off-camera, had Henry erase his memories of it, which we know was extremely unlikely. (I kinda mangled the summary, but it's all right here.)

      So, it's been six or seven episodes this season, and I don't see the universe imploding yet. Sure, I guess it took a few in-universe years for Henry's actions to start causing the decay of space-time, but this blatant retconning of theirs really frakking irritates me.

      Edit: I should mention, however, that Eureka is one of my favorite shows currently on TV, and it's definitely one of the few that I watch with any sense of regularity. I think it's very well written, the characters are enjoyable, and there's a very good balance of drama and comedy (i.e. the show takes itself seriously, but not too much). My only other grievance besides the "timretcon" is Tess Fontana (played by Jaime Ray Newman) leaving the show, likely permanently (maybe, maybe not, though I'm inclined to think 'maybe' (yes, I'm a pessimist, and yes, I realize JRN may not have wanted or been able to continue with the show; I'm not completely ignorant of the realities of the world)). She was probably my favorite character, at a very close second to Fargo if it were the case that she were not first. I thought she was one of the better written characters, not to mention she was an engineer, astrophysicist and a redhead? Win-win-win in my book 🙂

      • The Henry-Kim-Jack timeline paradox was one of Eureka's best storylines and damn you for reminding me of that it can be done! 🙂 I honestly don't know enough of the science behind it all, but perhaps each episode of time travel was done differently and that is why it can't be undone? Maybe someone who is more knowledgeable about the specifics of the science behind it would know that answer.

        As of characters, I agree about Tess. I liked her character. Did you see who is coming back next week??? Another one of my favorite characters! Nathan! I had wondered if he survived in the previous timeline. I am very anxious to find out what happened to him. I can't wait!

  3. I'm a huge fan of the derivative ricockulous, which my girlfriend uses all the time, much like they changed ask to axe in Futurama (and use it with continuity).

  4. I'm just loving that Sharktopus is actually going to be a SyFy movie this fall. And here I already have the lovely shirt with the Sharktopus illustration. Way to go, Joel!

    • I just want to point out that NOWHERE on that shirt does it say "Sharktopus" which I am sure is a registered trademark.

  5. I like Eureka and watch it every week… and have since the show started. But there's something that bugs me, what was it?

    Oh yeah… where'd the science go?
    The first season was all "actual science" this and "real facts, formulas and hypotheses" that. And now it's just whatever words we can string together to sound as science-y as the first Star Trek series, while still giving Henry the ability to stupid it down for a toddler to understand.
    "fall down, go boom"

  6. Prince of Space!? Nice MST3K reference! A classic! I must assume you're referring to the MST send-up, NOT the original Japanese film. I can't imagine any world where I would have the original sitting on my DVD shelf, but there the MST disc sits…….

    P.S. I like boot- blacking! I LIKE IT VERY MUCH!

    People of Earth….BUK-OCK!

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