Holy fuck, what a week.
Monday: Driving across Texas
Tuesday: Broken Computer
Wednesday: Broken Website
Thursday: Broken Car
Friday: Broken Spirits

Any who, I’m back in the comics saddle (the most supple of saddles) for a week, then I’m taking my wife and child on our first (and likely last) real family vacation for a different and subsequent week. Please do not wreck the place while I am gone. The liquor cabinet is locked, but the key is on top of the refrigerator. Help yourself, but leave some for Santa (if you know what I mean… I mean I am Santa and don’t drink all my fightin’ water and funny juice).

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I did a big ol’ spooky guest comic over at Cyanide & Happiness yesterday. Go read it. 

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    • Glass glasses are up top, next to the fridge. Plastic cups are one over to the right. Disposable cups are on the bottom, under the canisters with like flour and sugar and stuff in them.

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