Guest Comic By Brian Patterson Of D20 Monkey

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this “Fighting Time Lords” shirt! 

Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt - Doctor Who parody, geeky tees, funny t-shirts,  nerdy shirts

Since I am packing and print-making and prepping for C2E2, Brian Patterson was kind enough to provide you with an illustrated funny-time concerning role playing, Time Lords and a completely different kind of role playing. Brian makes a comic called D20 Monkey, which should quite adequately fill the dungeon and or dragon shaped hole in your geek soul that HE just doesn’t do anything for. Brian did THIS other HE guest comic last June, this one from March and THIS guest comic for my friend Alina just a few weeks ago. He has a shirt HERE that I think is amazingly well designed and funny, even though I would be a total poser if I were to wear it.

COMMENTERS: Have you ever had a game or movie or whatever that you were just DYING to share with your friends? Something from childhood that you might have perhaps been remembering through a filter of stupid child memories? Did it live up to the hype or were you disappointed and embarrassed. This has happened to be a few times with movies. The first was the partial-Python Beatles spoof The Rutles*, and the other was the 90’s gangta rap Spinal Tap homage Fear Of A Black Hat. Both were quite unique and hysterical when I first saw them (around age 15), but context is everything. In the intervening decade the mockumentary format was run pretty square into the ground, and I (as well as those I was so excited to share these films with) had become desensitized and jaded to the genre.

*Upon further reflection I might be confusing my second later in life viewing of The Rutles with a different post-Python project called Ripping Yarns. The Rutles might still be hilarious.

C2E2 in Chicago is this weekend! I’ll be with Blind Ferret at Booth 432. More details HERE
If you are coming to C2E2, you really don’t want to miss our panel:

Panel: Webcomics Roundtable With Blind Ferret and Explosm!
Date: 4/14/2012
Time: 4:00PM – 5:00PM
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Come to this thing! It will be 100 funs!

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  1. There was a claymation show that ran on ABC Saturday mornings in the '90s called Bump in the Night; I'm the only person I know who remembers it, because I'm the only person I know who didn't have cable at the time and had to watch network Saturday morning cartoons. It was about a little green monster called Mr. Bumpy that lived under this kid's bed, and one of his friends was a ragdoll named Molly Coddles who was constantly being ripped to bits and sewn back together by the kid's little sister. :

    Bear with me, it gets worse. They used to do karaoke bits between adventures, and the one that always stuck with me was Molly singing a country song called Picking Up the Pieces. Years later, I found a clip of it on Youtube and got all excited. I showed it to a friend, who immediately told me I desperately need therapy.

    • Hey, don't forget ol Bumpies best bud. The Felix Unger to his Oscar Madison. You know the swishy blue glob of a clean freak … whats his name again ….. ah right … something something Squishington the third. I have no idea what happened to the first two.

      And just because ol'Bumpy is not in the forefront of my mind does not mean he is not lurking somewhere in its dark recesses scurrying and hiding from the closet monster.

    • I get the idea based on what Joel says above that he thinks the Rutles mockumentary has unfortunately not held up well, which is too bad, because I do remember really enjoying it back when it came out. I've never seen it again since, so I don't know if I would still enjoy it or not.

      • You know what? I might be confusing my second later in life viewing of The Rutles with a different post-Python project called Ripping Yarns.

  2. Does anyone remember the Commodore 64 game Demon Stalkers? It had everything – whirling dervishes, 100 levels, and a make-your-own level generator! I tried playing it a while ago using an emulator so I could show my boyfriend how cool it was, but everyone has the same buggy version and it doesn't even start. The only game I played was that stupid Superman game where I didn't understand what was going on.

    *sigh* I'll be all right.

  3. I was actually rooting for a male companion after the Ponds because I was hoping the Doctor could bum around the universe with a mate who once again didn't want TO MATE.

    I ended up showing my boyfriend Surf Ninjas because it was a stupid favorite as a kid (the only movie in which Rob Schneider is actually bearable and even funny), but throughout watching it my boyfriend kept looking at me like he didn't know me anymore. I'm pretty sure his eye twiched.

    • That, or they need to have another Donna. Someone who is basically the Doctor's BFF and can just have amazing adventures with without all that sexual tension.

      And River Song shot out of a cannon into a sun. That would be fantastic.

      Also, nothing I wanted to share with anyone, but I was a big fan of anything Saban was working on in the 90s growing up. When I found out they had put their catalog of old stuff on netflix, my first stop was to Power Rangers (which I still love, shut up), and next to Beetleborgs, because I always had the theme in my head but nothing else.

      Oh Beetleborgs. I must of been a very tolerant kid to deal with all that high pitch screechy voice child acting going on in that show,.

      • I find all the new companions are equally loved and hated across the board by fans. I know a few people personally who absolutely loathe Donna and adore River. But yes, another female companion ala Donna would be great … I'm kind of hoping the new Companion is going that route. That or we discover the new one is actually the next version of the Doctor with her memory erased (my thin but ever growing theory:….

