What’s “Taters,” Precious?


This is one of those comics that I didn’t have to write, because it just happened. Josh wanted to kill me and be done with it. He said I couldn’t be trusted and there was nothing left but evil in me, but Eli wouldn’t let him do it. Eli had to believe that there was hope for me, because that would mean there may still be hope for him. He recognized that we shared the same burden. We had both been forever changed by The Lord of the Rings Trilogy marathons on TNT HD.

In the end I bit off Josh’s finger when he tried to take the remote and change the channel.

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  1. A couple of my friends went to see the LOTR trilogy in a local theater day before yesterday. They were doing a special of all three movies starting at noon and running until 11pm with a dinner and snack included. They wanted me to go and I was like "Dude, for one, I could just download it in HD and watch it on my projector. Second, I'm not a big enough loser to sit in a theater for eleven hours straight"

    It was a beautiful day outside too. Weather was in the 70s. Day after the temp dropped back down to 50 due to the cold front. I should have sent them a text message during the movie: "It is a beautiful day outside and guess who's not stuck in a movie theater"

  2. This happened to us this weekend, too. Basically, given the current scheduling pattern of TNT, it happens to us about once every three weekends. I wouldn't complain, if they do it with the original Star Wars trilogy every few months, too.

  3. I did pretty much this same thing when Universal HD had a Battlestar Galactica marathon. This was before Comcrap offered the Sci-Fi channel in HD (which is crapular quality anyway), so it was like a whole new show. And that was how I got my wife into it.

    True, and somewhat self-aggrandizing, story: when Battlestar premiered, my wife was the manager of a Pier 1 Imports in Vancouver. Most of the dishes and furniture you see on the show (in the early seasons, at least), was provided by her store.

    Okay, so it was more wife-aggrandizing than self-aggrandizing, but the point is that there's the hope, however slim and unlikely, that I'll get to see my wife make out with Tricia Helfer, and isn't that every geek's ultimate dream?

  4. My dream is to see YOUR wife make out with Tric… nevermind. That is a cool story though. Vancouver is like Cold Hollywood minus all the bullshit.

    And yes, Scifi HD looks MUCH worse than standard DVD quality.

  5. This comic says two things to me.

    The first is, I'm pretty sure that if joss showed up at your house, and was filming a shot for dollhouse, and Nathan was there too, that means Capt. Tightpaints is going to be on dollhouse.

    The second is, you’re a beautiful liar. Not because Nathans not in dollhouse. (At least not that I’ve heard), but because if Joss showed up at your house he would have shoved his way past your cohorts and landed on the couch next to you. Then we would be looking at hellmouth sized delay in the production of dollhouse. So expect that zombie crowd of Whedon followers to show up at your house. It would probably be a lot like Aragorn at the end of “The Two Towers”, only Gandalf, Eomer, and two thousand Riders of the Rohirrim don’t show up to save you.

    I bet Danny Trejo plays one of the Whedon Zombies.

  6. Am I the only one that would sell their first born for Machete to be one of the movies picked for Grind House 2? That and either a totally new one, or the Werewolf Women of the SS, mostly just to see Cristopher Walken play Fu Man Chu.

  7. I don't watch TV (usually, exceptions are made on occasion for MythBusters, Good Eats, and Deadliest Catch). I fail. I suppose I could repent and watch my extended edition DVDs, but I don't have a blueray player yet, or blueray copies, so it's still not HD.

  8. Warning: Wachowski Vision™ is not compatible with fever-o-vision. Should you accidentally use Wachowski Vision™ while using fever-o-vision, dial 911, and assume the party escort submission position. A party representation will be along to collect you shortly.

  9. Hmm… I was expecting it to be one of the ones picked for the Grindhouse sequel, not a standalone. Not sure it's going to be good enough for a full length movie. That was part of what was so great about the two movies in Grindhouse, neither one was really good enough to be a full length movie, but as mini-features they're perfect. As an aside, I saw the "full" version of deathproof on the DVD, and I'm really glad they picked the cut down version. That extra 30 minutes or so of footage really didn't add anything to it, and made it seem to drag on a lot longer.

  10. Yeah I could see where that could be an issue. I haven't seen the extended version of either of the movies from Grindhouse but figured that would be an issue. It might drag out as a movie but I still think it'll be funny and as a direct to video movie you can enjoy it at home and do other things even if it does drag out.

  11. Actually… I think by panel 4, you have a likeness akin to Steve Buschemi.

    Guh… and I sit chained to a computer all day, the thought of having to sit through an eleventy-hour LOTR marathon just kills.

  12. Thanks for coming to check it out. The AC was integral in the initial development of the comic. I learned a lot from those guys. I actually stopped posting when they stopped giving advice for improvement and just started saying "cool" or "looks good."

    I didnt want it to seem like I was posting just to get kudos.

  13. I know they're showing on Spike. Other than that I don't know if they're doing a marathon. I really can't sit through the re-edited films and I certainly can't sit through episodes I-III.

  14. I don't know what the exact story on the film stock is. If it's true that's a shame. I'm hoping someone saw what Lucas was doing to the original films and took the original stock somewhere safe away from him. Once he's passed on it'll resurface and whoever becomes in charge of the franchise will allow the original films to be released in HD.

    I know that will probably never happen but I want to keep the dream alive. There has to be something more than the poor transfers of the laserdisc versions onto DVD.

  15. Oh yeah…and Firefly. It's a channel that serves no other purpose than to bring you stuff that's awesome, in the best possible HD presentation. They've had the best movies on there, too, like Almost Famous (which I've seen so many times I literally wore out my DVD*, and still spotted stuff I'd never seen) and the Back To The Future trilogy. All uncut!

    *and by "literally" I mean LITERALLY, not David-Cross-"I literally shit my pants"-literally.

  16. Hey, sweet, I've got a doppleganger!

    Do my bidding, minion.

    Oh yeah, and I have the feeling that a topless comic shop would do very well. An escapist quote comes to mind, but I forget it.

  17. Hey, used to read your comic when you posted it on the Artist's Corner on Penny Arcade, it's awesome that you've got this far, congrats 🙂 It looks like you've improved alot.

  18. Isn't Spike only doing "Star Wars Sundays" now? they had the past two weekends for Eps I-III and Eps IV-VI, but they didn't do any straight marathoning.

  19. Man, I'm glad you guys mentioned Universal HD and that it has Firefly. Now I can finally watch it and see what the hubbub is about. I actually forgot that I had that channel, as well as HDNet and HDNet Movies, so thanks!

  20. I guess they can't really. #1 Lucas would NEVER release the un-fucked-with versions and two, the best version they have for the transfer is the original laser disc copy. Wasnt there something about them losing the original film stock?

  21. Yeah, that's the one. The opening of that episode is almost line for line the lyrics to the song ground control to major tom. Also, the ghost in that episode was major tom, the "pirates" where cruise ship employees, and they got rid of the ghost by calling in Dr. Orpheus and if I remember correctly Major Tom's wife, or would that be widow.

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