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I was super excited to hear that Star Trek: TNG was finally coming to Blu-Ray in HD. They are going back and scanning the original film stock and re-editing each episode to match the original. The thing I am having trouble with is that they are supposedly replacing all of the special effects with CG. Does that mean they are going to trash the beautiful starship models in favor of a CG Enterprise? I know they did that with TOS a few years back, but that wasn’t MY Star Trek, so I didn’t really care. Now I’m wondering of replacing the amazing model work in TNG is a distrespectful Lucas-izing of the series. I know the HD scenes mixed with blurry model shots, poorly blue screened onto backgrounds wouldn’t make for a cohesive viewing experience, but it still seems a bit wrong to me. Oh, hey! That was me turning old. I am old now. Where are my turnips?

UPDATE: It looks like they are going back to the original model shots and recompositing them. So no CG Enterprise as far as I can tell. It actually looks pretty fantastic.

A THING: After a power surge last week, my file server (the one that holds all of my HE-related files) died (despite being plugged into a heavy duty surge supressor). The drives were OK but I have to buy a new enclosure ($150) to access them over my network. The same day I found out a miscalibration of our sprinkler system made our water bill for this month $200 more than we were expecting. So $350 I don’t really have just flew out the window. If you were considering donating to support HijiNKS ENSUE, doing so now would be SUPER APPRECIATED.  Donors get access to all of the desktops, audio and other goodies in The Vault. Just make a donation of any amount, or sign up for a recurring donation subscription and you’ll get access.



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  1. I am a bit torn on this one. On one hand, I've seen some screenshots and they look awesome.And as is now, it looks really bad on a HD tv. On the other hand, the model was awesome. I also do not have Blu-ray nor a desire to get blu-ray player so I'm hoping it comes to Netflix streaming.

  2. I guffawed after reading this =D I don't use that word very often. It's even funnier knowing that good ole @wilw will surely read this all too soon… But really, I said the same thing about the Lucas-izing when I first heard about this. One thing I've always loved about my cherished sci-fis from my growing up years (and the classic sci-fis before that) is how very much they could do *without* the benefit of CGI. With models and puppets and sometimes-low-budget costuming, they could still make me totally fall in love with a story. Going back and adding CGI is like altering history, like producing an antique from a 3D printer and saying it's the same thing. And for Star Wars at least, it's completely jarring and out of place, ruining my enjoyment by reminding me that They Did A Thing and now it's not the same.

    I can only imagine that my reaction for my beloved TNG will be exactly the same. I literally grew up watching this show. My parents love Star Trek in its many forms, and some of my earliest memories are of curling up on my mom's lap as a toddler, falling asleep to the sound of phaser fire. I could probably recite Stewart's opening monologue by the time I was 5. Man, I hope this isn't as bad as Star Wars…

  3. oh god. they are really going to pull a Lucas on TNG?
    to borrow an analogy from Joel, why can't "Hollywood" ever just pet the pretty bunny, WHY OH WHY must it keep crushing it's little head.
    when will they learn that the core fan base, doesn't WANT something they already loved to be "improved" into something new. Maybe new viewers will like it better, but they aren't the ones who are going to go out and buy a big pricy box set. It's the EXISTING fans that far more likely to buy, and yet that's who Hollywood just keeps alienating.

    Not to sound like an old man shouting "damn kids", but is this really where things are going? can the general public no longer enjoy ANYTHING unless it has the exact same mega-def, all CGI effects of the blockbuster movies currently in theaters? Have we become incapable of watching something, and understanding that it was made in a mysterious time called "the past" where things were not all done the same as now, so it might look a little different, but still enjoy it?
    If that is the new rule, then it's not "our" choice, it's Hollywood assuming it FOR us, and then telling people it's what they want, and far to many people just blindly accepting it.
    I know I had no problem enjoying "older" styles/effects growing up, and being able to appreciate them FOR what they were.
    It really is actually rather sad that new generations aren't really going to get to enjoy all these classic works in their original form, or learn to appreciate them for what they are. Why watch the original anything, when you can watch the remake, and if you do watch the original, the only option will be the completely redone-CGI'ed versions.
    Coming soon to black&blue-ray the classic 1922 movie ‘Nosferatu', NOW in color with surround sound and an all new CGI vampire, buy it today!

    It's all part of the world turning it's back on what's creative, original and unique. In favor of one-size-fits all, generic, & mass produced. Quality is out, getting it fast, easy and the same every time is the new standard.

    TL,DR: Damn kids these days! Get off my lawn!

    Also: I too had a warp-reaction happening in my pants when ever Counselor Troi was in a scene.

    • I certainly appreciate it and please understand that if I thought I could do a podcast by myself and that it would be any good, I would. I havent given up totally.

  4. I know this comic is a few days old now, but I just wanted to comment on the TOS remastered stuff since you mentioned it in your post. TNG is "my" Trek too, I grew up watching it and have very fond memories of it. That said, if they gave it the same kind of treatment as the remastered TOS stuff (not the same level of CG since it doesn't need it but the same care), I wouldn't care and here's why: The remastered TOS stuff is what how George Lucas THINKS his tinkering is for Star Wars. It was amazing, it was subtle (as subtle as that sort of stuff can be) and did NOT take away from the story or camp at all. I really think it should be the blue print for anyone else who is thinking about "remastering" or "tinkering" with a classic like that.

    Anyway, that's just my two cents. I have to say that TNG on Blu Ray might be the thing that pushes me over the edge in wanting a Blu Ray player 🙂

    • I'm just watching the remastered TOS right now and I had the same worries, but I completely agree with Cecil. It actually looks really great! They just sharpened up the space stuff, kept the model of Enterprise but made the lights actually look real, stuff like that. In fact, I didn't even realize they were remastered until my husband pointed it out, I just thought the quality was much better than when I used to watch them on TV. 🙂

      Lucas is a fool! So, let's all try to not lump all CGI sci-fi stuff in with Star Trek, because they understand we love it and they respect their work and their fans (I hope).

  5. You just gave me a geek boner. And I'm a girl.

    This actually makes me consider finally getting a Blu-Ray player and a decent-sized TV. So far I've been doing fine with my cheap-ass 8 year-old DVD player, but the glory that is TNG deserves better.

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