Guest Comic By David Willis Of Shortpacked “He Will Be Missed”

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NEWS! I will not be attending HeroesCon this weekend. I had to back out and eat the plane ticket (it was not delicious), due to having sold nearly all of the t-shirts I purchased for that show at Phoenix Comicon (thanks Phoenix!) and due to my being completely exhausted after 4 days of super hard work in the sweltering Arizona comics mines. I am very sorry to those of your in Charlotte that were looking forward to seeing me at the show. As it stands I have very little left to sell and very little energy left to give. My sincere apologies.

GUEST COMICS! I am taking this week off from comicing since I JUST got back from Phoenix and AND it’s my birthday this week (June 3rd… feel free to, oh I don’t know… donate, get something off the wish list or buy something from the store or Sharksplode). I have some very fine guest comics lined up for you this week. Please to enjoy this first submission from my friend David.

David Willis is either one of my favorite human beings, my arch nemesis or a little of both. Either way he understands the hold that geek pop-culture has over my life and knows how to exploit my weakness. Lucky for me, he has a childlike enthusiasm for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic which trumps any fanboy shortcomings I may posses 100 fold. Please read his comics, Shortpacked and Dumbing Of Age. Please read them so he will tell me where my wife is. He keeps mailing me envelopes full of her hair.

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  1. Willis has a childlike whatever, really- he's clearly about ten years old. I don't know how he ever manages to sell anything at cons, what with all of the middle-aged women coming up and tousling his hair and cooing at him.

    (…You mustmustMUST convince him to come back for AnimeFest)

  2. "Highlander didn't really get going until the second film…"

    "Highlander…" "…second film…"


    That said, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is awesome, from what I've seen of it. I don't understand the right wing backlash that this show is supposedly the sissification of the American male.

    • You can't ever top The Kurgan, best movie villain of all time. I actually just watched the original on netflix streaming, still holds up.

  3. Well, see…the problem is not only do you cover the same content as Willis (sort of), you do it with roughly the same type of cast demographics. I mean, from the main three guys, a third of your regular cast is gay (Josh vs. Ethan, Leslie, Robin), a third of your cast is a minority race (Eli vs. Faz, Robin, Ryu), and then you have the third that is average American (Joel vs. Amber, Mike, Walky [because I ran out of normal SP! characters]).

    Just be careful with how often you let Willis close to this strip, or else HE will end up full of the dreaded…Continuity! *dun-dun-duuuun*

    • Joel will have to change his friends then and base his characters on a this new set.

      Damn you Joel and your multicultural friendship base!

  4. That's awesome you did so well in Phoenix bummer about the plane ticket though. Did you also have to eat the cost of the table?


  5. Whenever I read his by-line, my brain goes unbidden and uncontrollably to …

    "Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

  6. I tried to buy you something from your wishlist, but amazon wants a credit card or US checking account from me – neither of which I own. I really thought they'd do PayPal… 🙁

  7. Except I was trying to find someone "Normal" or at least "Average American"-ish. I'm not even sure Galasso's human.

  8. Wow, all those Phoenix Comicon-goers sound really supportive. And attractive and smart.
    Also, that still did not qualify as "hot" in Phoenix. Unless you're in a wookiee suit or something, I suppose. That's why you've gotta go for the slave Leia bikini: proper air circulation.

  9. How can anyone with an appreciation of Friendship is Magic say such mean things about Doctor Who? I am so confused.

    David Willis is great, even if he's mean to the Doctor.

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