Crime And PUNishment

There was a dude in my high school named Phuc Nguyen. Whenever you want, I guess… LAAAAAAAADIES! Am I right? Goodbye forever. *walks into the ocean

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  1. There was a supermarket in the town I grew up called Phuoc Dat, and then a little further down the road was the restaurant Pho Hoa. Lots of ‘f*ck that’ and ‘for what?’ jokes as a dumb teen ensued.

    That restaurant was amazing. Vietnamese food is so good.

  2. Reminds me of that Jeff Dunham schtick where he talked about a chinese restaurant he called, and the way the guy pronounced “fork” as “fahk”. “You want fahk?”

    Like everything else Dunham has ever done, it was incredibly racist and mostly unwatchable nonsense

  3. I once worked as a data entry drone for a place that was basically a professional middleman between auto insurance companies and appraisers. During Hurricane Katrina, way back when, a claimant turned up with the name ‘Dung Phan’. We tried not to giggle like 12 year olds. We failed miserably.

  4. If I was gonna name a Vietnamese restaurant I’d be a fool to name it anything other than Viet Noms.

  5. I never heard the word Queue out loud, and I have no Idea how to pronounce it, I think I missed the joke due to that

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