Houston, We Have Plausible Deniability


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While waiting for a show to start at C2E2 in Chicago this year, I saw the trailer for Apollo 18 at least a dozen times. Every single time I thought it was for Transformers: Turn Off The Moon (In Space No One Can Hear You Yawn) – Moonraker: The Long Dark Teatime Of The Soul. Hollywood is obsessed with NASA accidentally leaving stuff on the moon and not telling people about it.

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COMMENTERS: Did you see Apollo 18 this weekend? Any good? Not going to see it? Why? For me it’s a “wait for rental” type of situation.

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  1. So, NASA has the technology to launch stealth Saturn Vs? Maybe we've got an entire MOONBASE, but nobody's ever seen it because we can launch those rockets so quietly!

    Or at least we *used* to, until that nuclear waste dump exploded back in 1999, and NASA had to put up that holographic moon when the old one flew away…

    • I doubt I'm giving any important plot points away when I say that they cover this in the film. The "cover story" is using the Saturn V to launch some seriously heavy DoD stuff into Earth orbit.

  2. Just a quick point, John Glenn never went to the moon, he was the first American to orbit Earth and the third American in space. That being said does his money stone grant some supernatural power to make money, is that just a gem he found and named the money stone? John Glenn has more than once come out in support of UFO and extraterrestrial encounters, he may know more about these Mooncoons than he is letting on about.

  3. As a huge fan of sci-fi I remain surprised how little interest I have in Apollo 18. Maybe it's the hackneyed Blair Witch ruse of pretending to be actual footage when we know it isn't. One of those actors looks like the guy in Alphas, but I can't be sure with all the old-school television monitor scramble lines that give me a headache just watching a 90-second trailer so I can't imagine sitting through 90-minutes of it.

    Maybe the Mooncoon with Space Rabies *is* the Blair Witch.

    • Oh Gods, I hope this isn't another "Blair Witch".

      I mean I know going in that this whole found footage thing is bull, I'm just hoping after an hour later that I'm not nearly as pissed as I was walking out of "Blair Witch".

  4. The only way this movie would make sense is if the project wasn't made public in the first place. At the time the movie is based, NASA was still marketing the shit out of their missions… more men on the moon would be played up like crazy! I don't think they could have just swept the whole mission under the rug.

  5. Everyone knows that NASA's rocket ship was stolen by a group of genetically engineered super men fleeing the earth after losing the Eugenics War.

  6. As an official NASA employee (JPL in the house!), I'm going to have silence all of you.

    Sorry about that.

    (I saw APOLLO 18 this weekend. Think BLAIR WITCH meets ALIEN meets PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. I love sci-fi and horror, so you think this would've been right up my alley. Not so much.)


      If you're trying to discourage people from going to see it with that description, you've succeeded. And yet Dimension will probably put it on the DVD cover.

      • To be fair, there are a couple of truly suspenseful moments, but very soon after the moon landing I figured out what the creatures were, which is never good. Anyone who has a even a passing knowledge of SF will probably figure it out around the same time, which is probably everyone who wants to see it to begin with.

        Also, no supernatural activity, despite my comparison to BLAIR WITCH and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY – obviously I was referring to the found footage aspect.

        It's not a horrible film, but it's all been seen and done before.

  7. This movie was horrible. It was 8 Legged Freaks/ Paranormal Activity/ Quarantine.Here are the reasons why it sucktified my day: Horrible camera shots, angles, and quality.
    Horrible acting.
    Typical character types, they didnt even deviate from the typical storytelling formula.
    Cheap scares that are only caused by musical influence and flashing lights.
    Monster reveal was of a lame monster and done in a stupid way.
    You knew the ending way too soon
    You knew it was anti-government too soon
    People walked out before the end
    I didn't walk out before the end and I am stuck with eyeball stankfromabadmovie syndrome forever more.

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