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Regular HE readers might want to check out the Unshelved guest comic I did. Guest comics on Unshelved are a little bit different than others I’ve done, in that they are more like illustrated book reports which they call the The Unshelved Book Club.


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  1. Haha, great comic! I Haven't read unshelved in forever. Or Hitchhiker. In literally forever. As in I haven't read it because I can't find a decent copy around here without going to the dreaded library. Cred-999999999

  2. I had to read Dirk Gently like 3 times before I understood what was going on. But once I understood it, I enjoyed it. "The answers are yes, no and maybe (in that order)."

  3. Another series of British humor/sci-fi/fantasy/alternate reality/time travel books are the Thursday Next detective novels by Jasper Fforde – the first is "The Jane Eyre Affair". If you love Hitchhiker's Guide, you should enjoy the Thursday Next adventures. (There are even subplots involving new ways of delivering books directly to the reader's brain with things like Book 2.0 so your punchline in this comic works for that, too.)

    The author has another series of detective books in the same vein that take place within a world populated by fairy tale and Mother Goose characters – I've only read one of these but I really enjoyed it.

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