Whatever Remains, However Improbable…

[post coming later tonight. my home file server died last night and caused me a world of frustration, so everything on my itinerary is WAY backed up.]

Thanks to Alex for giving me enough info about Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes to make  a comic about it. He also said Holmes never once uttered “Elementary, My Dear Watson.” That’s like the time I saw Styx and they didn’t play “Mr. Roboto.” You gots to play the hits.

hijinks-ensue-edward-shirt-160According to Josh there was significant bromanticism between the good inspector and his… what WAS Watson anyway? A valet? To hear Josh tell it they were moments away from a tonguey embrace (there was a lot of shirtlessness in the trailer) but Alex says it was all hetero-high fives and friendly ass slaps. I just wish they had played up the cocainier aspects of Holmes so RDJ could be more comfortable in the roll.


Why did no one ever tell me I was in “A Softer World“? Not only IN a comic, but a comic so popular they made a shirt of it? What the huh?

Friday Link-Fest

Podcast for this week is up in the air since Josh will be off gallivanting (literally) in another state and Eli will be at a couple of cons. Trying to figure out when we might be able to do one. Otherwise I’m going to edit the Lunchcast from February and use that.

Here are some things to have:


I forgot to  link to the best thing I have ever seen on the internet. Seriously, it’s all been worth it because of this video: Will Arnett Sex Tape (from Human Giant Season 2)