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HEY! Here’s a dumb thing I thought of on the couch last night. Heading off to see Bridesmaids with Josh. I hear it’s really good. Like sort of a “Lady Hangover” but not just for ladies. If this movie is a hit can we start calling it The Hangovaries?

Commenters: What other tattoos does Batman have? What about other super heroes? You figure Robin has to have a tramp stamp. The way he shakes that little ass around. Yeah, he knows what he’s doing.

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    • See, I'm thinking it would be done with a rusty or blunt needle, only to make it hurt more.

      Oh, and this isn't really a spoiler for anyone…but you need to see the bridesmaid dress fitting/appointment scene from "Bridesmaids". I've never heard so many people laugh so hard, esp. the gay guys.

      • On Bridesmaids, only if cringe comedy is really your thing. I don't know if it was desperation by the distributers, but they showed the whole scene as a taster at a cinema I was at a month or so ago.

  1. My tattoo kind of looks like it should be a superheroes emblem.

    Oh and I feel like Batman should have a Joker tattooed on his arse for some reason.

    • And I feel like that reason should be that Joker managed to knock Batman out one time and decided that, rather than kill him in some unfunny way, it would be funnier to just get a big Joker Grin tatooed on Batman's ass.

      He probably wouldn't even unmask him while he's doing it, just for the added future amusement of seeing some rich Gothamite shopping for actual swim trunks because that tattoo he doesn't remember getting will show if he goes out to the pool in his traditional fit, rich guy Speedo…

  2. You don't suppose Richard Grayson has a similar tattoo of his parents? But with a more positive title, like "Fearless to the end"

  3. And Jason has a "I'm not sure who my dad was other than that he was a criminal, my biological mum betrayed me to the joker and the woman who raised me made me steal to pay for her drug habit. They're all dead too and yet people still thought I was a `brat' with `anger issues'." tattoo written in Chinese that tells people says `hood for life'.

  4. He had a Jason Todd memorial tattoo over his heart, but he had to get one of those terrible cover ups that turns it into a weirdly misshapen Gotham Skyline. This, by the way, is why there was never a Spoiler memorial set up in the cave. He didn't want to get the accompanying tattoo.

  5. Question? DO you think guy like Wolverine and Dead Pool can even get tattoos with the healing factor and all? By the way Black Cannery definitely has a Tweety Bird somewhere.

      • And Ollie has a matching one that says "I did! I did see a puddy!" Tweety is, of course, wearing a Robin Hood hat in his.

    • There was a comment made in some comic I read (don't ask me where) where Wolverine specifically said that he can get tattoos and they go away after a few hours. Supposedly Kitty Pryde can get them and then phase them out of her skin, so she'll occasionally get a real one as a temporary tattoo.

  6. I'm thinking a tattoo that says Bat on one butt cheek and Cave on the other, with arrows pointing the way.

  7. On his extreme lower stomach, visible only if he shaves off a particular bit of body hair, Master Bruce has a small shield with the letter "S" in it. Reportedly, Clark Kent has a small bat in a similar location, and that kryptonite was obviously involved in the process.

  8. Tony Stark, after a 4 day bender, got his dick tattooed gun metal grey. He then slapped Rhodey in the face with it while shout "Now that's a war machine, bitch!"

  9. I'm gonna imagine that Alfred is the one tattooing him. The man is just so talented. Combat medicine, tattoo artistry, whatever Batman needs.

  10. Aqua Man has a winking fish in a heart on his back, every one in the JLA knows about it, no one has wanted to ask about it.

    The Flash has a series off tats that are only legible when he's moving really fast of his name spelled in let speak.

    Martin Man Hunter has a forever alone tattoo.

  11. Bucky Barnes has the Hammer and Sickle on his right bicep from his Winter Soldier years (on account his left arm was blasted off in he explosion that was supposed to kill him, before he was frozen, and he's been using robot arms ever since).

  12. I have a feeling Superman has a tattoo drawn on him in marker, since the needle would most likely break on his skin. It could be like this one, a picture of his planet blowing up and under it "my parents are dead, he got it when batman showed him this tat. (you know they all would have to show off their new tattoo's)

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