With Age Comes Perspective

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Hey look at that! I didn’t do a Disney/Star Wars pop culture mashup. Maybe I (that ACTUAL me) is maturing in some way. Or perhaps (and certainly more likely) ALL OF THEM WERE ALREADY DONE while I was in the middle of the last story line.

There’s a great discussion about the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm over in the Fancy Bastard Facebook Group. Feel free to join in there or continue it here by posting your thoughts in the comments below.

Honestly, I agree with my cartoon persona above. The thing that Star Wars is now holds little to no interest for me as an adult fan of quality science fiction and fantasy. If Disney just uses its recent acquisition to make new toys, kid’s shows, pajamas, theme parks, candy shaped like Boba Fett’s helmet, and video games then I will have lost nothing more than I lost over a decade ago. If, however, they use this opportunity (free of Lucas’s writing and directing poison) to course correct the entire Star Wars franchise into something that I can enjoy without groaning again, then more power to them. Or rather, ALL POWER to them because that seems like the direction they are moving in.

ANOTHER THING: Check out this Interview I did with The 4th Wall. It contains basically everything I know about making comics for a living. I have no other knowledge to impart.

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