Wheaton Comic Dare: Wheaton Plushie Dare

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! Check out our Wesley’s Big Adventure Shirt over at Sharksplode.

Funny Geeky T-Shirt Star Trek Parody shirt - Wesleys Big Adventure T-Shirt-Wil Wheaton-Wesley Crusher-Sharksplode-I'm A Loner Data A Rebel

CONVENTION NEWS: Connecticon is almost right now!!!. Come see me and David and Ryan and Lar and the Explosm quadruplets and much many mores!

HijiNKS ENSUE Joel Watson at Connecticon 2011

I also posted a new comic last night, in case you missed it.

Much like the Sphinx, or that one guy from Labyrinth that must answer each question truthfully, I am cursed to answer each Wheaton Comic Dare in the affirmative. WHEEEAAAAAATOOOONNNNNNNN!!! When will your comic lust be satiated? Will you never lift this hex? Will my children and my children’s children forever be putting pen to Internet at your beck and call? Also, we should totally make these plushies. We would sell like a hundred thousand of them. CURSE YOU!!!!

Short story even shorter: I drew a fun little sketch of what Josh would look like if I ever made a plushie of him. Wil retorted via Twitter suggesting I plushify him as well. Wheaton’s will [wil] be done, so here we are.

Speaking of dares, I dared my friend Gordon to turn this Tweet into a shirt, and he did. That’s some funny ass shirt.

Speaking again of plushies, it is entirely a real thing that I could make HE plushies before too long. I have to start thinking about who, or what in the HExicon would make for good stuffed lovin’. Feel free to COMMENT below.

STORE NEWS: The HijiNKS ENSUE Store is closed for a few weeks so I can make some big, exciting changes. [READ MORE HERE] In the meantime you can still get shirts from Sharksplode and HE Book 2 from this very site.

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  1. Well, I'm sure Josh is all about the good stuffed lovin'.

    PS: The Wil Wheaton plushie should not come with a dice bag… it should BE a dice bag. (That's a freebie for you.)

  2. Boxcar Pete would be a great plushy, think of how creeped out people would be seeing him staring at them when they walk in a room. smiling, like he has something awful planned…

  3. I will give you real American dollars for one of these. Well actually, they'll be Australian dollars, but they're still good, promise!

  4. I would buy every single plushy that you would make because the entire cast of HE is very plushiable. This is coming from a guy that worked at a store where we had a pile of plush known only as Plush Mountain.

  5. I'd wanna catch 'em all, but I'd have to see samples, or pictures of samples. Those dollar-a-week Chinese children just aren't very good at the nuances of cartoon facial expressions.

  6. I would like to place a pre-order for 2 Wheaton Plushies (dicebag or non-dicebag format).

    Thank you! I will watch my email for the order confirmation!

  7. Well done sir! I have dollars ready to exchange for a little wesley plusher!
    Also, I'm envisioning an evil FOX plushie/voodoo doll to provide a nice physical outlet for cuddles and/or anguished wrath.

  8. I would definitely buy a Josh plushie, and eventually a Joel plushie and maybe even an Eli plushie.

    I would probably buy a Wesley Plusher, too.

    BTW, "beck and call".

  9. Yes, a Wesley Plusher, please. Either with dice bag or as dice bag. Question: will the beardosity also be plush? And will the dice be plush?

    (OMFGs PLUSH DICE: no more dings in the table top, no more waking people up with 3 AM games. And you can safely chuck your d20 that keeps making you miss at the GM's head*)

    (* WARNING: Chucking a die, plush or no, at your GM's head may result in the following-
    -Loss of XP
    -Loss of items
    -Demonic Rape
    -Character Death
    -Banning (the act of bein banned, not the city I live in.)
    -Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter
    -Global Tactical Thermonuclear Warfare
    Results not typical. Your results may vary.)

  10. YES!! Now that is freaking full of AWESOME. I really needed a laugh today, and this perfectly delivered, in heaps and monumental amounts.
    Thank you.

  11. I would want any of these plushies SO much but wouldn't be able to justify the moneys to my other half (unless it was, y'know, cheap).

    My favourite thing about the Wesley Plusher (that is SO sticking) is its beardliness. Even if you don't make the plushies (which it looks like maybe you should) I love this strip so much.

  12. I vote for the Wil and Fox Executive ones. You should make them about 6 or 7 inches so that my 14 inch bears can do battle with them. 😉

  13. Could the Wesley Plusher also be a backpack? Y'know, like the GIR backpacks you get at Hot Topic? That would be triple the awesome(ness). Imagine walking around a con with "Lil Wil" on your back like Yoda, giving you geek advice.

    You'd also have to have Build a Bear style clothes available for him too, like the kilt from The Guild, the infamous clown sweater, the rainbow sweater. Ah hell, you might as well just open up a franchise.

    • Couldn't you just get BaB stuff from their store, like bear hearts, unicorn horns, and other parts, and make a Wil-N-Stein?

  14. I can't help thinking that the Evil Fox Executive Plushy would have to spontaneously combust or explode in a cloud of caustic acid and/or wild animal piss. No predictable device or input that would cause it, just when the owner least expects it…

  15. Is Keifer Sutherland, Wil's nemesis? I just don't get the reference in the comic (it's amusing anyway, but would love to know if there is a story behind it).

  16. Plushie Hams! If there is a Plushie Josh, there must be Plushie Hams or the Universe will become unbalanced and clang around like tennis shoes in the washing machine until it screams and shuts down mid-cycle…

  17. I really love having something tangible from otherwise ephemeral fictional universes; I'd probably buy a whole set. Evil Fox Executive, Boxcar Pete and Josh (with bacon-related accessories) would all make pretty excellent plushies; the Wheaton plushie meanwhile has obvious crossover appeal.

    • Yes! Just what I wanted to say.

      I would definitely buy this plushie with actual real monies (American, even!) and I would take it with me to gaming days to intimidate the rest of my group.

  18. I most definitely want a PlushieWil! Also, I think I need that facebook tshirt… Or I could just stop posting about my drunken exploits on facebook, but what fun would that be?

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