Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! Check out our Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt which you can purchase now over at Sharksplode. You can read more about it on Wheaton’s Tumblr and the Sharksplode Blogsplode. Splode. You can also get (almost) all Sharksplode shirt designs in sizes up to 5X as of today.

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PHOENIX COMICON IS THIS WEEKEND!!! I will be there with Kel McDonald at table 241. WHEATON and I may actually have one or two of our Gallifrey University shirts to show you and Wil will (will) have prints of the design at his table to sign for you.

Phoenix Comicon HijiNKS ENSUE

I am closing out some current t-shirt and print designs. Please check out this blog post since the stuff on closeout probably won’t be available again any time soon.

The comic schedule is going into “Convention Panic” mode. I hope this isn’t the last comic of the week, but it might be. I will be leaving for Phoenix tomorrow, getting back Monday afternoon then leaving again on Thursday for Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. I’ll be taking that week off (despite working/travelling/conventioning all week) for my 30th Birthday. I have some great guest comics lined up that I am positive you will enjoy.

COMMENTERS: How else might Josh teach his soon-to-be-abandoned gadgets the harsh realities of the world?

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  1. I just recently started reading this strip, and this is the best one yet. I laughed so hard I almost hurt myself. After reading the first line. I think I may have stopped breathing momentarily.

  2. On the teaching gadgets the "way of the world: how about threatening to leave them behind while in a bus station, hiding and waiting until they scream, "Come back mommy I'll be good!"

    *chokes back sob*

    Uh, I mean…yeah weird weather we've been having lately.

  3. There ARE "issues", certainly, but I believe the iPhone is not the one having them. Just to hazard a 'guess', from the plentitude of information supplied, I would suspect Josh has a buy-the-newest-thing issue.

    Ooh… abandonment… My G4 is eleven years old, now; and My tier-3 monitor is seven years old. When I put it in storage, because I had to move, My Quadra 840AV was thirteen years old. OSX(3.5==>3.9) is the slowest thing in the Universe, but the hardware is fine!

    • Slowest?
      Not by a long shot BUT my MAC Portable only ever needed a battery replacement a few times over the years.

  4. Some day, millions of years from now, super-evolved sentient iPhones will reunite Josh's iPhone 4 with him for a perfect everlasting day.

    At least, that's how Spielberg would end this strip.

  5. could he hook up some sort of clockwork orange rig and make the phone watch/video record movies clips from AI, I robot, the more sad parts of Short circut 2, etc.?

  6. He could go two ways here (well, I guess we already knew they, HEY O)

    1) the cruel, charging way. Slowly charge it a little bit less and suck it's life force out bit by bit until it's a mere shell and doesn't know whats going on

    2) Tell it how much you love it as you drown it in the bath tub

    • I'd choose the Alt 2) Say goodbye to it, throw it in the toilet and flush. But maybe it's too large for the sewer pipe ?

    • His iPhone is only mostly dead! And on its flickering screen, a final message: "As you wish…"
      Spielberg, get to work.

  7. Hey now, mail me that iPhone instead.

    Or not. I just found this link that says it will give me one. Seems pretty legit.
    *cue malware overload*

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