        I was also a Saban fan growing up. Anyone else remember VR Troopers? … Anyone?

      • I Loved Power Rangers as a kid. I was watching Trigun in college and the voice of Vash was driving me crazy because it was really familiar. One of my friends downloaded the opening to one of the later Power Rangers seasons and I freaked when I saw that Johnny Yong Bosch was the black ranger. It was awesome, because somehow I had blocked Power Rangers after the point where Tommy became the white ranger and everyone switched out.

  4. Krull. I only half remembered it from my childhood, but that half was what my grade-school brain processed as "totally radical". Showing it to my friends in present day really made me cringe.

    • Krull is all kinds of awesome! For a C rate fantasy movie I think the acting is actually pretty good. Now I need that on dvd, thanks for reminding me…

  5. Fear of a Black Hat was freaking hilarious. Sometime in the mid 90s it was on the pay cable rotation, I thought it was so funny that my brother and I taped it on VHS and proceeded to wear that out showing all of our friends this awesome movie.

    We still quote it all the time, and nobody ever, ever gets it.

    A gangster's life ain't fun!

  6. I saw the Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun, and the top slot got a game run by Mike Mulvihill from FASA. I wet myself. Too bad I don't have that kind of money, and they're already gone anyways. Hell, the idea of a Shadowrun that isn't a piece of shit is exciting enough.

  7. My friends bought me the LOTR Trivial Pursuit game when it first came out but refuse to play with me. The poor game is still unplayed, taunting my geeky knowledge about Hobbits, rings and multiple personality disorders. *sigh*

    • I once won that game by answering every question with "hobbitses" "smeagol" or "sourman" (rules allowed Sourman in place of Saruman)

      It was a banner day

  8. Outpost 2, maybe. A very old strategy game that had a really interesting feel to it, and a heartbreaking story mode. After like 5 years sitting on my desk caseless, the data almost literally evaporated straight off the disk. I should grab another someday.

    I really enjoy the game's story, although I probably appreciate it in a way only a Green Party could. It's about terraforming gone wrong.

  9. I've had the same thoughts about David Tennant's Doctor.

    Sorry, I don't find Matt all that attractive. Something about his eyebrows.

  10. Space Balls. No one I know besides me remembers it and/or likes it around where I live. I was hoping they were going to make an episode 2, but alas, my wish wasn't Mel's command. "We ain't found shit." Was my favorite line from that movie.
    May the Schwartz be with you!

    • I too am deeply sad that Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money never came into existence. There was actually a Spaceballs animated series for a season or two, but it's horrible and best forgotten.

  11. I try and spend a month each year running games with my mates that we've always wanted to run. Last year I knocked up a set of rules based on the Redwall books I read as a kid. Year before that it was a Star Wars rp I'd had sat on my shelf for years. Year before that it was a Red Dwarf RPGs.

    Oh and the Doctor already has a new companion –

    She's actually really good in the Titanic miniseries that's on at the moment.

  12. My favorite tv show when I was a kid was 'Daktari' (yes, I am showing my age)…. My memories of the show was that it had serious, sharp stories. But it is a bit painful to watch now because the scriptwriters ALWAYS made the animals smarter than the people. The chimpanzee was generally saving the people's asses.

    • OMG I used to love that show! I haven't actually seen any eps since I was a kid, so don't know how well it's held up. Sounds like not well. Too bad.

  13. To commemmorate signing up my parents on netflix, my brother & I showed them Rango (which was not as kid friendly as advertised) and Memento (which totally confused Dad, and lowered his opinion of Christopher Nolan, which Inception got started).

  14. HR Pufnstuf, and the Banana Splits. My boyfriend found it online so I could watch it…we just couldn't stand the dopey and screechy voices…torturous. There was an amazing parody of H.R. Pufnstuf on Mr. Show, that made me so nostalgic for it. I have the Saturday Morning Cartoon CD for all those great theme songs "One Banana, Two Banana, Three Banana…."

    I was very young when the Krofft series were on, often saw repeats in the early 70s. when I was under 5 so I barely remember them. The Krofft Supershow and Land of the Lost I remember better, haven't revisted them yet for fear that they will also be awful. I haven't tested my childhood love of the Invisible Man tv show, or Manimal (I knew it was bad at the time, but just couldn't stop myself from watching it, or Knight Rider, or the Powers of Matthew Starr).

    What has held up is: School House Rock, Tales of the Wizard of Oz (Rankin/Bass), and The New Adventures of Pinocchio (Rankin/Bass). The first I have on video tape, Thanks to YouTube, I can watch the other two, to my hearts desire.
    The poor animation (and writing) of Amazing Spider Man, Rocket Robin Hood, and Hercules is laughable, but I still get some enjoyment out of watching them.

    • Oh, the Banana Splits! I've got the two 45s of their songs you could order from Kellogg's. I used to wonder what the case for a Calliopasaxaviotrumparimbaclaribassatrombophone looked like.

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