Guest Comic By Terry Blas Of Briar Hollow

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As I am travelling in the belly of an iron sky engine, or bird cannon as you may call it, anc likely braving a pack of deadly imaginary bloodwolves, please enjoy this guest comic by Terry Blas of Briar Hollow. Terry presented this oddly beautiful watercolor painting of Josh to me at Emerald City Comicon this weekend and, after realizing it was neither cookies or booze, I realigned me expectations and graciously accepted. It really is fantastic, if not disturbingly arousing… I mean confusing… I mean who’s hungry?

Thanks to all who came out to support me at ECCC. You have reaffirmedkey belief that ECCC is the best comics show there is and Seattlites (rainfolk, or mistkind) are a kind, enthusiastic and generous bunch. More so than any other show, you guys make me feel likes rock star.

Additional thanks to Blind Ferret for being gracious booth hosts, wonderful business partners and good friends all weekend. I love those Canadical sonsobitches.

COMMENTERS: This weekend I took maple tequila shots out of hollowed out Cadburry eggs. We called them “Sadburry eggs” but they were anything but. They were quite fantastic actually. Is there a weird ass drink/candy/food/tile grout compound that you have tried or would like to try? Is anyon willing to make their own Sadburry Eggs and post the videos and/or recipes online?

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