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Hey look at that! I didn’t do a Disney/Star Wars pop culture mashup. Maybe I (that ACTUAL me) is maturing in some way. Or perhaps (and certainly more likely) ALL OF THEM WERE ALREADY DONE while I was in the middle of the last story line.

There’s a great discussion about the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm over in the Fancy Bastard Facebook Group. Feel free to join in there or continue it here by posting your thoughts in the comments below.

Honestly, I agree with my cartoon persona above. The thing that Star Wars is now holds little to no interest for me as an adult fan of quality science fiction and fantasy. If Disney just uses its recent acquisition to make new toys, kid’s shows, pajamas, theme parks, candy shaped like Boba Fett’s helmet, and video games then I will have lost nothing more than I lost over a decade ago. If, however, they use this opportunity (free of Lucas’s writing and directing poison) to course correct the entire Star Wars franchise into something that I can enjoy without groaning again, then more power to them. Or rather, ALL POWER to them because that seems like the direction they are moving in.

ANOTHER THING: Check out this Interview I did with The 4th Wall. It contains basically everything I know about making comics for a living. I have no other knowledge to impart.

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  1. You have just encouraged me to be more zen about this. I am going to try to see it from your (the ACTUAL you's) perspective.

  2. I felt that way (last panel) about Indy 4… And I just plain refused to watch any of the animated series…es?

    I feel like the prequels could have been good if they had let Liam Neeson be more Liam Neeson (Maybe rip out Jar-Jars throat) and they had nipped the whole Hayden Christensen thing in the bud… I mean like strung him up, dressed him in Jar-jars remains and carried him out of town on a rail.

  3. Maybe its because I was never a huge Star Wars fan, but I actually started to feel sorry for Lucas. Imagine if everyone hates every single thing you make, even though they still shell out for it, to the point where they send you death threats. Why would he be motivated to change anything when everything he does just gets him more spite? Star Wars fans are the single most unpleasable fanbase on the planet, its not Lucas fault he cant recapture our fading childhood nostalgia.

    • George's biggest problem is that he surrounds himself with YES men. Watch some of the behind the scenes footage from the prequels and you'll see how NO ONE seems to be on board with what they're doing and everyone is too afraid to tell him he's a terrible writer and director. He got too much money and power to be humble enough to focus on his strengths: business, putting together talented teams of people… that's about it. He's always been a hack writer and a lazy director. Without question he's a horrendous film maker. He has no passion for the art of making a movie. He just gets nerd boners over technology and doesn't care how it's used or how it can serve or detract from the story. Everything we love(d) about Star Wars came from someone besides Lucas.

      • True, Lucas isnt a great filmmaker, but people act like he commited a war crime with the prequels. Theyre not GREAT, but Id say aside from some wooden acting, and certain reptilian ministrel caricatures, they arent the worst things ever made.

  4. "Crying at a Star Wars movie for the right reasons" An amazing concept I can only hope becomes true, if only for the sake of my fan boy husband's sanity. Great comic!

  5. I have a new found respect for you.

    It has to be strangulation, it has to be personal, you must have to cluch harder as the the turgid sweatgrease ozzes from its purrulent neck wattles.

    Retarded Koala's defeat storm troopers!!!!!!!!! That was bad enough.

    But, my friends said for me to never watch the prequels, for decades I listened to them, but, the siren song "how bad could it be" gnawed at me until, yes folks you know what I am going to say, I saw the horror, the horror that is not nameless, the horror that is/was/will be for all time and that horror hath a name and that names is Jar………………………………………….

    • I vote they do "A Splinter in the Minds Eye" a bedtweenquel (for want of a better expression), classic Vader, Han, Leia, Chewie (and that other bloke) continuity (after TESB) and reboot the series with what made it great.

      Your T-Shirt has the obvious candidate for the new Han.

      • …including the sexual tension between Luke and Leia? Y'know, because it was written before they decided to make them brother and sister…

  6. I'm strangely comfortable with Disney picking this up. I mean, if anyone knows how to revive Star Wars, it must be Disney. They're very good at making movies that are enjoyable for both adults and kids.

    What worries me is the suggestion that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher might play parts in the new movie. I mean: yeah, sure, Ford might be acceptable. He's old now, but still has some of his good looks. The other two are trainwrecks. They'd be the old junkies in star drug wars..

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far away… Luke Skywalker just came out of rehab to find Leia Organa drunk, banging a wookie, whilst Solo is off on a mission to smuggle Ewok drugs unto Coruscant illegally.

  7. Is anyone else worried about how making a Star Wars VII will screw up the continuity of the books? Am I the only one that cares about the books?

      • I refuse to acknowledge any new movie that screws with the established canon. Unless they alternate universe it like Star Trek did. Because for me. the books ARE canon. I did not read thousands and thousands of fan-fics. Han and Leia got married and had 3 kids. Luke met a beautiful redheaded assassin named Mara Jade and eventually married her. They had a child and named him Ben. Palpatine came back to life like 5 times… Corran Horn is a Jedi Master. Corellia is at the center of another galactic civil war. NOTHING Disney or Lucas could do can be better than what has already been written………………………… Rant over… for now.

  8. They just confirmed that they'll be bringing Darth Vader back to life for the sequels so there's that.

    I honestly don't care about Star Wars anymore outside of passing interest but I'd image some fans won't be pleased with that news.

  9. The new Star Wars films are actually no worse than the old ones. The orignal ones are not great films, thing is they were among the first high quality special effect sci fi films so have a place in our hearts. The other thing is unlike most things from our childhood that we forget about, lock up in a small cupboard in our hearts and remember fondly on drunken nights out, Star Wars has never been allowed to fade in our memories. If it hadn't been on TV every 2 seconds somewhere around the planet for the last 35 (crapola really?) years then we would see it occasionally and go "Dude was I really that crazy about these films?" but we don't as its memory is never allowed to outshine its reality. Instead we grumble because our inner 6 year old isn't happy.
    I for one am quite happy for disney to take over as they are not going to do anything any worse.
    I do actually love Star Wars, I saw all 6 at the cinema on their first releases, and I go against the flow and say Episode 3 is my favourite.
    I can ramble on about this sooo much but seeing as no one is ever going to read this I can't be arsed with the writing. Bring on Thrawn says I, and many Bothans…

    • ::facepalm::
      We do NOT like the original trilogy because of its SPECIAL EFFECTS. For freaking…
      ::walks away muttering profanities::

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