Wheaton Comic Dare: Sterling Cooper Maverick Goose

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made this “Fighting Time Lords” shirt for you! No, really. Specifically FOR YOU.

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Occasionally Wil Wheaton dares me to turn random tweets into comics. This burden, this curse is mine alone to carry. One day I will find a way to break the chains that bind me to the will of Wheaton, but until then you can benefit from my suffering. That is assuming you have any idea at all what is happening in the above comic. Do you? Can you explain it to me? I blacked out about halfway through drawing it and when I awoke the house was on fire. [He makes me doooo thiiinnnngs… baaaaad thiiiinnngs]

This particular Wheaton comic dare originated from a tweetversation between me and Fancy Bastard @pipsipirate regarding “Top Men” and their relationship to both Top Gun and Mad Men. Highway to the danger zone, indeed. Apparantly Wil Wheaton has my twitterphones tapped or else I retweeted the exchange, because mere moments after the initial transmission he threw down the gauntlet

Having completed the challenge and being hardly any worse for the wear [some of my skin has started to grow back], I am now hoping someone far more talented than me will remake the entire Mad Men intro using elements of Top Gun. There’s already all of that falling. The work practically does itself.

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  1. The Mad Men opening thing is funny, but the panel with Josh at the end just makes it. The phrase "I bit down on a stick so you wouldn't swallow my tongue" is perfect.

  2. I read the comic on my phone and only saw the first panels – loved them. Went to the site to check it out again and saw the last panel. It puts it over the top. <3

  3. An oft-underrated element of this webcomic and subsequent news posts is often the writing. (God, I'm starting to sound like one of the spam bot comics I have to delete from my blog several times a day). That "I bit down on a stick so you wouldn't swallow my tongue" line is brilliant.

    I'm just a little disappointed in the amazing missed op-pun-tunity with the "Will of Wheaton." Look at the power this man has, not just over you, but also over people like you, i.e. nerds. Is he really the type who would, seeing the word "will" in all its myriad uses, think "This word could not at all be improved in this context by chopping off one of the L's so it matches my name"? That's not the impression I get. I imagine it's much more likely that it was the Wil of Wheaton that you are bound to. Probably even unto death. I expect his lawyer will present you with twenty or so new dares in the Last Wil and Testament of Wil Wheaton, and you'll probably die of sheer geeky-reference-overload, Amadeus-style right as you finish the last one…

  4. I'll admit, this page went right over my head until the blog break down.
    But despite that, I STILL got several chuckles from the dialog. That's the brilliance of this comic, even when the specific geek flavor of a page doesn't hit home with you, it's still amusing due to the witty writing.

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