Agua No Potable

I was trying to work the word “MARSgarita” into this comic. I think I’m pretty dead on with my predictions for the fate of the red planet. All’s I’m saying is if space had a South, Mars would be South of Earth. Check back with me in 50 years and let’s see if I’m right.

Maybe a “Border Dome” that encapsulates Earth could prevent the influx of cheap, skilled Martian labor. How else might Mars be like Mexico? You tell me.

**Context Clues**

BONUS VAULT CONTENT: I’m adding the original script for this comic to “The Vault so you can see what it’s like when I have an idea that just doesn’t pan out, and gain a little insight into the HE writing process (if you are interested in that sort of thing). A small donation gets you access to all of the desktops and behind the scenes content on The Vault.

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  1. Dude! I just crank-called a I-hate-mornings friend with a voice-mail of, "Git yo' ahz tuh Mahzzz!" -AS the page was rendering! Now I'm convinced I'm wildly psychic. Why's the caption behind an out focal-range Josh, in focal-range? I thought I was having a stroke, and he's not even here yet.

  2. Going to resist the obvious comment about we finally get to see what Josh has been hiding in his pants for so long.

    So… Martian water, huh? I'd try to make a joke about getting Ares' Revenge or something by drinking it, but that's probably lame.

    And to play up on the parallels between Mars and Mexico (or to broaden that up–the American Southwest), desolate and dry as it is, the white people'll still come a-runnin' with promises of spicy Martian food, lots of land ripe for urban sprawl and a guaranteed Martian housekeeper and gardener.

  3. Yea, the HP forum's can be a bit up and down. But i guess all forums are like that. BTW what programs do you use to produce the comic?

  4. Dude… If it were beyond the range of human sight, that would make your junk invisible… That's a patricularly odd phenomenon to desire. Are you so well endowed that you frighten away the ladies?

  5. I hope you werent insulted. No reason to be. its common knowledge that the tap water in many parts of mexico isn't safe to drink. Last time I was there the faucets were clearly labeled as "microbes abound: stay away." Much in the same way I couldnt argue if you said SE Texas (where I am from) smells like feet and anus. Its the oil refineries.

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