30 Days of Twilight

A zombie’s motivation is always so clear and direct. That’s why they make great characters in young adult fantasy fiction.

I don’t know much about Twilight (the books or the movie) so I won’t make any sweeping judgments other than to say it seems like something I wouldn’t be all that interested in. I like my vampires combustible and be-fanged and from what I’ve read, Twilight’s are neither.

I’m always facinated by what captures the imaginations of the nation’s youth. These mega-trends (Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, Harry Potter, Twilight, etc) tend to spawn countless imitators that try to capitalize off their success. Though the Twilight series will never reach Harry Potter numbers, the franchise is doing quite well with far less in the way of originality and writing talent (again, this is just what I’ve read) than it’s wizzardly contemporary. The movie isn’t even out and the soundtrack has already topped the charts. I guess you could argue that twilight is banking on the Potter-starved masses to gravitate towards anything with young characters and fantasy elements. I wonder if Harry Potter opened their eyes to the great works of fantasy that were already available (Tolkien) or just opened the gates for dumbed down teen-pire love stories.

Regardless, I really like drawing zombies.

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  1. OK,just to clear things up a little,I'm 12 & I am not emo. Twilight doesn't make you go emo,its just for entertainment. I mean,I was a huge Angel & Buffy fan,but it's all really just a phase.Also,the books were pretty good.And it was about time that Stephenie Meyer made up her own way of describing vamps,because I have ALWAYS read books with the same crap about killing it with a stake was the only way when Twilight is all ripping & burning vamps to pieces. There's my opinion. (The book was based on a dream she had,so get your facts straight people. 😀 )

    • I think you're hitting on the point of what a lot of people who don't like the books/film take issue with. For a lot of us die-hard fantasy and sci-fi fans there are certain rules and conventions that need to be adhered to–or at least acknowledged. The rules of what makes a vampire a vampire are older than most works of fiction and you can't just fly in the face of them and still insist your books are about vampires. To wit: If it walks like a ducks, quacks like an aardvark, and looks like a mongoose, you can't call it a wedge of fine Havarti cheese…

      A lot f the anti-Twilight noise would probably never happened if Meyer had called her vampires something else. "Goth-bait prettybois" comes to mind as an alternative…

      Unless "Prettyboi" is a character in one of the books, in which case I apologize for my faux pas…

  2. You go, dude. I don't get these books either, I'm in High School by the way… I mean, people have been altering the qualities of vampires since the first concept was copied, but Twilight has went way too far… Vampires do not sparkle… They're supposed to be pale and dead and of some demonic demeanor. [Sorry for the late post, I just stumbled upon your comic, and started reading. It's awesome!]

  3. Actually, there are stories about misfit teen girls falling for zombies. It's called Generation Dead, by Daniel Waters. Features "Phoebe Kendell [who is] just your typical goth, but since the strange occurrence of living impaired [read: zombies], typical is not a common phrase. When Phoebe falls for Tommy Williams, a living impaired, her whole world is turned upside down."

  4. I love the idea of a zombie… it can be filled with such great lines as "With other boys, she knew they would always be only going after one thing. Tristopher only wanted one thing, too, but it was different– he wanted her for her mind."

  5. Late to the party but I have to say it: have you heard of a new book series called "Generation Dead"? Goth girl falls in love with a zombie – only don't call them that. Newlydeads, living impaired, differently biotic… anything but the z-word!

  6. Hi, I'm new to this whole " write your opinion and bash whatever the hell you feel like bashing" scenario, but it looks fun! I didn't really like Twilight that much, in fact I thought it was pretty stupid and degrading that someone like Bella, who's so dependent and clingy, can even have a chance of finding someone like Edward; i think his equally pathetic for liking her, blood or no blood. However, I'm concerned about the Werewolves in this whole genre; they never get enough publicity and are generally the underdogs ( no pun intended.) If Twilight can screw around with Vampires and tell us they sparkle, can't we at least afford to write a book that upgrades the Werewolf status? I think they deserve a little more credit then Vampires; they're pretty cool.

      • And other werewolves. And some werekitties. And some more vampires. And some more werewolves. And a few more vampires. And she attracts more by using her magical STD to keep them addicted to her and never stray. (No seriously, the ardeur is something that is so addictive that people have died from not having it.)

        Plus you have her great outlook on women, with her saying that any weakness is a sign of being "womanly" and that in order to be tough you have to "be a man". Not to mention her accusing a rape victim of buyer's remorse because she decided to date a guy who was into rough sex. (She told him to stop, he kept going.)

        Yeah, I can see where this series is so great.

  7. The sole reason for twilight’s success-fans starving for harry potter.Guys,hp is done,finished,over,sparkled off(has twilight addled my brains???).It’s not like there aren’t any other good fantasies and of course,the granddaddy of the genre-THE The lord of the rings.Just how many books can claim to have changed the english language.

  8. RIP Buddy Holly:
    Mary Sue
    Mary Sue,
    Pretty pretty pretty pretty Mary Sue
    Oh Bella, you're a Mary Sue oo oo oo oo oooo.
    You're a vapid girl and I loathe you Bella Sue.

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