You Don’t Have To Go Home, But You Can’t Stay Here

Alternate Title: “A Shawarma Bees” – I did not use this title because, despite making me laugh for an hour, it doesn’t make any sense.

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I’m not sure a Marvel movie post-credits scene has ever gotten me quite so excited-pants as the one in The Avengers. Who knows if they will follow up that plot thread in the first sequel, or save it for a third? Either way, based on how well executed this first outing was, and assuming Whedon will he at the helm of future sequels, I have high hopes for where this is all going. [SPOILERS: It is going to space and shit is going to get CRAZY real.]

So after the post-credits scene, all the chumps (and all the teens… TEEEEEENS!) piled out of the theater like a bunch of chumps. When are chumps going to learn to stop playing themselves like chumps all the time? The post-post credits scene was… it’s basically the geek film equivalent of DaVinci’s “The Last Supper.” [no pun intended]. Note to self: Actually draw that. That would be hilarious.

On a special note, a MAGICAL thing happened to me at Starbucks tonight. My wife and I were witness to quite possibly THE WORST first date any two human beings have ever had. I live tweeted the whole thing and have collected the unbearably awkward joy for you HERE. I don’t know why I was chosen to receive this gift, but I will do my best to honor it and share it with the world.

Starbucks DateWreck Live Tweet

COMMENTERS: I’m going to tread lightly since I know not all of you have seen The Avengers yet. Don’t click this link if you don’t want the 2nd post-credits scene spoiled. So a certain type of… ethnic… product has seen a MAJOR boost in sales since The Avengers came out. Has there ever been a movie that made you aware of a food, product or any other useful and enjoyable thing that WASN’T specifically an advertisement? Did you start wearing trench coats after The Matrix? Did you start wearing cleric’s robes after The Matrix: Revolutions? What’s wrong with you?

NOTE TO RSS READERS: Based on all of your feedback I have decided to try just putting a thumbnail image with full blog posts in the RSS feed. Seems like most of you don’t mind clicking through since you are using the RSS just a reminder that there is a new comic. Here’s hoping this doesn’t impair the usability of the site for you, since it has the potential to greatly impact my ad revenue. I am also working on the possibility of a premium RSS feed for donation subscribers.

UPDATE 05/18/12: Donation subscribers of any level will get access to an RSS feed with the full comic in it.

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  1. I bought a long black coat shortly after seeing The Matrix and I wore that thing until it fell apart.

      • I started wearing one as a teen in high school. That was in the mid-Eighties. You have no idea how hard it was to find a long black trenchcoat in my size in Smalltown, Canada, in the Eighties…

  2. I began using batteries after seeing The Matrix. It being the first day of my Rumspringa, I'd never seen one (either a movie OR a battery) before.

    Quite useful, English.

    • But, then you went back to the farm and never, ever used electricity or the internet, again, right? 😀

  3. Joel, I like the idea of the premium RSS feed for subscribers. Especially if you did it like this: full comic (with maybe a link to a very high def image of the comic), then blog post, then highlighted mouseover text at the bottom for those of us using mobile RSS readers. Then, your comic wouldn't be the only reason I have to leave my happy safe little RSS reader and have to use the stupid Android stock browser that is also dumbface and blerg.

  4. Wow, I came in here to make a comment about something else you wrote, but then I read the Twitter date and I can't remember — because I didn't see the close quotation mark before 'And that's our show folks. Thanks for being such a great audience.' and I'd decided that you had stumbled upon an amazing performance art piece.

    Oh yes, now I remember what I was going to see… the geek "Last Supper" would just be all 13 Doctors.

    (True geeks* still can't forget the old regeneration limit… and spent a lot of time in their youth imagining what the rest of them would look like. Spoiler alert: none of them were Eccelston, Tennant, or Matt Smith, but we love them all anyway. * Where "True geeks" = "old dudes who can't get over their own youth's slash fic, even though it wasn't a term everybody knew back then.))

