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I’m at San Diego Comic-con RIGHT NOW at the Cyanide & Happiness booth (#1234)! Come say hi, buy and a print and get a sketch from me and the Explosm boys.

Here’s another resurrected and recolored and COMPLETELY redrawn FANEURYSM comic. As I explained here, there are a few FANEURYSM comics that I don’t want to allow to slip into the void of the Internet’s hazy memory, and that fit in nicely with the aesthetic of Sharkzpode. You can see the original, much smaller, and much more blue version HERE.

I showed this comic, as well as some behind the scenes aspects of the creative process to my Patreon Patrons earlier this week.

Wesley obviously wants Picard to be his dad. I always imagine the two of them in that scene from Boogie Nights with Heather Graham and Julianne Moore:

Wesley: “Captain?”
Picard: *comes up from doing a rail of coke off of a deactivated Data’s boner, “Yeah?”
Wesley: “I want you to be my dad. I’m going to ask you if you’re my dad and when I do, I want you to say yes.” *chops up a line with an isolinear optical chip
Picard: “Ok.”
Wesley: “Are YOU my dad?”
Picard: “Yes. YES!”
*both cry into a pile of cocaine while the ship is being overrun by Romulans

Sharksploders: Which fictional character would you like to have for a parent and why?

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  1. Definitely the shirt-pull that gets me every time. I rewatched TNG over a few months and just finished a few weeks ago, and for some reason this was the first time I noticed just how often he does that.

  2. The thing is… when That 70s Show premiered, Kurtwood Smith as Eric’s Dad WAS my dad (same era within a few years, same snark and temper, even had the same nickname Red… but my dad did not use the word “ass” as much). When he stayed with me years later and spent his time watching sitcom reruns, I was amazed and embarrassed that he didn’t notice… of course, by that time, as an old widower gone weird, he much more resembled Jerry Stiller’s character from King of Queens. But again, he never noticed it himself. Since he passed away, I call him “my sitcom dad”. But seriously, I would’ve much preferred either Dick Van Dyke or Hugh Beaumont from Leave It to Beaver.

  3. What crazy mirror universe is this from where Picard is willing to hug Wesley…and can we get that show on Netflix?

  4. Jor-El. Because then I’d be invulnerable, super strong, and able to fly and I’d freakin’ own this mudball planet.
    If you mean the parent I was raised by, then probably Austin James from Probe, because I’d have learned lots of uber cool science and tech skills and could now make pretty much any kind of gadget or gizmo I wanted to. And then I’d be freakin’ own this mudball planet.

  5. I spit coffee all over my computer with this one. Well played.
    Hrm…Probably Bigby Wolf from Fables. He’s a killer dad.

  6. The Doctor from Doctor Who. Not only would I have 13 lives I could live through (and have some limited control over appearance etc), I could with clean living and not constantly getting poisoned by enemies keep each of those lives going for centuries upon centuries.

    Also growing up my Dad was super beyond absent at times and Doctor Who reruns of the 4th Doctor were what I kind of “had” as a father figure I admired.

  7. I always wanted Yakko from Animaniacs for an older brother, He was always looking out for his younger siblings. I think I hurt my oldest brothers’ feelings more than once with that wish.

  8. Hey Joel,
    I just wanna say that while I’ve been enjoying this comic so far, I haven’t found it as good as HE. I’m not trying to be mean or a troll or anything, I’m just trying to give you my honest opinion of the comic so far. I think it was a very good idea to start it a year before you ended HE, to give you time to work out a rhythm.
    I kind of feel that with this comic, it doesn’t work quite as well to keep your old funny dialogue but with random people. It kind of feels a bit weird and awkward.
    I have been a loyal fan of HE since about january 2014, and I love your comics, so none of this is meant in a bad way. From what I’ve read, I think you’re a great artist, and a great guy, I just think that what I’ve seen so far hasn’t been your best work, and I’m looking forward to this upcoming year to see how you can improve.
    I love you, and your comics. Thanks so much for proving that The Experiment can work and for brightening so many people’s days with laughter.

    -Zandrax of Nebulon

    • So your feedback is to NOT do funny dialog with random characters? You want me to just keep doing the comic you already like. The one that I’m ending. Cool. Good advice. I’ll give it serious thought.

      • hmm.
        I guess what I really meant was that some of the dialogue that you have in this comic sounds a little more stranger and out of place than it would in HE. A lot of it’s good, and I like it, and I will continue reading it. Maybe I’m just not quite used to some of this humor. Anyways, i wish you good luck in this new comic, and I hope that I may come to love it as much as I love HE.
        Thank you.

        • I’m not just dismissing your comments (well… I sort of am), but you have to understand how much this kind of thing comes across as “I liked their old stuff better.” If you have never read my old comic, and had no idea what my writing sounded like, you wouldn’t be wondering why familiar words are coming out of unfamiliar faces. One of the things I had to come to terms with when started this new project after doing HE for 8+ years is that I will absolutely not be able to bring my entire previous audience over and please them all 100%. Trying to do that would kill any joy I had in creating this new comic, and set me up for constant disappointment. I’ve picked a direction, and I going to keep going in it until it doesn’t feel right. Right now, it feels right.

          • …I see. I understand that a bit better now, thank you. I’ll keep reading, as I do enjoy sharksplode, and I hope that it will be as big of a success as HE has been, or even bigger.
            Good luck in your endeavors, and happy geeking.
            ~Zandrax of Nebulon

  9. Hey Joel, any chance the Gimli “And my axe!” T-shirt will be resurrected? I’m going to Hal-con this Hallowe’en and getting John Rhys-Davies to sign mine (seriously, that pic makes me laugh every time I see it, I love it) but it’d be really cool to bring him one as well.

    –Any chance of a spare, what, XXL kicking around in a con box somewhere? 😀

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