Cursed, Hexed And Vexed

I doubt it’s actually in real danger of cancellation (no I don’t), but according to sources (rumors) Marvel IS seriously trying to ruin Whedon’s Avengers by demanding a potentially impossibly low budget.


Also, there’s a new episode of the HE Podcast up now!

Commenters: What effects will budgetary cutbacks have on Avengers? Will Hulk go back to “dude in green makeup?” Will Ant man just be filmed from really far away? Will S.H.I.E.L.D.’s headquarters be in a booth in the back of a Denny’s?

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    • I think the curse is his work getting cancelled. If he never got work at all, then no one would ever know about him, which sucks, but not as badly as the tantalizing prospect of an awesome project getting its legs cut off.

    • well, the new colors are up now but based on your feedback i decided to make the first two panels more muted in their tones. So hey, you helped.

  1. Iron Man will be demoted to Aluminum Man.
    Hawkeye will have to switch to lawn darts.
    The wasp will be played by an actual wasp when she gets small.

  2. It'll get made, Robert Downey Jr. will get replaced with Jeffery Dean Morgan and they'll be fighting disaffected Eastern Europeans, but it /will/ get made.

    In all seriousness though, did you hear that they got Lou Ferrigno to voice the Hulk when he's Hulked out? How badass is that??

  3. Disney buying it is the worst thing that could've happened to Marvel. They had a good 2-year run, but don't expect Marvel to continue where it was headed. There's a reason Pixar split from Disney…

  4. Have they announced the bad guys yet? You don't need to hire new actors to play Skrulls and you can even reuse all the same effects.

    Or Hulk dogs. It'll probably be Hulk dogs.

  5. In a last ditch effort, they will cut Chris Evans from the movie completely and instead use footage from the 1990 (?) Captain America movie.

  6. I also loved the inside Buffy joke. Why oh why can't the rest of the 'verse bow down and worship Whedon like the rest of us?

  7. Despite my really not liking that ep, loved the BTVS line.

    So where do I sign up to become an equity investor to make up the budget difference and reap the rewards of percentage of gross sales?

  8. Shouldn't have made "Epitaph One". Now everyone want's to exploit the shoestingy budgetness that the magnificent one possesses. Frankly I'm okay with story driven. If they all they wanted was craw, poof, kaplow they could have hired Michael Bay. But Joss can do both. So for the love of crumb cake let him.

  9. The Shield Heli-carrier will just be a black mini-van driven by Dum Dum Dugan all the while Sam Jackson tells Iron man and Kirk's dad about the names of fast food in other countries, this goes on for 45 min as their driving around looking for the Red Skulls lair/condo.

  10. Freakin gypsies and there curses. Do they noy have the ability to lighten up? Cursing seems like an overreaction to scruffing their shoes (which, btw, look like they were hiding under that really long skirt).

  11. The Neilson TV ratings people have perfected new technology. Did you know that happiness emits a specific pheremone that can be detected by a sophisticated sensing array? They know.

  12. Ant Man from far away, LOL. He's not even going to be in this, right? Which is too bad, because now I'm going to have to invent Ultron myself.

    Also, remember that scene from Iron Man 2 where he meets up with Fury and Black Widow in a booth in the back of a generic Denny's? (As I recall.) Your prophecy has ALREADY COME TRUE!

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