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[Make sure you let this one load for 10-20 seconds before clicking away to get the full effect]

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Guys, this one nearly killed me, so I hope you enjoy it. Good thing the world didn’t end [at least I don’t think it did], or I wouldn’t have had time to finish the comic. I always wait until the last possible second to do anything and in this case it was potentially LITERALLY THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND.

I’m not saying I condone post-Rapture looting, but those of you who are musicians should know that churches usually have GREAT P.A. systems. There’s almost always a royal blue Ibanez 5-string bass lying around at a church if you need one of those too.

COMMENTERS: Did you get raptured? I assumed I would still be here whether it happened or not, and I haven’t check the news today? How was it? Do they have the Internet where you are now? How is Kirk Cameron? How is is hair? To those left behind: did you see anything great on the Internet today? What was your favorite Rapture Tweet, prank or other such silliness?

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  1. NICE! Then I guess we're all now in Hell together. Lets get the steaks and other meats for the ultimate barbeque.

  2. I love it. Thanks for all the effort you put in. It looks great and makes me hope that this is how it will end for my friends and I.

    • It felt like I was watching an episode of "Cosmos", which I was apparently watching when the Rapture was happening anyway…but this has an Iphone and some Tres Feo in it, which I don't think Carl would've had while filming, lol

  3. Now this is wonderful!
    Here's hoping you could make doomsday specials a tradition and whack up some spectacular shit for 2012 as well.

  4. Awesome work, Joel!

    And since you asked, my favourite #rapturefail tweets so far (sorry for not giving credit to the Tweeters, I didn't copy their names):
    – "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!" – Marvin the Martian
    – Dear Tweeps, I'm tweeting u from heaven. There's no fail whale & @ebertchicago is the only other person here.
    – I'm glad the #Rapture didn't happen for just the sheer reason of how ridiculous cockroaches would look on iPhones.
    – The lord took my toilet paper, I'm all out -__-
    – "Game over. Continue?" So who pressed the 'Y' key?

  5. Ossm! Nice job, Joel!
    I get a new computer in a couple weeks. It will have more than 1 processor.
    I didn't see the 'movie' till I scrolled back after reading the comments!

  6. The rapture DID happen, but turns out only one guy in Canada actually made "the cut".
    so for the rest of us I guess it's just business as usual….

    (until the hell beasts show up to start eating our flesh, but I'll bet we'll out number them, plus have guns and whatnot, so we'll see who eats who. I bet hell beats bacon rocks)

  7. I spent my post rature time asembling the bbq we got at christmas (last minute for me too) had some post rature hambergers and then a post rature sleep. woke up and read the post rature HE. Maybe it was just us HE people that got raptured…i mean new comic in the morning is heaven right? </suck-up>

  8. Absolutely gorgeous. In my head I hear O Fortuna from Carmina Burana….followed by the laughter at the end of Thriller. 🙂
    Fantastic work! Welcome to the next day and the next….

  9. Dear Joel Watson,
    You may just be the best person of all time.

    As for my rapture, I spent the time making sure my friends didn't kill themselves with booze. Actually, it was a lot more fun then it sounds.

  10. The 'movie' is cool! Thank you.

    Since everyone in the churches would be raptured away from Earth, without their belongings, there is no "stealing" of church goodies, as there are no longer any owners of said materials. Apparently, the rapture earthquakes were mild enough that normal people were not inconvenienced.
    The morning newspapers came, and several TV stations were on the air, so the media people (who are "godless liberals", it has been shouted) stayed here. Thus, I was able to enjoy My Sunday newspaper—you know, comics, puzzles, et cetera.

  11. Got taken. Snuck out again. Too many negatives. Yeah, streets of gold and never going hungry or feeling pain are nice. But the wifi was terrible. I never had more than one bar's worth of signal. Also, they never upgraded their infrastructure, so they only have dial-up. It also turns out they have really lax admission standards and everybody is accessing the wifi HeaveNet off of the same Internet connection, so you've got 900,000,000,000,000,000 people all accessing the same weak-ass dial-up. It takes ten hours to download an unformatted e-mail.

    Loved the comic when I got back down, though.

  12. Now we know why Donald Trump didn't run for president. He's too busy fighting off the demons of hell so the apocalypse doesn't interrupt "The Apprentice." May god have mercy on our souls when NBC decides to cancel that show.

  13. Balls. I missed it! Do you think they can run it again so I can see? Maybe I should have been raptured and just got overlooked cos I wasn't paying attention. Hey wait – that volcano in Iceland is spouting off again! Maybe the rapture started on Saturday and when the volcano really gets going all the believers will go then. Do you have to specifically believe in 'The Rapture' to get raptured? Or is it just if you're a devotee of a specific branch of Christianity? Or just a general Christian?

  14. I would've been raptured, but Satan offered me a sweet guitar and kick-ass motorcycle to lead the armies of the anti-christ. Much better than the pan flute and Segway scooter combo offered by the heavenly hosts.

  15. Someone asked me if I was preparing for the rapture on Saturday and my response was "sorry, no time, Doctor Who is on that day".

    But I do hope I can catch the Rapture on a rerun

  16. This is the problem with these young upstart gods…no experience in world-shattering events. Now, Poseidon, there was a god who knew how to kill a lot of people.

  17. Favorite rapture moment:

    I was the Maid of Honor in a wedding for my two best friends, officiated by my boyfriend. The ceremony started, and the bf was welcoming everyone to the ceremony, paused, and said, "Oh and as a small point of housekeeping, in the event of the Rapture, please move forward and fill the seats in front of you," and continued with the ceremony.

    Second favorite:

    A Christian friend of mine left her clothes all perfectly arranged like she'd been Raptured away in the kitchen (complete with gloves and sponge as though she'd been doing dishes) for her roommate to find.

    • You would think that, half the time, they would redo the math and instead find out that it was actually supposed to be five months ago.

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