The Ivy-Wivey League

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! This comic is inspired by our Gallifrey University Fighting Time Lords Shirt which you can purchase now over at Sharksplode. You can read more about it on Wheaton’s Tumblr and the Sharksplode Blogsplode. Splode.

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COMMENTERS: What else goes on at Gallifrey U? What courses do they take? What sports do they letter in? Who are their rival schools? What other sort of pranks might Time Lord House pull on the Dean? Personally I assumed they didn’t have proper schooling on Gallifrey at all. I thought they just took a young Time Lord, maybe 8 or 9 years old, shoved his face in the Untempered Schism and let him gaze at the Time Vortex for a bit. If he wasn’t completely dingo-tits insane afterwards, he graduated with honors.

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  1. Actually, there are regular references to an Academy in the show. So there's that.

    Anyway, Gallifrey U's great sporting rival is clearly Gallifrey U. The class of '73 remains undefeated, but we'll get em last year!

  2. There actually is a Timelord University. The Doctor was a dropout, it's the reason he can't control what he regenerates into, while every other Timelord can; he left before they taught it.

  3. If I remember correctly, at some point one of The Rani's experiments at the Academy with white mice escaped and ate the President's cat (but that's in one of the novels that's not been explicitly made canon). And you have to figure The Master could throw one hell of a kegger.

  4. I’m fairly certain that since Time Lords are British (the Doctor spends so much time around Britain to make sure there’s always a ready supply of tea through time and space), Gallifrey University would be sort of like Oxbridge. It would be the oldest university in the universe, the entire planet built retroactively to support all the colleges, that kind of stuff.

    • What sort of strange traditions would it have, then? I'm imagining a ritual where all new entrants have a bucket of water poured onto their heads as they pass through the gates. The ones doing the pouring are their future selves, just after the graduation ceremony.

  5. You can't help but imagine a Galifrey version of "Revenge of the Nerds." What is a Time Lord nerd like? and for that matter….what is a Time Lord jock like?

  6. Timelord Blutarski's grade point average: 0.0.

    Fat drunk and stupid is no way to travel through time son.

    • Also, "Keeping your TARDIS Clean", "How to Make Advance Tech Look Like Kitchenware", and "Daleks and Stairs: An Epistemological Study".

      • The last one being mandatory if you want to be admitted at "Daleks and narrow corridors: breaking the laws of physics without Timelord technology"

  7. Oh, the Doctor was definitely a rebel at the Time Lord Academy on Gallifrey, and he and the Master got into ever so much trouble. Heh, the Doctor was actually in the Prydonian House. They were ALL troublemakers there, and he was friends with like every future evil rebel Time Lord from the Monk to the Rani. Reminds me of that college on the Venture Bros where all the villians and heroes went to the same school and were all roomates and stuff. I bet they had some CRAZY timey-wimey parties.

    I wonder if they would have invited any nerds like us?

  8. The Doctor went to the Academy and dropped out after merely getting his Doctorate (Aha!). He was on the Perigosto team and he was in the Prydonian House.
    And the 'dean' would be a chap called Borusa.

  9. Here's to you Ol' Galli – U
    Smashin' Daleks 'n Cybermen, too
    We'll wear a fez
    And then eat some Pez
    'Cause we're Time Lords
    Boop boop bee do. BOO!

  10. I love your comic and it's always one of the highlights of my day, but I never comment…until today. I have to tell you, I LOOOVE Josh's "thinking face" in the first panel. XD

  11. I've never watched a single episode of Doctor Who so I don't usually get the Doctor Who themed comics.

    However, the artwork of the dean in the last panel is freaking hilarious and I can totally picture the voice in which he's saying "Time Lord House!" Nice job!

  12. Canonically, the Doctor was at Gallifrey's Academy, along with the Master and the Rani. Failed his exams the first time (Master stole his thesis idea), aced them the second time (though the Rani scored higher- a fact which she keeps remind him of)

    "Pledge at Ood Sigma- our beer kegs are bigger on the inside" 🙂

  13. I was discussing this with my husband tonight, and we're convinced that at Skaro State there is Dean Davros, and Dalek Caan is the Jim Belushi of the school.

    Great comic- you are quickly adding to the list of shirts I need to buy from you.

  14. Bluto: What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
    Otter: [to Boon] Germans?
    Boon: Forget it, he's rolling.

  15. Optional seminars include:

    "Your TARDIS and You: The Romantic Entanglements of a Cargo Ship"
    "Quantum Organization: Studying with Multiple Regenerations"
    "Available Transfers to Cyber Tech U: You Will Be Assimilated"
    "Emergency Gadgets: How To Make It Go 'Ding' When There's Stuff"

  16. Can we have a t-shirt of the Latin motto? Perhaps beneath a quartered coat of arms that includes a generic sonic screwdriver, and three other things I'm sure I could think of if I were as clever as The Doctor?

    By the way, does anyone watch Primeval? Their anomaly locking devices use the same spiky orange and blue thing that is part of Matt Smith's Tardis console!

    • Im saying this now so that if and when you see the shirt you dont think we ripped you off, but THAT WAS EXACTLY our first idea.

  17. Wait…if you ever saw PCU, I would imagine that The Doctor is Jeremy Piven…..Or Van Wilder where the Doc is Ryan Reynolds, K-9 is Taj,, and Sarah Jane is Tara Reid…… and The Master is the head of the rival house….

  18. The Time Lord House would probably put mirrors everywhere in the Weeping Angels house. That'll give em something to cry about.

  19. Tom Baker's Doctor also spent quite some time at Cambridge – in fact one of the Professor's there was a retired Time Lord and his study was actually his Tardis (bigger on the inside and so on, which explains a lot about Cambridge professors really).

    Can we have a British Uni T-Shirt with some form of college crest and a latin motto?

  20. There are multiple references to higher ed among the Time Lords in the original series. Off hand I remember that Lord Borusa was the Doctor's prof in Mathematics. And that when Romana assisted the Doctor she referenced his low scholastic scores.

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