Guest Comic By Terry Blas Of Briar Hollow

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As I am travelling in the belly of an iron sky engine, or bird cannon as you may call it, anc likely braving a pack of deadly imaginary bloodwolves, please enjoy this guest comic by Terry Blas of Briar Hollow. Terry presented this oddly beautiful watercolor painting of Josh to me at Emerald City Comicon this weekend and, after realizing it was neither cookies or booze, I realigned me expectations and graciously accepted. It really is fantastic, if not disturbingly arousing… I mean confusing… I mean who’s hungry?

Thanks to all who came out to support me at ECCC. You have reaffirmedkey belief that ECCC is the best comics show there is and Seattlites (rainfolk, or mistkind) are a kind, enthusiastic and generous bunch. More so than any other show, you guys make me feel likes rock star.

Additional thanks to Blind Ferret for being gracious booth hosts, wonderful business partners and good friends all weekend. I love those Canadical sonsobitches.

COMMENTERS: This weekend I took maple tequila shots out of hollowed out Cadburry eggs. We called them “Sadburry eggs” but they were anything but. They were quite fantastic actually. Is there a weird ass drink/candy/food/tile grout compound that you have tried or would like to try? Is anyon willing to make their own Sadburry Eggs and post the videos and/or recipes online?

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  1. Hollowed out Cadbury Eggs with Chocolat Liquer and Drambuie, followed by sipping Single-Malt Scotch or Advocaat. Learned this from Scottish relatives at an 60th Anniversary party in Florida no less! Instant diabetes and chronic liver failure! Remember the Scots taught the Irish how to drink.

  2. I'm glad I was able to finally attend the convention. My daughter loved the "Where's Carl?" sketch, and it was a pleasure meeting you. I'll learn next time to bring ample amounts of food and booze.

      • I know, right? I guess I'm a fortunate Fancy Bastard at that. Although I wish I was able to splurge like the two ladies in front of me, they got an awesome sketch. Even the guys at the booth were commenting how much effort he was putting into it.

  3. did josh put that piglet in the ham-o-matic machine (or whatever it was called) because if so then that would explain the sudden bloodlust, cause the blood tastes like ham, and the ham tastes like ham^2

  4. A former room mate of mine was a big fan of the Simpsons. So, naturally we had a Skittlebrau party. We bought a case of Lowenbrau, and a big bag of Skittles. We then proceeded to drop five Skittles (one of each colour) into a bottle of Lowenbrau and drink.

    See, we forgot to test it before hand, and when you drop Skittles, into highly carbonated lager, it reacts. Violently. There was rainbow coloured beer spewing out all over our house.

    Of course, whenever someone arrived late, we made sure to tell them, "you GOTTA try this!" "It's amazing!" and then grab our cameras to watch the carnage.

    It didn't taste half bad… however, it didn't taste half good either.

  5. There's something about that picture that makes me think of Dexter for some reason. It's either the half devoured pig, or the look of malicious hunger in Josh's eyes.

  6. I don't remember where I got this idea (HE, maybe?),but got a pack of twizzlers and put it in a bottle of vodka and let it sit for a week. It was… Interesting.

    P.S. Hobonog! That's what it was called! IT WAS ON HERE.

      • That sounds delicious. On a side note, get a can of pepsi throwback and some off brand of twizzlers that also function as a straw. It's actually pretty good.

    • no that's totally normal, it's the smell of ham-o-matic'd pig's blood

      it's a natural aphrodisiac for like 98% of the human population

      true story

  7. Welp, now I know how I'm spending my Easter weekend!

    (Yes, I will totally record it for posterity if I can remember to turn on my webcam before I annihilate my liver and my pancreas with delicious chocolate-encased boozahol)

  8. I remember one time when I drank vodka through a twinky. I believe it won me a couple of signed comics…

  9. Odd food combinations/bad drink ideas I've tried include: pretzel sticks and frosting – just tasty; Jagerbonging – Jager and the Monster in a beer bong; inventing a drink called the Sea Monster – Monster and Kraken rum (with it being mostly Kraken colored); drinking straight whiskey out of an upside down frisbee (regulation sized frisbee after official game); and worst idea – thinking that smashed up Smartie candies would be the same as Pixie Stix and trying to snort said smashed concoction…bloody results ensue.
    Have witnessed a 6'3" man do a pirate shot (youtube it if you don't know). Don't stand nearby someone doing this, they tend to flail about a bit…
    Your Cadburry egg idea sounds divine, and my friends and I are just crazy enough to do it, and the first person we send the videos to will be you, you evil Muse of evil.

    • Pirate shots, that's what they're called, eh? Clearly, I have been doing it wrong.

      My shot glasses were never small enough. =(

  10. When I was a boy, certain Boy Scout campouts had this bulk Hot Chocolate mix, which you would administer with a spoon.

    I used to put a LOT of this into a cup, and form a sludgy version of a mocha, which I'd call Pixie Drink.

    I would consider doing this with warm Kahlua, and possibly Bailies, if I weren't certain that it might kill me if I drank it.

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