Christian Slater’s My New BFF

My television spies tell me that Christian Slater had a show on NBC where he played a Jekyl/Hyde/normal dude/super spy. Emphasis on “had” since it’s already been cancelled.

Who knows? It could have been a great show. I have no idea. Like so many other shows it was here and gone in a flash. The en vogue thing for networks to do now is ramp up a show, produce 6 episodes, air 4 of them then cancel it when the ratings don’t fare well against the Super Bowl.

This was a banner week for “shows that I don’t watch” getting cancelled. Lambs led to the slaughter since Monday include:

For those interested, I actually drew this comic. Like with actual art supplies that are in no way pixel based. Granted, I redrew it in Photoshop, but original art ACTUALLY HAPPENED. That’s unprecedented. You can see it HERE.

I was thinking about matting this with a print of the finished comic and putting it up on eBay. We’ll see if there is any interest in such a thing happening.

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  1. I heard a comment once that a friend of mine said, that Christian Slater was the spawn of Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves.

  2. 1) No official decision has been made on Pushing Daisies as of yet (though it is on cancellation watch)… I hear that they may try to finish up the stories as a comic if the show gets cancelled.
    2) No word yet on if they're gonna let the remaining eps of MOWE run their course or pull it off the air (they only had 9 eps made). Part of the decision might be related to the fact that they so overhyped this show during the Olympics, and it's just not producing the way they hoped it would. AndChristian Slater is the poor man's Jack Nicholson.
    3) Lipstick Jungle was moved to Friday night… where shows go to die. It's supposed to run through the end of its 13 ep order and then gone. The upside to this is they pulled the show "Life" off of Friday and put it on Wednesday where it's doing at least a tiny bit better…
    4) PB might get 2 extra episodes OR some kind of made-for-tv movie ala 24. Backend 6 for this season isn't on the schedule but that doesn't mean it won't pop up…
    5) Did anyone ELSE not realize MADtv was still on the air? And that they also did political stuff that might have been funny, but it got NO press and SNL got all of it? I watch a LOT of FOX and I never saw ads for this…

    /end TV news recap.

  3. I watched the first two episodes, but it immediately became a show that lived on my DVR until there was nothing else left to catch up on. Good enough to record, but not good enough to actually take the time to watch.

    The "I needed that" makes the whole comic. Only so much energy can be put into worrying about cancellations until we all snap!

  4. oh man… haha… i thought you were actually serious up until the end there… i remember seeing the "sneak-peek" in theaters… i looked at it… but i wasn't HAPPY to have looked at it…

  5. I love Pushing Dasies, and I loved Wonderfalls too. Both have the same creator. Both are shows I would love to see go on for a few more years.

    I am surprised that MOWE was canceled and Knight Rider got a pick up, but heck , people did vote for Proposition 8, too.

    There really is no room for creativity on broadcast television. This statement has nothing to do with My Own Worst Enemy.

  6. MOWE was decent…for the episode I watched. My dad TiVo'd it, but I haven't been to his place to watch it. If anything, it should be kept around as proof that Mike O'Maley can play a role that isn't "that guy".

  7. Even though MadTV did political stuff(i didn't see it), the vast majority of MADtv that i've seen has been second rate to SNL… I only watched it to fill in the gap between 11 to 11:30, when SNL starts

  8. It's not actually canceled yet, they keep saying it is then it isn't so they're still waiting for an official answer. I don't know why he thought it was.

  9. oh. *whew* i heard it was on the bubble still. thought he knew something i didn't.

    i do know that if it does get canceled, they plan to make PD into a comic.

    so there's that.

  10. Props for the hand-drawn art! What markers/paper did you use?

    I'd say it was about time to axe Prison Bleak (not a typo there, I always call it that). The first season and the premise in general was okay (24 shower-raped by Oz, why not) but it should've ended when they actually got out. Like, that was the point? If they'd renamed it "Running around and not trying to get caught" for the second season, I would have approved.

    Guess that's just the American way, if something's popular, keep on milking it until nobody cares about it and barely notices its cancellation.
    (Or maybe I'm just too used to short but brilliant UK series that end way before there's a sharkjump in sight.)


  11. I used to watch MAD tv, when they had cartoons of SPY vs. SPY and other MAD magazine comics. When they axed those & took Alfred E. Neuman (the gap-toothed dork on the cover of the mag) out of the opening title sequence, it lost all connections to MAD! No wonder the magazine always rips on MAD tv(when they're not "joking" about Bush, the American military, Iraq, …)!

  12. I read that all 9 MOWE's will air and Prison Break will probably be recut into 2 more eps from existing footage. Its so fucking tedious now. Ever episode gets more confusing because its obvious they didnt have a clear plan after "oh shit… they're out of prison… what do we do now? how about we flounder around for 3 more seasons?"

  13. We a name for the shows that you record but never watch, because I know we all do that. Seriously, Im learning to disconnect from all the shows I like early on so it doesnt hurt so bad when they leave.

  14. Knight Rider is the proof that the TV viewing public in America is primarily stupid. They worked all day and when they get home to watch TV they dont want to think or be challenged in any way. They way "hot guy drive fast car…. hot guy has hot girl… brain happy…eat cheese."

  15. Im ashamed to say that I used what I had around the house because I dont do enough proper art to warrant proper art supplies. I used a 2H pencil, a few sharpies and some (actually really nice) Pitt pens for shading.

    Prison break season 1: Break out of prison
    Season 2: The Fugitives
    Season 3: Oh shit, we are in Panamanian Prison
    Season 4: Now we are spies trying to bring down "The company"

    It was a 2 season idea at best.

  16. I was wondering the same thing, though I'm assuming KR is still on because its being bankrolled by Ford (maybe now Ford can ask for a bailout so they can keep making more awesome ads! Er.. Episodes!)

  17. You forgot about Fear Itself, which disappeared into the ether after the Olympics to never be seen again. And I never got to watch it either.

  18. Christian Slater was a bad idea. They should have done a TV series where Val Kilmer plays an American rock and roll singer who becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany.

  19. If only US TV execs could accept the British philosophy of one season series, and shorter series, on network TV, this wouldn't be aproblem. They have a story to tell, they tell it, if it's popular enough, they might come back and tell another story with the same characters. Maybe it's 12 episodes this season, maybe 6 the nest season. But it's not a pressure cooker of trying to come up with 22 episodes every year and keeping the ratings high every week to do it. Thankfully cable has realized at least some of this, with 12-13 episode seasons of Burn Notice and the like.

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