      • I LOVE how Colin Baker Doctor is leering at Matt Smith Doctor in that.

        Colin is my favorite,, 'cause he's a dick, much llike the Doctor House of Doctor Who.

  5. My children – at their first Whedony movie – wanted to get up and leave after the first post credits spoiler BUT I SAID NAY THOU SHALT AWAIT MORE WHEDONY GOODNESS.

    And lo two children were witness to the splendors OF MORE POST CREDIT WHEDON.

    And were converted. ALL PRAISE TO JOSS!

  6. Monty python and the holy grail. Best movie in existence. Shortly after, I bought a broadsword, a herring, a shrubbery, and a holy hand grenade. Course, this was when I saw it in the 90's. I didn't get to see the release in theaters. Oh, and chopping off my limbs will trigger me to say: " 'Tis but a scratch! Have at you!"

  7. One of my favorite comics of yours so far. I think the continuity is a good idea. Also, the final tweet killed it for me, just like everybody else. That's an amazing visual.

  8. I, in fact, found myself desiring said ethnic product after seeing the Avengers. I was surprised to find that there's a place nearby that offers it, that's in fact a closer walk than work. And almost NOTHING is within walking distance. It was really great.

  9. 4 days after seeing Avengers i went out and had said ethnic food for lunch. i had been meaning to stop and get some a while back, but had forgotten. the post-post credits scene reminded me, and i was delighted at it's deliciousness

  10. I saw the movie in Australia and they didn't have the post-post-credit scene even though I waited past the post-credit scene. I scoffed at the other movie goers leaving too early, and was rewarded with disappointment.

    • It's been added (in some cinemas at least) since the American release date, only one mid-credits scene the first week that I saw it, the post-post credits scene last weekend.

    • We got gypped over here in the UK too. I stayed right to the end both times I went to see it opening weekend and no ethnic food scene 🙁

      Going to have to wait till the DVD release I guess, and hope it's on there!

  11. "The Avengers Last Supper" would be epic! Can I preorder my print now, please?

    I'm not sure I'm happy with this new-fangled post-post-credits scene thing. Just as we'd sorted out the "how long do we wait for a post-credits scene" debate, along comes Joss Whedon and screws with our noggins.

  12. "Super Size Me" showed me this amazing restaurant called Mac Donnell's. They have this really delicious and hard to describe dish there called a "handboarguard." It's like a hardcover book except the covers are made of the baked paste of crushed plant grass and seeds that's been processed by bacterial agents, the pages are made up of ground flesh of bovine species that's been shaped into discs and then burned, and the ink is an emulsion of fatty acids and the placental mass of avian eggs called maleness.

  13. Dang it! I did a search. The closest ethnic equivalent restaurant is over an hour away.

    I'll have to make some of my own, I guess. *shoves hands in pockets and kicks a stone across the parking lot*

  14. Think what you want of the film but me and my brothers made damn sure to always be carrying some rope with us on our adventures(real life and otherwise) after watching The Boondock Saints.

  15. After seeing "Private Benjamin" in the theater, I briefly flirted with joining the Army. The flirtation ended when I remembered that there was a possibility I could be shot at.

  16. Ever since The Avengers kicked off this round of Shawarmania, my local Middle-Eastern joints have been jammed.

    Heroes Eating Gyros – you can't BUY that kind of promotion!

  17. Just wanted to say this: finally saw Avengers yesterday. Joel, you were right. The Hulk = awesome.

    Actually, I think it was at least partially Mark Ruffalo's brilliant Bruce Banner combined with some Whedon writing.

    Speaking of Whedon, he was all over that film. That film was nothing but a series of Whedonisms!

    Anyway, you were right, Joel. You were right 🙂

  18. I started hating racist white people after American History X. Does that count?
    (yes, I'm white. No, I'm not racist… I don't think.)

  19. Planet Terror always makes me want BBQ. I learned to make puerco pibil thanks to Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
    And From Dusk Til Dawn makes me crave human blood

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